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"I've been thinking." Will started.

"Hey me too," Daphne said, "But you first." It had been three days since a transfusion of Claire's blood had brought Daphne back from the brink of death.

"All along my plan had been to use Rebel to find people like us and secretly find somewhere safe for us to go. But now I'm starting to think that our best bet would be to reveal ourselves to the world, get public sympathy on our side before someone causes some havoc that will brand us monsters."

"Bad Idea," Nathan told him, "When I tried to out us I was shot by my brother from the future. Apparently telling the world about us can only end in disaster."

"I'll take that under advisement."

"So now my idea." Daphne chimed in. "I should go out and find Hiro and Ando, Hiro lost his power but Ando gained one, he can supercharge existing powers. Amped me up so I could run back in time."

"No kidding. I guess all those blonde jokes aren't necessarily true, how long do you think it would take you to find them?" Will's answer was a gust of wind as Daphne tore out of the cave approaching the speed of sound, waiting to shatter the sound barrier until she was clear of the hideout.

"We also need a more permanent place to stay, this is good for the present but it would be nice to have modern amenaties." Mohinder added.

"Don't like the great outdoors Mohinder?" Daphne asked, barely winded.

"Couldn't find them?" Will asked.

"Oh I found them," Daphne answered cryptically; "I'd like to introduce Hiro, Ando and Matt Parkman Junior." All hell broke loose as Matt charged to see his son, and Will looked up the child in the files from Rebel, sure he'd seen his name come up.

"According the Rebel, the kids got a power. We just don't know what it is." Will hollered to get every ones attention after he'd located the desired information.

"I believe his ability is activation of others abilities." Hiro told him. "My ability was stolen from me some time ago and it suddenly reappeared when we were threatened, shortly after arriving at the child's home.

"I see." was all Will could come up with at the moment. This was getting out of hand, he'd made things as comfortable as possible for everyone but these weren't fellow seals he was working with. Sure they had heart but there's also something to be said for training. "I need to go think." Will said as he walked off into the shadows at the rear of the cave, trusting that someone else would get the new comers up to speed.

There were a multitude of tunnels connected to the primary cave, and after much exploration Will had been able to use his rapidly evolving power to make their hideout nearly impregnable, blocking off the exits with thick plate steel. Merging the rock and steel on the molecular level was a true test of his limits but it had been worth it; not only had he made the caves impregnable but every time he pushed himself it seemed like his limits expanded. It was near one of these barricades, in the quiet, where he settled down to meditate. His mind wandered back to his SEAL training, how his drill sergeant told them that calming the mind would allow them to better do their jobs, because some things were just easier to do when you didn't analyze them too closely. In a more recent development Will could feel his power reach out as he settled into his calmer state he wrapped a protective cocoon around his body and settled in to plan their next move.


When Will returned nearly an hour later he was greeted by yet another new face. It seemed Little Matt was having trouble adjusting to having a father, so Daphne felt it would be in the child's best interest to go find it's mother, a move that would probably have drawbacks, besides making Wills heart ache for his own family.

"Alright listen up." Will shouted to get every ones attention, not really caring that he had interrupted an argument between Matt and his ex-wife. "We shouldn't stay here much longer. I'm going to try and get Rebel to help us find a safe haven, or something we can turn into one. After waiting for the uproar to die down, Will continued. "Most of you will stay here for now. A few of you will come with me to a press conference in Washington. It's time for Building 26 to answer for its transgressions."


Will, Nathan, Mohinder, Hiro and Peter stood on a podium before a more or less bewildered sea of spectators and reporters.

"Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for coming out." Will began, "My name is William Keith and I have a special ability. I can telekinetically influence my environment." There was a sound of metal rending as a bullet seemingly bounced off of thin air to land, crumpled, on the ground. "I'm not the only person with these abilities either. Everyone behind me has one, varying from enhanced strength to being able to defy gravity and fly." Another bullet landed crumpled on the ground and this time the crowd noticed. All hell broke loose as Peter reached out with Matt's borrowed power to try and calm the crowds fears.

"I was kidnapped from my home, by people who wished to lock me up just for being different. I hadn't even consciously discovered my ability yet. These same people are the ones who imprisoned American citizens and disregarded their constitutional rights." Will stepped back and let Nathan take over.

"This may not be a bad thing. I'm sure there are people with abilities who could cause a lot of damage and hurt a lot of innocent people. And that is what the government program, known as Building 26 is afraid of. And they have every right to be. The explosion over New York last year was cause by a man. He could emit radiation, and was basically a walking nuclear bomb, through no fault of his own he lost control and nearly obliterated an entire city. I wish things had gone different but I can't change the past, so I guess the point of this press conference is to talk to the few. You aren't alone, we will help you."

Before the crowd could burst into questions, the four on the podium vanished.

Danko shut off the TV. "...fuck."


"So what are we going to do?" Daphne asked the group at large.

"When you're under siege the first thing you need is somewhere you can hole up. We need a small town, somewhere we can be safe. Someplace we can keep tabs on what's going on around us."

"OK then what? Cuz that doesn't sound really long term."

"Then we prepare for war."

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