My True Facade Revealed

If you have read Destiny and Facades of Mine, then you would understand that I am back from my writer's block. If you haven't read them, then you have just been informed that I will continue to update. I apologize for the long break I took, but I am back with many inspirations. The plot might have changed either significantly, or insignificantly, but you have been warned. I understand that recently updated chapters in the manga would collide with the story line, but this plot was created around the arc when Luna is introduced into the series and I intend to keep Luna as an "evil villain." Enjoy the first chapter that's been updated in ages!

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Chapter 4: Betrayal


Everyone went to their own rooms except Natsume, he followed Mikan to her room. "Let's go to sleep Natsume." said Mikan climbing into the bed wearing a pink night gown and her hair in low pigtails. He jumped onto the bed and laid next to her. "Oyasumi, Natsume." she said and all she received was a meow from Natsume before falling asleep. "Aishiteru." she managed to breath out. Natsume's eyes widened before smiling softly and licked her cheek. When it reached to the end of Natsume being a cat for the night, a bright light appeared and covered Natsume a couple seconds before dimming and Natsume appeared. He muttered out something about the sleeping person next to him and hugged her tightly.

End recap

A certain brunette was sitting in her seat with her arms and head on the table. It was clear to see that she's sulking. Whereas our Kuro Neko was sitting behind her with a manga on his face and ignoring the complaints that his girlfriend - as Luna calls herself - gave out to him.

"Natsume-kun..are you still upset that I dumped paint on you? Can you forgive me if I kissed you? Or perhaps you want something more-"

"Koizumi, would you please be quiet? You're making my ears bleed," Mikan said nonchalantly with the purpose to interfere with Luna.

"Jeez, what crawled up your ass?" Luna asked as she settled herself in her seat. A vein popped on Mikan's head as a memory rushed into her head.


The birds were chirping loudly to signal a new day as the sun rose from above the horizon. A certain brunette shuffled around in her bed as she hugged her "pillow."

"I don't have a huggable pillow..." she thought as she immediately shot her eyes opened. She was greeted by a very annoyed Natsume in her arms.

"Oi, let go of me," Natsume referred to his head in irritation as Mikan's eyes grew wider by the second. She opened her mouth ready to scream when Natsume shot his hand out and covered her mouth.

"Shut up. You're too noisy in the morning," he said as she shot him a "Whose fault do you think this is?" look. Natsume simply rolled his eyes and took her arms off of him. He sat on the edge of her bed and looked back at her.

"What's for breakfast?" Natsume asked her nonchalantly as Mikan rolled her eyes.

"Check the kitchen," she responded as she got off her bed and walked to the bathroom. Meanwhile, Natsume walked to the kitchen in hopes of finding food. Moments later, he heard the water running and concluded that Mikan was taking a shower. When Natsume was about to finish the toast he found, Mikan had entered her room with her uniform on. Mikan raised an eyebrow in question as if asking why he was still in her room while he continued chewing the toast. He walked towards her door and stepped out of her room halfway.

"By the way, you were a wonderful lover last night," Natsume said as he closed her door before she killed him. One of her chairs laid broken next to the door.

"HYUUGA!" Mikan yelled as Natsume walked down the halls with a smirk evident on his face.

End of Flashbacks

"The main question did that thing" Mikan pointed at Natsume "end up sleeping in my bed last night?" she asked no one in particular. Luna's ears perked up when she heard Mikan's question and accusingly pointed a finger at Mikan.

"You! You dare demand my boyfriend-" "ex boyfriend" "fine, you dare demand my Natsume-" "I'm not yours to possess" " dare demand Natsume-kun to sleep with you in your room?" Luna yelled as she continued to be interrupted by Natsume. Mikan had her finger in her ear with a bored expression on her face. Once she took her finger out of her ear, she shifted in her seat towards Luna and Natsume. She opened her mouth to speak.

"Mikan!" yelled a girly voice. Mikan was suddenly tackled as she pummeled to the floor.

"R-Risa?" asked Mikan in confusion as she tried to sit up. It seemed like an impossible thought when Risa refused to let her sit, so Mikan settled for leaning on her elbows. Mikan looked at Risa and saw a tear-stained face. Mikan's eyes immediately narrowed and a dark aura streamed from her body. Everyone, excluding Hotaru and Natsume, felt uncomfortable and proceeded to back away from Mikan and Risa.

