[A/N Before Enterprise-D crash. After Data gets his emotion chip.]

"We won't hurt you, but we must help them!"

He could remember every tiny detail about that day. She had run to save her friends, but her foolhardiness had gotten her shot.

"The creature attacked us! Lieutenant Yar is down!"

He had been panicked, although he hadn't recognized the emotion at the time. He had attempted revenge. He aimed his phaser straight at the creature's chest, but it had no effect.

"What's Lieutenant Yar's condition?

His face contorted with pain as he remembered exactly what was said next. He couldn't turn off his brain any more than a human could, and Tasha was with him every day.

"Dr. Crusher, report!"

He whispered the words as they replayed in his mind.

"She's dead."


He walked over to his desk, where he still kept the hologram of Tasha from her memorial service. He turned it on, and hit the sound button.

"My friend Data," Tasha smiled. "You see things with the wond-" Data hit the off button and turned away. A single tear rolled down his cheek. He lifted a finger up and let the tear fall onto it. He brought the finger close to his face and examined the teardrop.

"Intriguing," he murmured. "I have never cried involuntarily before."

Data flicked the tear off his finger and gently placed Tasha's hologram back into his desk drawer. Another tear rolled down his cheek. This time, he didn't brush it away.

This time, he just wanted to cry.


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