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Pony's P.O.V


I'm Fucked.

That was the one thing on my mind.

But I wasn't stupid enough to say that in school.

"Mr. Curtis. Will you please come to the front of the class." Mr. Scott growled to me, I felt my face plae.

'I did not just say that out loud did I?'

"Yes sir?" I quizzed once at the front of the class, I could feel my classmates eyes on me, I shivered with nervous-ness.

" Did I just hear you curse?" he asked, I looked at my shoes, why? Why did I just swear? Why? I shivered again but this time I was shaking with terror.

"Yes sir. I am sorry though, it just slipped out." I was trying to dig out of this hole but from the look on Mr. Scott face, I was just going deeper.

"Alright, please put your hands in front of you." Mr. Scott took a thick ruler out of his desk, I almost started to cry but Greasers don't cry in front of people. I shakily put my hands in front of me.

'I'm gonna get spanked at school then when I get home. Great.' I thought an angry scowl on my face then CRACK! I bit my tounge to hold the yelp that almost escaped.


I yelped at the last one, nobody laughed like I thought they would.

Silence was in the air in the classroom, I could see some kids wincing with me.


I could feel the tears well in my eyes, I kept holding my tounge, I was determined not to cry out. I didn't want to mess with the Greaser's name.


I grimanced then the bell sang through the P.A. I can tell you now, I have never been more happy to hear that bell.

"You may go Ponyboy, " He instructed, "Read chapters 5-6 on the weekend." I quickly grabbed my things and left for my house. I was gonna read these chapters waiting for Darry to get home. I hope Mr. Scott doesn't call Darry.


Soda's POV



Darry was gonna kill me. He was gonna punish me intill I can't sit for years. In fact, I don't see sitting in my near future, I do however see a funeral.

"Soda? You okay?" Dally asked me, I shrugged.

Dally began to work here to help out Darry.

Before I could anwser Dally in walked Ponyboy, his eyes are watery and his face was red.

"Hey kiddo, what's wrong?" I asked, my baby brother looked up at me, his bottom lip jetting out.

"I got caught swearing today. Mr. Scott whipped my hands." Pony showed us his hands, they were beat red and purple-sih, I gave him a hug.

"Come on kid. You'll be okay." Dally rescured, Pony shook his head.

"Mr. Scotts probaly gonna call Darry and I gonna get it even worst tonight." He sobbed quietly, I shook my head this time.

"No cuz Darry wont know you did anything with last night, okay?" I said, Pony looked confused but I just hugged hin, Dally laughed at us both then anwsered the phone.

"DX Gas Station! Dallas speaking." Someone talked loudly into the phone, Dallas nodded his head then realized the person couldn't see him and choked out a "Yes sir. Well will be home right now."

Dallas looked over at us, "Darry wan't us home before he is. He want us to leave now and wait in our rooms."

I really hope Darry buys this story.


Dally's POV


I never thought just sitting in my room could be so boring. I'm usually in my room but never before have I wanted to die from bordem. I was either gonna die from never sitting or bordem... Man, this is a lose, lose situation. Great.

Plus, it was my idea. My idea to spray paint. The store keeper was just a dick to me and always saying 'I was stealing' or 'Breaking things.' I didn't steal -often- and I rarely broke things. So I was gonna mess the store up, Soda tried to talk me out of it but just joined me so if we got caught he'd say the punishment then Pony came along trying to get us out of trouble when he was walking home from the graveyard. He goes to vist his parents sometimes, when he has a rough day, He tried to stop us but then the cops came. He was just there at the wrong time but he wont tell Darry that.

Poor kid.

"Dally! You have any smokes?" Pony asked me through the wall, I looked in my pack to see it was mostly full.

"Yeah! I'll bring it to ya." I wonder out of my room to pass Pony the smoke forgetting about Darry's warning about whoever wasout of their room was getting in then and there. I passed Pony the smoke and as I turned to go back in I heard Darry behind me.

Slowly, I turned around, Darry glared at me.

"What did I say over the phone." He muttered not waiting for me to awnser before turning me to my side and landing 15 swats to my bottm, I yelled with ever swat.

"Now, you stay in your room. I will deal with you all later." Whimpering I went to my room.

This was gonna be a rough night.