Facades of Mine

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Chapter 5: Truth


"Alright gangs! It's time to plan everything out!" yelled Mikan throwing the teddy bear up before yelling. "Ah! My teddy bear~!" Mikan yelled and tried to catch it, but it landed in Natsume's arms. "Natsume, can you give me my teddy bear~?" she asked holding her arms out wanting the teddy bear back. "I'm not giving it to you...you're too old for teddy bears." sneered Natsume keeping the teddy bear out of her reach. "NA-TSU-ME~!" hissed Mikan making everyone, but Natsume back away from her. "I was only joking around. Sheesh, can't you take a joke Polka?" asked Natsume. "Polka?" asked Mikan taking the teddy bear in her hands. It took her a while to understand what he meant by 'Polka'. "POLKA? NATSUME NO HENTAI!" yelled Mikan running after him. "You showed it to me!" he yelled. "I did not show it to you! You peeked!" she yelled holding the teddy bear in her arms. Everyone else watched the chase and sighed. "It looks like that teddy bear of Mikan's helped make the truce come true...or rather the teddy bear that brought us all together." said Reiko. Everyone could only reply with a true smile on their faces as they watched Natsume and Mikan.

End Recap

It has been a couple days since the truce that Mikan and Natsume declared. Jigoku Tenshis and Jigoku Shounens continued with their daily life as if they had never encountered each other at the amusement park. A girl with raven hair was laying on the rooftop of the school building. Her eyes were closed while her arms were tucked beneath her head. A slight breeze blew a Sakura petal towards her as she shot her arm out and gently caught the Sakura petal between her thumb and index finger. She brought the Sakura petal to her face as she used her other hand to push herself up. She finally opened her eyes revealing her red orbs.

"Sakura, huh?" she whispered as she eyes the petal. She slowly lets go of the petal as the breeze carried it away from her. She sighed as she once again closed her eyes. She pulled herself up as she walked through the doors and left the rooftop whispering "Reo..I won't let you hurt them..not as long as I'm living."

"Ne, Hotaru?" Mikan asked as she squatted next to Hotaru's desk. Hotaru remained silent as she read the book in front of her.

"Hotaru?" she asked once more as poked Hotaru's elbow which resulted a blow from the book's spine. Mikan was now squatting in place while holding onto her head in pain. Their classmates were surprised to see this side of Mikan. The door opened as Reiko entered the classroom. She raised her eyebrow questioning the eerie silence. She found the cause of the silence and stood next to Mikan and ruffled her hair as she walked to her seat. The class was once again taken aback when they saw Reiko's action. Mikan stood up while pouting and fixed her hair.

"Mou, Reiko. You didn't have to ruin my hair," Mikan said as she plopped in her own seat. Reiko only shrugged her shoulders as she sat back in her seat. Once again the door opened and two honey like voices were heard.

"Anna! You're not supposed to mix food ingredients in with chemicals!" a girl with sky blue hair yelled.

"Well..you're not supposed to mix chemicals with food!" Anna retorted. The two girls kept arguing until they realized that the class was silent.

"Why are you guys so quiet?" they both asked while they tilted their heads to the side. The boys in the classroom had hearts in their eyes as a few of them swooned upon their cuteness. A single male walked up to them coyly afraid that he would be punished for making contact with them.

"Ano..Anna-chan, Nonoko-chan..why do you guys look so happy? Did you manage to kill the boys that turned you two this way?" the boy asked shyly. The question caused Anna and Nonoko to look at each other with confusion on their face.

"Who was the one that made us this way?" Anna asked tapping her cheek with a finger as Nonoko did the same.

"Who indeed.." Nonoko added, "Ah! It was Koko/Yuu!" they both exclaimed as they clapped their hands together. Their sudden outburst once again shocked the class especially the boy for he thought he was going to be punished.

"Akira-kun..right?" Anna asked the boy as he coyly nodded his head.

