How are you? We're both fine; Ron and I but I have exciting news! I'm getting married!!!! You know the guy I've been telling you, it's to him. I proposed last night, I know that's unconventional but he said yes!

I hope you'll be able to come to the wedding, it's in three months (no I'm not pregnant, I'm saving myself and so is he). I can't wait for you to meet him, when you do remember all the great stuff I've told you about him: he's smart, funny, kind (mostly) I know I'm rambling!!!

Hope to see you soon,

All my love

Harry read the letter and grinned, it looks like he's going back to England ready to face his best friends and family but completely unprepared to face his ex.

Harry sent a quick reply back saying that he had to get some things in order but he would love to be at the wedding, he was on his way. So a month later Harry was soon disappearing in a burst of green flames Harry tumbled out of the fire place at the Burrow when he was engulfed in a hug, looking at the red hair by his face, and the strong arms around him, Harry gathered that Ron was hugging him.

"You bugger!"

Laughing Harry and Ron pulled away from each other, before hugging again.

"How are you Ron?"

"Great, you here for Hermione's wedding."

"Yeah, can't wait to meet the fiancé, she keeps telling me about him but won't give me a name."

Looking slightly guilty Ron turned away and scribbled something on a piece of parchment, "this is their address. Go and get it over with."

Frowning at Ron, Harry apparated out and ended up outside a small, suburban house complete with white picket fence.

Taking a deep breath Harry made his way up the front path and knocked on the door, which opened quickly so Harry didn't have to time to prepare.


Knowing that voice, Harry looked up into the eyes of the lover he was hoping to avoid, Harry was suddenly transported back, mentally, eight years.


The two lovers met in a passionate embrace; hands roaming, teeth biting, tongues swirling, mouths sucking, hips thrusting.

Harry's sweat dripped onto the body beneath him as he thrusted into his lover, soon enough both were crying out the other's name in ecstasy.


Shaking himself out of his daydream, Harry looked at the man before smiling weakly, "Err, hi. Is Hermione in?"

The man's eyes dropped before he looked back at Harry answering softly and regretfully. "No. She's at work."

"Where is that?"

"You don't know where she works?"

"No." Harry was getting frustrated and beginning to feel demeaned.

"In all your correspondence she never said where she worked?"

"No." Harry bit out, before adding bitterly, "she just kept on about how her virginal fiancé is the most wonderful man." His eyes dropped again before Harry added, "I could have told her that," the man looked up again his eyes bright.

"I can also tell her, confidently, that you're no virgin."

"Harry please."

"Please what? You broke my heart and left me because I am a man, so you know what you can fuck yourself and stay away from my best friend."

"I love her."

"You were in love with me and look how well that turned out."

The two men had gotten close together, half an inch separating them they could feel the other's breath on their face and the heat radiating.


Harry turned and was engulfed by Hermione; he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly before pulling away.

"Why don't you come in? We can all talk, I know it must be hard for you two-"

"You have no idea how hard Mione."

Harry blushed at the double meaning, "Sorry Hermione, but I have to go. I'll visit you another time; Dr- Malfoy and I have too much history." Harry looked at Draco, regret and hurt flooding his eyes before he apparated away.

Draco's eyes closed and he leaned on the door jamb for support before Hermione put her hand on his arm, "Draco?"

Pushing away from both Hermione and the entrance way Draco made his way to his bedroom (Hermione insisted on separate ones until the wedding) slamming the door behind him did nothing to stop Hermione from hearing the frustrated yell or the crashes and bangs as objects were destroyed.

She knew the two boys seeing each other again would be difficult but she thought it was all behind them:


Harry came down to the Great Hall from Dumbledore's Office with both Ron and Hermione behind him. They were instantly swamped by admirers but fought their way through to the Weasley's. Harry hugged Molly and Ginny before he looked up, Hermione followed his gaze to the three Malfoy's watching the scene unfold in front of them.

Easing Ginny into her arms she looked at Harry, "go. You have something to say to them so say it now."

Smiling sadly Harry kissed her cheek as he moved towards the Malfoy's offering condolences to people as he passed them.

"Mrs Malfoy?"

Narcissa looked up and smiled at Harry. "Mr Potter. How may I help you?"

"Please call me Harry, and I would like to offer my thanks for putting your life on the line for me, I will never forget it. I'd also like to offer my condolences for the death of Be-"closing his eyes, and taking a deep breath Harry opened and looked into her light blue eyes "- the death of your sister. Loss of family, no matter how estranged is always hard."

Narcissa stood from her seat and cautiously approached Harry, "Harry, first call me Narcissa. The loss of my sister will not be mourned. I lost my sister years ago when she became a Death Eater, I mourned her then I shall not do so now. You must go back to your family, they are mourning their son and they need their brother."

Smiling sadly Harry shook his head, "They don't need the man who killed their son."

"You didn't kill him Harry."

"Indirectly I did."

Narcissa opened her mouth but Harry had turned to Draco, "Malfoy, er Draco." Neither said any more but stared at one another until Harry pulled the wand out of his pocket and held towards Draco.

"My hawthorn wand."

"It's yours, take it."

Draco shook his head, "I don't want it. The things I did-" he broke off, tears filled his eyes but he remained looking at Harry.

"I know. I saw some of it, what you did was admirable-"


Narcissa stepped in between the two boys, "now is not the time, boys."

Harry nodded before, pocketing the wand and making his way through the crowd towards the doors and out of the hall, ignoring the people around him.

Hermione looked back over at the Malfoy's and watched as Draco's eyes followed Harry out of the hall and the doors shut with a bang.


Hermione jumped as the front door slammed, Draco had stormed out. She had no idea why Harry was such a touchy subject with her fiancé but she had hoped that today would have gone better when her fiancé met her best friend. Draco got on fine with the Weasley's she didn't see why Harry was any different, being a smart girl she went over what she had heard and seen before thinking back to Hogwarts days when Draco and Harry became, friends wasn't right, tolerant of each other.