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Harry couldn't believe it. He was back in England, at another wedding. He was back where it all started.

Draco was standing at the end of the aisle looking amazing in white dress robes with silver trimming; he was smiling at the person at the other end of the aisle who was grinning back.

Harry nearly burst into tears at the look of such adoration on Draco's face, his eyes bore down the aisle and into the eyes of his love who was slowly walking down the aisle tears in his eyes and a smile on his face, eyes glued to Draco.

Once Harry reached the end of the aisle he took Draco's hand grinning madly as he did so, together they looked amazing Draco in his white and silver robes with white blond hair opposing Harry who was also in white robes that were trimmed in gold with his black hair highlighting the bright green hue of his eyes.

The two turned to face Kingsley who smiled at them, "Do you Harry James Potter take Draco Lucius Malfoy as your bonded for all eternity?"

"I do." Harry squeezed Draco's hand.

"Do you Draco Lucius Malfoy take Harry James Potter as your bonded for all eternity?"

"Fuck yes. Oh sorry," he chuckled sheepishly at the glares he was getting from Molly and other mothers, "I mean, I do."

Harry grinned at Kingsley who continued, "In Wizarding tradition Harry and Draco will express their love for the other. Harry if you will."

Taking a deep breath Harry looked at Draco, "I, all my life I've had to save someone, people I didn't know, didn't like even. People looked to me for guidance, for help whereas I had no-one to turn to until you. You saved me, Draco. Countless times, you saved me from myself, my nightmares and my mind. You saved me and I fell in love with you, all those years ago and I never stopped, despite all the time and space between, you always managed to save me when I was drowning in everything. I love you Draco and I am in love with you, I always have been. Mela en' coiamin, Voronwer, Beleger, Mellonamin, Aratoamin, A'maelamin." Harry finished in a whisper feeling the power of the magic behind the final words Draco squeezed his hand before turning to Kingsley.

"Draco, please mind your language."

Smirking at Kingsley before turning his attention to Harry, gazing at him, "I may have saved you Harry but I am no hero, and you know that, you know that I will never be anyone's hero but yours as you are everything to me. I live for you, breath for you, love for you, you make me want to sing and dance, to screw tradition which I have. I gave up everything I knew for you and I'm so glad I did because I've never been so happy, never have I looked at someone and thought he's mine, I get to go home with him, I get to hold his hand, kiss him, hold him you make me think that. You made me fall in love with you unintentionally, I lost you once before and I am never letting you go again. Mela en' coiamin, Voronwer, Beleger, Mellonamin, Aratoamin, A'maelamin."

Draco chocked on his tears and the emotions thickening his throat, turning his head away from the audience, many of whom were in tears as well, Harry took a step closer and wrapped his arms around Draco gripping the back of his neck with one hand and his waist with the other whilst Draco buried he face in Harry's neck and tightening his hold on Harry.

Slowly they pulled away and Harry moved his hand from Draco's neck to cup his cheek gently wiping away the tears falling, smiling softly Draco leant into Harry's hand and gripped the wrist with one of his own.

Shocked into silence by the intense moment of intimacy their family and friends jumped when Kingsley spoke softly but the two men remained as they were.

"Harry and Draco have been bound in life and in magic for eternity; you now each have a ring created in your magic. As husband and husband, as bonded lovers you may kiss."

Harry leaned in gently brushing his lips against Draco's, before Draco began pushing back and opening his lips their tongues met as they pulled the other closer, Harry's hand moved to hold Draco's jaw as one of Draco's hand's made their way into Harry's hair. They pulled away when the fireworks started, Harry (looking a little flushed) grinned at George before he and Draco walked down the aisle.


At the reception, the garden of the Burrow, everything was beautiful I white, silver and gold colours, Harry was sitting watching Draco spin Molly on the dance floor when Hermione came and sat next to him.

"You two look perfect together Harry, and I almost stood in the way of it-"

"Hermy," Harry now called her this all the time, he couldn't it anymore, "its okay and it's all worked out now anyway." Harry hugged her before smiling slyly "How's Mike doing?"

"I'm fine, mate and you looked gorgeous."

Grinning Harry stood and turned to hug his best friend, or one of them, after Harry and Draco had left five years ago for Harry to recover from his suicide attempt Mike and Hermione met up to console each other eventually becoming friends and were set to be married in the next year.

"Mione, darling, you look ravishing!" Draco sauntered over and delicately kissed each of her cheeks before shaking Mike's hand and slipping an arm around Harry's waist, "how long so we have to stay for because I want to fuck you senseless."

Hermione and Mike grinned as Harry slipped his hand into Draco's robes stroking the growing erection as he bit down on Draco's neck.

"Harry Potter!"

Like startled rabbits Harry and Draco jumped away from each other as Molly came over to them, "I am aware that this is your wedding and are wanting to get to the wedding night but you shall have to control yourselves-" She stopped as Draco grumbled something under his breath, "what did you say?"

"I said you're not the one that has to walk around with a hard-on watching your sexy husband gyrate on the dance floor."

Molly looked on too shocked to say anything as Harry started to nibble down Draco's neck before moving to suck on his earlobe, "you know that sounds like a good idea."

"What?" The three surrounding them gasped as Draco practically moaned the word and as Harry's hips canted forward into Draco's thigh.

"Gyrating on the dance floor," Harry didn't have to finish the sentence before Draco was pulling him to the mass of bodies which separated when they made their way into the middle of the floor, as the DJ's voice resounded. "The newlywed couple are about to dance their first dance together."

Harry and Draco didn't hear the voice, or they were oblivious to it as they brought their bodies together, moving slowly back and forth as their bodies grinded together. They looked like one being in white robes with gold and silver moving together, dark and light heads joined at the lips when their hips began to grind in earnest and Harry threw his head back groaning loudly Draco had had enough he apparated them out of the reception straight onto their bed.

The next morning the Daily Prophet sold out before seven am, on it was the prize picture of the Malfoy-Potter wedding, the wedding of the century. The two figures stood alone entwined in white, hips moving together Draco's mouth trailed to Harry's neck clearly biting down as Harry's head fell back and his lust filled gaze landed unseeingly on the photographer, one Colin Creevey.

The two men in the photo were currently lying in each other's arms, Draco's cock inside Harry where it had been all night and was most likely going to be until they got out of bed to shower. If they got out of bed to shower, as newlyweds that was unlikely. As Harry and Draco it was inevitable.

The words from the ceremony were in Elvish (or Elvin I don't know if there's a difference) they mean, in this order, Love of my life, loyal one, mighty one, my friend, my champion, my beloved. I hope you enjoyed Caught Between Loves and I'd like to thank both Apple, as always, for her help, inspiration and editing and also MRS HEATH LUCK, for inspiring a certain ass kicking, I hope you all enjoyed it and thanks for making it a favourite story or for reviewing.. I feel like I'm getting an Oscar... yes the music has started but I don't care this hasn't taken me long to write but it is by far my favourite story of mine lol, the music has gotten louder so I'll wrap up, Thank you and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I don't think there will be a sequel unless inspiration hits... Sable is still being thought about but I should put metaphorical pen to paper tomorrow! Thanks again! The music has now drowned me out!!