My True Facade Revealed

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Summary: Natsume and Mikan are dating, but Mikan is sent to Alice Academy in America for training due to her SEC alice. When she arrives there, she finds out that she has another alice called the facade alice which reveals her true facade. She returns to Gakuen Alice after 5 years and finds Natsume with another girl. She is sad and angry at Natsume. As each day goes on, she unconsciously activates her facade alice and everyone notices the change in her, but herself. She doesn't notice it until Hotaru tells her about the change. She explains to Hotaru about her facade alice and how she found it. Everyone, but Hotaru, herself, and the staff, noticed the change that the true Mikan did that the false Mikan wouldn't, but they mistaken the true Mikan with the false one. They all thought that the changed Mikan was false and that the real one was the bubbly one. Natsume realizes his mistakes and tries to get a second chance from Mikan. Will she give it to him? Or will she just ignore him?

Chapter 1: Prologue

Mikan and Natsume are seen under the Sakura tree savoring their time together as this was probably their last time with each other. Why?

Everyone was in class and was waiting for Narumi to arrive when the PA system called for Mikan. "May Mikan Sakura head to the headmaster's office? I repeat may Mikan Sakura head to the headmaster's office?" Everyone was confused as to why Mikan had to go see the headmaster. Mikan silently, but calmly head to the headmaster's office which was very unusual as Mikan is never calm, but she knew why she had to head to the headmaster's office. She knocked onto the doors of the office and entered when the door automatically opened. She took a seat in front of the headmaster. "Now, I suppose you understand why you are here, correct?" asked the headmaster. Mikan nodded her head. "Good, and you are packed, correct?" asked the headmaster. Mikan nodded her head once again. "Good, I will have Persona go with you to Alice Academy in America, understand?" asked the headmaster. Mikan nodded her head. "Do you know the reason why?" asked the headmaster. Mikan shook her head. "Well, he is going to help train you there." said the headmaster. She opened her mouth to say something, but closed immediately and nodded her head.

"You want to say something?" asked the headmaster. Mikan nodded her head. "Well, go on ahead." said the headmaster. "Am I allowed to tell anyone of this matter?" asked Mikan softly, but loud enough for the headmaster to hear. "Why, yes, but you can only tell one person. It'll cause a riot if everyone else found out." said the headmaster. Mikan nodded her head and a smile pasted on her face. "Head-" Mikan was cut off. "Outo-san. You can call me Outo-san." said the headmaster. "But, Narumi-sensei is already my Outo-san." said Mikan. "Yes, but after your training, I believe that you won't be able to call him that, would you?" asked the headmaster. Mikan thought for a while and agreed with him. "Now, off you go. You're friends are probably worried. Oh, and your flight is during your lunch break tomorrow so make an excuse tomorrow, okay? I'll see you tomorrow." said the headmaster. Mikan nodded her head, walked to the door, turned around with a smile on her face, said "Bye-bye, Outo-san!", before leaving the office.

This is what had happened yesterday. Today is the day that Mikan is leaving and the one person that she told was Natsume. Before they left for classes, they made a promise and sealed it with a kiss.

"Natsume." said Mikan. "Hn." said Natsume. "Let's make a promise." said Mikan. "For what?" asked Natsume. "For what? Silly, I'm leaving today, remember?" asked Mikan smiling sadly. "Hn." said Natsume. "I promise that when you're/I'm gone, I will stay single just for you and I will never ever cheat on you. When we meet each other once again, we'll get back together no matter the obstacle." said Natsume and Mikan at the same time as if they knew what they both were going to say. Then, they sealed it with a kiss.