"Who made you cry?" Mikan asked protectively with venom in her voice.

"T-t-t-th" Risa started speaking.

"Th?" Mikan asked, with a raised eyebrow, urging Risa to continue.

"THERE'S A BIG YELLOW BIRD IN THE SOUTHERNS WOODS!" Risa yelled and continued to wail.

"Piyo?" Mikan and Ruka asked in unison. They both looked outside the window and true enough, Piyo's head poked out from the treetops, as it randomly walked about. Ruka immediately got up from his seat and walked out the classroom.

"PIYO~" Ruka yelled as he ran to Piyo leaving a trail of dust behind him.

"Hm. That boy can run," a voice coming from the window said. Climbing into the classroom through the opened window was Reiko. Once Reiko was standing inside the classroom, she ran her fingers through her hair as she let out a sigh. She walked over Mikan and Risa and sat down in her seat that was in front of Luna. Risa sat on her right while Mikan sat on the opposite side.

"Fan boys?" Risa asked her sister. She received a curt nod from her sister.

"You're not the only one with fans," Mikan said as she pointed out the window that Reiko came in through. Both Reiko and Risa looked outside the window and saw Eric running away from his fan girls. Eric felt someone looking at him, so he turned and saw the Kazama twins. He stopped running momentarily and waved at them, well, mainly Reiko. Reiko quickly turned from the window view and looked at the board in front of the room. Eric sulked before running once more.

"Aren't you worried about him?" Risa asked her sister.

"No," Reiko replied back curtly as her eyes shifted towards Eric. Unfortunately for Reiko, who was temporarily oblivious, this action didn't go unnoticed by Mikan and Risa. The two girls looked at each other before smiling evilly at each other. Reiko, who saw this, glared at the two of them while they laughed nervously.

"Oh, look at the time! I need to go on a mission!" said Mikan as she jumped out the window and ran towards the Northern Woods.

"And I'm gona help Eric!" said Risa, running out the classroom to look for Eric.

Reiko had her arm propped on the table while leaning her cheek onto her palm. She let out a long sigh and lightly shook her head.

"Class is about to start soon," she mumbled as Narumi waltzed into the classroom.

"Good morning, my beauties!" screamed Narumi as he waved to his students. He scanned across the class, noting who was in his classroom.

"Where's Mikan, Risa, and Eric?" he asked, looking at Reiko. She caught his eye and simply turned her head to look out the window with a grunt. Narumi sweat dropped and decided to let the matter go.

"Self-study!" Narumi yelled out as he gave a big kiss to his students before gliding out the door. The class shuddered as soon as Narumi left the room. One by one, the students left the class leaving Reiko and Natsume in the class alone.

"Aren't you going to leave, Kuro Neko?" Reiko asked, continuing to look outside the window.

"Hn. I could say the same to you," Natsume said, reading his manga.

".." Reiko didn't reply back and simply looked out the window. At the corner of his eye, he followed her gaze to see Eric and Risa talking idly to each other. Risa playfully slapped Eric's shoulder while he fell on his knees and pretended that he was in pain. Risa laughed at his mock pain. Natsume looked at Reiko again and saw her sigh sadly before standing up. Suddenly a hand shot out and pulled Reiko down. She turned around and glared at the hand's owner.

"What do you think you're doing, Kuro Neko?" Reiko hissed. Natsume smirked and pointed at the scene outside the window.

"You're jealous of your own sister," Natsume bluntly stated. Reiko gasped. She was outraged! No, shocked was more like it! No one was able to see through her, but somehow, this person was able to. She regained her composure and stared at Natsume.

"What's it to you?" she asked as she grabbed his collar. Natsume pulled her close to him so that she could feel his breath on her cheek.

"Why don't we make a bet? If I win, you have to become my girlfriend for as long as I want," Natsume said. Reiko immediately let go of his collar and slapped his face. Her face was red with anger as Natsume rubbed his cheek.

"You know how Mikan feels about you! Why are you doing this to her?" Reiko hissed at him. In return, he shrugged his shoulders as he leaned over the table.

"Chicken?" he questioned with his infamous smirk on his face.

"And if I win?" Reiko asked as she leaned back with her arms crossed over her chest.

"You can do anything you want with me, of course," he replied. She pondered for a few seconds.