"Well..we didn't kill the boys for making us the way we were. To be honest..they helped us return to the way we were before Jigoku Tenshis formed..right guys?" Nonoko asked earning a smile from the rest of Jigoku Tenshis. Suddenly the door was slammed opened as they saw a green haired girl panting at the door.

"You guys..we have a transfer student coming in..from America!" Sumire shouted as she squealed in delight. Reiko's attention was caught as she looked at Sumire and turned her gaze towards the window. Anna and Nonoko walked to Sumire and squealed with her.

"Ahem," coughed a voice from the front of the room. It was their homeroom teacher, Narumi. Upon seeing Narumi, the students scrambled to the seats as they waited for his announcement.

"Well, it seems that you all have heard that we have a transfer student. He's running a bit late, so for now I will be taking attendance first," Narumi said as he pulled out his roster.

"Hotaru Imai."


Upon hearing Hotaru's response to Narumi, the class have all came to a conclusion that there have been too many surprises with Jigoku Tenshis.

"Nonoko Ogasawara."

"I'm here, sensei!"

Narumi continued to call upon the names of the students in his class.

"Natsume Hyuuga."


Upon hearing Natsume's name, Mikan looked at the rest of Jigoku Tenshis as they did the same. In the background, Narumi was calling the names of the rest of Jigoku Shounens. Telepathically, Jigoku Tenshis had a brief conversation and only one question remained in their heads, "Since when were they in our class?"

Just as Narumi had finished calling out the names of his students, two knocks were heard on the door. Narumi instantly smiled as he put his roster away. He walked to the door and opened it while ushering the new student in.

"Everyone, this is Kai Soma. He will be joining us from now on. Please welcome him. Oh, and self-study," Narumi said as he walked out of the room. Upon hearing Kai's name, Reiko's attention was caught. She turned to the front of the classroom and looked at him as he looked at her. When she felt their eyes met, she slowly bowed her head and stood up. The class, including Jigoku Tenshis and Jigoku Shounens, watched her as she walked towards the door. Kai caught her wrist and looked at her as if he was telepathically sending questions at her. Alas, all she did was snap her wrist out of his grasp and walked out of the room. Mikan instantly stood up worried for her sister and attempted to follow her, but was stopped by Hotaru. She shook her head causing Mikan to sit back down feeling dejected. In the back of the room, Ruka's eyes followed his sisters' actions as he kept silent.

"Reiko.." Kai thought in his head as he searched for an empty seat to sit in. He looked out of the window and noticed Reiko was being surrounded by a group of boys. He was about to jump out of the window and help her when he saw her beating up the boys with her fists. "That's my Reiko. Still the same as always," he thought as he smiled.

Mikan looked at her gang and sent them a look that indicated that they needed a meeting immediately. She pointed to the ceiling which the girls understood instantly as they all walked out of the classroom and to their destination. Jigoku Shounens watched Jigoku Tenshis' movements and continued doing what they did.

By the time Mikan and the others reached the rooftop, they saw Reiko, by the fence, who was gripping it as she looked down. When Reiko sensed that Jigoku Tenshis were on the rooftop, she turned around and gave them a soft smile. As if on cue, the girls ran to Reiko and hugged her. Reiko smiled softly as she returned the hug.

"Onee-chan~" the girls said to Reiko as she replied with a "Hm?" I don't know if I forgot to mention this, but Reiko is the oldest of Jigoku Tenshis.

"What's going to happen to us?" Anna asked as she looked up at Reiko. Reiko widened her eyes for a moment before releasing the girls from the hug.

"Why are you asking me this, Anna? Shouldn't you ask Mikan? She is the leader after all," Reiko said as she turned her back on them. The girls' eyes, including Hotaru's, became moistened with tears.

"Why are you lying to us, Onee-chan?" Nonoko asked as she tugged on Reiko's sleeve. Reiko turned around and the girls gasped in shock. Reiko's expression looked so sad and it caused the girls to regret their next move.