When classes were over, her friends asked her to come and eat with them, but she gave an excuse saying that she really needed to go to the restrooms for a while, and she rushed outside shutting her eyes closed so her tears wouldn't show. Natsume jumped out the window and ran to the front gates. They, Mikan and Natsume, met each other at the gates. Mikan went inside the limo and was driven to the airport. Natsume walked to the Sakura tree, laid on a branch, manga on his face, and silently cried for Mikan to return to him quickly. When classes began, Mikan and Natsume were nowhere to be found. Of course Natsume was still jumping from tree to tree to their class drying his tears whilst Mikan was already on her flight to America. Narumi entered the room like a normal teacher would which was strange indeed. "Class, we have a new student." said Narumi and Natsume entered through the window while the new student entered the classroom. She had strawberry blonde shoulder length hair and green eyes.

"Hello, my name is Luna Koizumi. Yes, I know you all hate Luna because I also hate her too. I have the soul trapping alice, don't worry, I won't use it on you since I have the 4th type alice, I'm in the Somatic Ability type, and my star haven't been decided on yet." said Luna and her attention was caught by Natsume with a manga on his face. "Hm, he looks like he needs a girlfriend. Of course, I'll be his! Muahahahahaha!" thought Luna. I just had to add that thought. My friends think it shows how evil she is.

"Your seat is next to Natsume Hyuuga. Natsume, raise your hand." said Narumi and sweat dropped seeing as how Natsume was still ignoring him. It was probably because Mikan left, but his thoughts were interrupted by Koko. "Ehh?! Mikan-chan left?!" yelled Koko out loud. Mikan and Koko turned out to be great friends even though he reads her mind from time to time. "What?!" yelled the class, but Natsume and Luna who found her seat next to Natsume. "Yes, she was sent to America to train her alice." said Narumi and with that Natsume slammed his manga on the desk and gave a glare to everyone including Luna and walked angrily out the room.

When Mikan reaches to the airport in America, she finds out that she has another alice called the facade alice and now she is staying in America longer than she expected because now she needs to train her SEC and facade alice.

It's been five years since Mikan was gone and now she is on her flight back to Gakuen Alice in America. Natsume and the others are seen in the classroom with Luna on top of Natsume and both are making out. Ewww, I know what you mean, I don't like this scene either. Hotaru walks to Natsume and Luna. "You know Mikan won't be happy about this." said Hotaru. "Who is this Mikan girl?" asked Natsume breaking his kiss with Luna. "And if she won't be happy about me and Luna then she won't be happy that you and Ruka are dating." said Natsume. Hotaru was silent and Ruka interrupted. "No, she would be very happy." said Ruka taking Hotaru away from Natsume and Luna and sat next to Hotaru.

The next day, Narumi announces that they are having a returning student. He sees Luna and Natsume and is very sad and pities Mikan. "NO, WE WANT MIKAN BACK!!" yelled the class, excluding Natsume and Luna, together. As if on cue, a girl with flowing brunette hair walked into the classroom with her eyes closed. If you look closely, you can see a gun strapped on her leg underneath her skirt. When she reached the front of the room, she opened her eyes revealing beautiful brown orbs. She scanned through the class seeing familiar faces and a new one and the new one, she saw was making out with Natsume. Her eyes started to droop and was about to cry until she saw Ruka and Hotaru together and beamed. She gave out a big smile, a smile that made everyone feel warm all over again. Natsume felt this warm feeling and stopped kissing Luna and faced the front of the room. Luna got off of Natsume and sat in her seat which was next to Natsume.

Natsume stared into her lovely brown orbs and saw something inside them. "Is that sadness that I see?" thought Natsume and Mikan. Natsume looked as if he was asking for forgiveness from Mikan, but she ignored him. "Hello, I am Mikan Sakura. I'm sure all of you remembered me, am I correct? I have the SEC, nullification, and facade alice. I am in the Dangerous Ability Class and I am a special star. I'm single and available for you guys out there." she ended her introduction with a wink and blew a kiss. She saw that everyone, but Natsume, Hotaru, and Ruka, had confused looks on their face. She thought for a while before realizing her mistake and that was right before Hotaru blasted her with the baka gun. Fortunately, Mikan dodged it. "Okay okay, I'm sorry I didn't tell you I left. I was only allowed to tell one person and I told Emustan about it." said Mikan. Now, as children, Hotaru, Mikan, and Ruka would always say someone's name backwards if it was someone she hated dearly. "Fine, just don't do it again." said Hotaru. Mikan giggled. "Oh, I see that you and Ruka are together." said Mikan. Ruka and Hotaru blushed.