"What's the bet?" she asked, confident that she was going to win.

"Kiss me and you'll find out," he said as he sat back against the chair.

"That's it?" Reiko blurted. "I'm definitely going to win," she thought. She jumped over the table and sat next to Natsume. She pecked his lips quickly as he raised an eyebrow. In return, she raised her own eyebrow and mouthed a "what?"

"That's not how you kiss..THIS is how it's done," Natsume said as he grabbed her collar and pulled her to him. Her lips collided with his as he kissed her passionately and she tried to push him back. She opened her mouth to yell out him, but that was the biggest mistake she made. It let him thrust his tongue into her mouth and explored the caverns. Moments later, Reiko found her body disobeying her as her arms began to wound around his neck and kissed him back with the same amount of passion. It was a shocking feeling, but it felt so nostalgic.

"!" Reiko regained full control of her body and pushed Natsume away as she wiped her lips roughly. Natsume licked his lips with a smirk on his face. She lost her words for a few seconds.

"Is it really you?" Reiko asked as Natsume smiled in answer. She covered her mouth with her hands as her eyes began to water.

"I can't believe it's actually you. It's been so long since I've last seen you," Reiko said. Natsume was about to speak when something interrupted him.


Reiko looked over Natsume's shoulders and saw the three people she wished wasn't there to witness the affair. There were piled on top of each other on the floor. The three of them stood up with shock, anger, and betrayal evident in their eyes.

"Reiko..I thought you loved me. I thought we were going to grow old together and watch our grandchildren grow up. So why?" he asked as Reiko felt her heart break into pieces.

"Natsume..Reiko..even though you both know how I feel..why did you betray me again? Tell me why!" she yelled as she ran out the classroom and down the hall.

"Mikan!" Risa yelled out as Natsume and Reiko mumbled her name. As if on cue, Eric also left the opposite direction. Risa turned around and saw Eric leaving. Risa didn't know who to follow so she looked at Reiko before following Eric.

"Look at what you did to Mikan!" Reiko yelled at Natsume.

"Me? You were the one who agreed to this bet," Natsume responded while she remained silent.

"Now do you know what the bet was?" Natsume asked seeing that she didn't reply to him. Her mind processed back to the previous scene and her eyes widened slowly. She smiled sadly as she looked at her lap.


The scene was changed into the era where women didn't have a status in society. There was a mansion that situated atop a hill as a carriage made its way to the double doors of the mansion. A man with raven hair and crimson eyes was waiting outside the mansion in his best attire. The carriage stopped in front of him while he walked to the door and opened it. A cream color gloved hand stuck out of the carriage while the man took out his gloved hand and held onto the other hand. He gently kissed the hand as he looked into bright crimson eyes that looked brown at times.

"Hello, my darling," the man said as he helped the woman down.

"And to you too, my dear," the woman said as she held her parasol over her head in her free hand. The man escorted her into the mansion and led her to the tea room. When the woman saw the two elderly guests, she curtsied towards them.

"Reiko! You needn't be formal. We are practically family now," the elderly man responded.

"I'm sorry, father. I seem to have forgotten that I married your son last month," she said as her husband helped her sit on the chair. He later sat down beside her as he smiled at his parents.

"Well, it's good that you're back because Natsume has been complaining about your absence," the elderly wife giggled shrilly.

"Mother!" Natsume raised his voice.

"She's right, Reiko. There hasn't been a day since you left that he hasn't complained," the man said. Natsume mumbled incoherent words under his breath as his wife beamed in joy and laughed at his misery.

End of Flashbacks

"I guess you won, Hyuuga," she said as she looked at him in the eyes.

"Call me Natsume," he said as he whipped out a single yellow rose. Her eyes widened as she took it hesitantly and smelled it.

"It's so still remembered..thank you, Natsume," she smiled at him genuinely as he smiled back at her. He stood up and offered his hand to her as she gently took it. He walked her to the fountain that was in the center of the park.

Mikan was in her room, crying out the tears she never knew she had. A light knock brought her back as she walked to the door and slightly opened it.

"Koko?" she asked. He smiled in response and barged into her room.

"I heard what happened," his face slightly frowned as he pointed to his head. Mikan opened her mouth and said "oh" as she realized her alice was deactivated.

"You know, this might upset you, but I found some pretty interesting thing about them," Koko said as Mikan sent him a look that said "tell me."

