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Amy Keith was lounging in the living room, nursing a glass of Ginger Ale when the bell dinged. Cursing under her breath she levered herself out of the plush arm chair and waddled towards the kitchen. Pulling the small ham out of the oven and placing it on the stove top, she checked the ham and began slicing it. Half way through final preparations for supper she heard the front door open in the other room.

"Hi honey," she called, "how was your day?"

"I hate my job." He called back

"Aww, muffin..." She teased, "What's wrong, Is the Admiral being mean to you?"

"Very funny," He wrapped his arms around her and kissed the side of her neck, "Hey sexy."

"Hey sexy yourself, you know what that uniform does to me." She said, reaching up and running her fingers through his hair.

"I recall." He said, rubbing her belly.

"It's your fault I'm pregnant you know." She accused.

"Baby, I already apologized for that. But if it still bothers you I have it on good authority that you'll come to forgive me right around the time our little bundle of joy gets here."

"Speaking of which," he said before bending down and gently kissing the noticeable bump in her belly, "how is my little soldier."

"Gonna be dead if he follows in your footsteps." She informed him.

"Do you have so little faith in our military's training program?" he asked

"No." She said, finishing with the ham and pulling the vegetables out of the steamer, "it's just that if he tells me he wants to be a soldier I'm gonna kill him."

"Finally starting to believe me when I told you he was kicking too hard to be a chick huh?"

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing honey," he said innocently, "It's just that chicks can't really hit hard." She turned and slugged him playfully in the arm.

"Ahhh!" he fake-screamed, "I give up, you win. Mercy. Spare the prisoner!" he fled from the room, leaving is wife laughing in his wake.

Ten minutes later he came to the dinner table wearing a very elegant pair of gym shorts with a navy blue, navy issue, tee shirt and he filled his plate and sat down.

"So how was your day?" Amy tried again.

"Baby, you already asked me about my day. And I told you I hated my job, remember." He said around a mouthful of steamed broccoli.

"Having trouble adjusting to the change of pace?" she asked, trying to be sympathetic.

"Getting clearance and co-ordinating all that black-ops stuff is so much harder that actually doing all the super-cool black-ops commando stuff."

"Like I'm going to believe that," she scoffed, "you're just upset you don't get to be one of the big dogs anymore."

"Oh really? Well how about you try convince Sec-Nav that we need to do some of that top secret stuff that they won't let me talk about."

They finished supper and Amy went to take a shower while her husband took care of the dishes.

"Oh William," She called on her way to the master bathroom, "When you're done scrubbing pots and pans I'm going to need help scrubbing my back."

"...That's wassup..." Will muttered as he scrubbed the roaster a little faster, dirty thoughts causing a smirk to take up residence on his face.


Will woke with a start. What was that? He could have sworn he heard something.

Tink, there, someone was in the house.

"Baby," He whispered, "Wake up."

"Not now, Will-"

"Amy, someone's in the house, hide in the tub." Will got out of bed and opened the night stand and pulled out the 9mm and clip, Amy tip toed to the bathroom and crawled into the cast iron tub. Will quietly opened the bedroom door and peered out, the hall looked clear. He cocked the gun and crept to the top of the stairs and listened.

Rapid whispering and muffled movements, there were multiple people in the house. Will crept down the stairs and saw the group spreading out, they looked professional. Will got a bead on the lead guy and approached him silently. He crept up behind the commando and put him into a head-lock pressing the barrel of the gun to his temple.

"Who are you and why are you in my house?" Will waited for an answer and instead he received an elbow in the stomach. The commando kicked and Will rolled away, coming up and shooting him in the chest. The commando went down and the rest of them came running, the first one rounded the corner and shot. Will ducked and shot, dropping another. The second came up behind him and clubbed him with the butt of his rifle. The attack felt like a tap but Will still dropped the gun in his surprise, he spun around and slugged the commando. A third one grabbed him from behind and put him in a head-lock. Will kicked the back of his knee and levered himself out twisting the commando's arm and dislocating his shoulder.

Will heard a cacophony of gunfire but before he could move he felt a soft strike on his upper back. Turning around, he saw a dart with a glowing red end laying next to his gun. Movement ahead caught his attention and suddenly he was holding his gun and firing at the fourth commando. Will felt a sharp strike on his back and his head began to get fuzzy. He staggered around trying to shake off the drug's effect when he was grabbed from behind, he tried to fight back but the strength had left his body. His vision began to get bleary as his wrists were bound and he was carried out the door and into a van.

One of the commando's was trying to force a tube into his nose and he struggled, a body was thrown onto him and he fell onto his back. He tried to sit up as they pulled away. Before the doors close he saw the glow of a fire through his living room window. A tube was forced into his nose and a hood was pulled onto his head. He smelled the slightly tinny scent of a knockout drug and he could feel consciousness slipping from him. The combined might of the tranquilizer mixed with the stupefying gas he was being fed proved too much for the former SEAL.

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