"Yes, I'm sorry. I got so used to speaking in english that I completely forgot I was in Japan. Anyways, let's start again." said Mikan. "Hello, I am Mikan Sakura. I'm sure all of you remembered me, am I correct? I have the SEC, nullification, and facade alice. I am in the Dangerous Ability Class and I am a special star. I'm single and available for you guys out there." and ended it with a wink and blew a kiss. That got every guy, but Ruka and Natsume, going all lovey-dovey with her and she giggled to see the reaction. "Typical, it's the same thing in America." thought Mikan.

"Yes, well, since your seat is taken by Luna, you can sit in front of Natsume." said Narumi. Mikan nodded her head and walked to her desk. Narumi left the classroom. As usual, Sumire tripped Mikan and she fell on her face. This was their usual greeting in the morning, one or the other would trip and both would yell at each other. Her skirt flipped only to reveal shorts underneath and her gun was thrown across the room almost hitting Luna who was about to kiss Natsume until she sensed danger and moved back. Everyone stared at the gun afraid of what was to come. Mikan stood up and dusted her skirt. "Sumire! Why did you trip me?!" yelled Mikan. "What, it's been a while since I last tripped you and you left without telling all of us." said Sumire. "It's not my fault. I was only allowed to tell one person and I told Emustan about it." said Mikan.

Everyone, but Natsume and Luna, knew about the secret code that Mikan always uses. If she said a person's name backwards, it just means that she hates them. "That's right. We're all mad at him. I even quit being president while the others quit too so now there's no Emustan club." scoffed Sumire. Mikan beamed and hugged Sumire being running to her gun checking for any scratches. She sighed in relief only to find everyone's gaze on her. "What?" she asked. "The gun." said Hotaru. "Oh, I told Aniki that I didn't want to bring it, but he insisted." said Mikan before strapping her gun back. She was about to sit in her seat until Persona appeared in the classroom jumping in the window causing the glass to shatter. Like remember how Ruka jumped into the room when he, Natsume, and Mikan first met?

"Aniki!!" beamed Mikan and jumped into Persona's arms earning a smile from him. Her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs wrapped around his waist. She appeared to be a human size koala bear. Now, Natsume knew why he didn't see Persona the last 5 years. It was because he was in America with Mikan. "Everyone, meet my Aniki, Persona. And I mean, my real Aniki Persona." said Mikan smiling. Persona was patting her head. "No, I never told you to bring the gun along. I only said that you need it in case of emergencies." said Persona. Mikan nodded her head. Persona saw Natsume and Luna and glared at the two of them. He wouldn't forgive anyone who hurts his sister even if it was himself. He sighed and carried Mikan like that out the room and when they left, the window was repaired.

"Mikan, what can I do to make you forgive me?" thought Natsume. "You have to break up with Luna first and then court Mikan." said Koko. Natsume glared at Koko. "Not unless I get there first!" yelled a boy who jumped into the classroom through the OPEN window. "And you are?" asked Yuu. "Oh, I'm a friend that Mikan made during her stay in America. I am Eric Utada." he said smiling. Two girls jumped into the room also. One looked sweet and innocent while the other looked devious. "I am Risa Kazama." said the innocent girl. "Reiko Kazama." said the devious girl. "The three of us were Mikan's best friends in America, but she doesn't know that we were also transferred back to Gakuen Alice." said Risa. "I remember now!!" yelled Yuu. Everyone looked at him. "I read in a book that the three of them left this academy at a young age because they became a band and left to America!" said Yuu. Risa winked. "Correct! We're the famous band, Midnight Rose." said Risa.

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