" to say this..Natsume and Reiko..has a past together," Koko said nervously. Mikan's jaw dropped as he popped it back up.

"But not in this lifetime..actually..they've been reincarnated so that they don't commit the same mistakes," Koko said as he sat on her bed. He patted the spot next to him, signalling her to sit beside him. Being in too much shock, she immediately sat next to him.

"You mean.." Mikan drifted off as Koko nodded his head.

"What ever it is that happened in their past life, they're trying to keep it from happening again. I'm sorry, but I don't know what it is," Koko said sadly as he looked at his shoes. Mikan beamed and hugged Koko.

"That's okay, Koko! Thank you for telling me!" she smiled, being oblivious, to the blush that was on Koko's face.

"Um..Mikan..if something happen to you, would you let me be the first to know?" he asked. Mikan looked at him and smiled with a nod.

"Let's go somewhere that'll cheer you up," Koko said with a smile as he dragged her out of her room.

Meanwhile with Risa and Eric...

"Eric! Wait up!" she shouted. He stopped suddenly as she ran into his back.

"That hurts~" she said as she rubbed her nose. Eric turned around and looked down at her while patting her head.

"You were always the one who was here for me," he said as he smiled softly.

"Eric.." she said as she rested her hands on her chest. "Why do I still feel this way?" she thought.


A young woman with raven hair and brown eyes was looking out the window of her mansion. She noticed a young man had fallen in front of the gates. She immediately ran out and helped him up.

"Thank you," the man said as he stood up. She blushed when she got a closer view of him. His brown hair and green eyes shined under the radiance of the sun as he stood at a good five foot ten whereas she is a 5 foot five. He noticed her red face and panicked.

"Here," he said, picking up her parasol that she dropped. She took it slowly and accidentally touched his hand. A shot of electricity traveled through her hand.

"Ah," they both said as they looked in opposite directions. She took her parasol back as he rubbed the back of his head.

"I guess I should be going now," he said as he caught sight of a raven haired woman with crimson eyes. The young woman followed his gaze and her heart sank at his target. It was her sister.

"Is this the woman he loves?" she thought as she saw her sister's fiance walk up to her. The two of them giggled and noticed the young woman. The crimson eyed woman quickly walked to her sister and hugged her.

"Risa! Who's this young gentleman?" her sister asked.

"Ah..this is.." Risa drifted off.

"Eric," he said as he bowed to her. In return, she curtsied to her.

"I am Reiko. Thank you for tending to my sister despite her childlike attitude," she giggled.

"Reiko!" Risa yelled as she blushed. Reiko's fiance caught up to them. Eric took note that Reiko's fiance was fairly taller than him, had raven hair and crimson eyes.

"I see that you've acquainted yourself with my fiance," the man said.

"Oh Eric, this is my fiance..Natsume," Reiko said as she held onto his arm. Natsume grunted and looked the other way. His eyes met with a brunette as she shuffled away from his sight.

"I see. Well, I should be leaving now," he said about to walk away.

"Oh no! Please come in and join us for some tea," Reiko asked as her fiance guided her into the mansion. Eric
nodded as he followed them in. Risa stood at the gates for a moment. "Why can't he see me that way? Reiko's
already engaged.."
she thought as she caught up to them. Unknown to the four of them, a brunette was
walking past the gates leaving a single blue rose in front of the gates.

End of Flashbacks

There was a longing in Risa's eyes, but Eric failed to see that. "I guess it's just not meant to be.." she thought as she shook her head, confusing Eric.

"Let's go somewhere!" Risa said dragging Eric to a nearby park. By the time, Eric and Risa got to the park, a surprise was waiting there for them. Reiko and Natsume were sitting on the edge of the fountain while Reiko dipped her feet inside, splashing about. The two of them were laughing in joy. Not far from Risa and Eric were Mikan and Koko. When Reiko and Natsume felt someone staring at them, they turned and saw the people they didn't expect to see.

"Mikan," said Natsume.

"Eric," said Reiko.

"Let me explain," Reiko and Natsume spoke at the same time. Eric looked at Reiko sadly while Risa shed a tear while looking at Eric. Mikan looked at Natsume with anger in her eyes and Koko could only wish to take her somewhere else.

Well..that was a big plot change..I hoped you enjoyed this chapter.