"Tell us the truth.." the girls asked together as the tears fell from their eyes.

"I will tell you after school at the Sakura tree in the park," Reiko said walking past them while a tear escaped from her eye. She walked through the door and closed it gently as the girls fell to their knees and sobbed. Reiko was leaning on the door, still holding the door knob, and was listening the girls' sobs as she, too, silently cried. She slid down the door and onto her knees as her hands covered her face. Moments later, she was taken into someone's hold as she looked up to see a blur. This person wiped her tears away and she realized that it was Kai.

"Kai.." Reiko murmured softly as she cried into his chest. The only thing he could do was soothe her as she cried with the rest of Jigoku Tenshis. Reiko pulled back and wiped the remaining tears away. Even with her puffy and red eyes, Kai still thought she was beautiful.

"Thank you, Kai, for being here with me," she said as she smiled and stood up. "I'm glad you're back," she added as she walked away from him and down the set of stairs. Kai smiled to himself as he thought "I'll always be here for you, Reiko. No matter what happens." And with that, Kai also walked away from the sobs of Jigoku Tenshis.

For the rest of the day, the class noticed that Jigoku Tenshis, excluding Reiko, were not in class. They thought it was strange for only Reiko to attend class, but they knew better than to ask about it. Finally, the bell rang signaling the end of school. One by one, the students left the classroom as Reiko stayed behind. Kai waved his hand at Jigoku Shounens telling them to go ahead. Once Kai and Reiko were alone in the classroom, he walked to her and sat at the seat next to her. It was silent for a few minutes until Reiko broke it.

"Kai..what am I going to tell them?" she asked as she looked at him. For the first time that day, he noticed how fragile and broken she looked. Her eyes held no emotions, but sadness. He was tempted to hold her and tell her that everything would be alright, but he knew that it was a lie. He looked at her straight in the eye.

"You should tell them the whole and honest trust, Reiko."

"But..what if they hate me?"

"Now..why would they hate you? Even I can't force myself to hate you."

"Kai.." she said as she looked at him adoringly. He smiled at her with his crooked smile that she loved as a child.

"Listen, Reiko. The truth hurts. If they can't handle that, how is it that they're a part of Jigoku Tenshis?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. At that moment, she registered what Kai said into her mind and realized that he was right. Feeling rejuvenated, she smiled widely and hugged Kai.

"Thank you, Kai! Oh, what would I do without you?" she asked as she bid farewell and headed off to her destination.

"Reiko..good luck," he said as he looked outside the window and saw her running outside the school gates.

"Mou! What's taking her so long?" Mikan pouted angrily as she pushed herself on the tire swing that the branch of the Sakura tree provided. Hotaru looked at Mikan and shrugged her shoulders. Anna and Nonoko were whining for a turn on the tire swing which Mikan rejected. Sumire was leaning on the tree trunk as she watched the children play.

"Sorry for taking so long, you guys!" Reiko said as she made her way to the Sakura tree.

"You took so long to get here!" Sumire whined as she got off the tree trunk.

"I already apologized, didn't I?" Reiko said while rolling her eyes. Mikan got off the tire swing as the rest of the girls walked to Reiko.

"Well..are you going to tell us?" Nonoko asked. Reiko raised an eyebrow before letting out a sigh.

"Follow me," Reiko said as she led the girls away from the park and they reached a small cottage deep within the forest behind the park. The girls were in awe as they looked at the cottage.

"Onee-chan..is this yours?" Mikan asked still in awe. Reiko answered with a simple nod as she opened the door to her cottage and invited the girls in. The girls walked into the cottage and the interior design left their mouths gaping as Reiko closed the door behind her. The cottage's interior looked like a room taken from a doll house. As Reiko walked past the girls, she popped their jaws back into place as she took a seat at the table. The girls snapped out of their trance and followed suit.

"Now then-" Reiko got cut off by Anna.

"Do you have juice?" Reiko, who sweat dropped, nodded her head as she proceeded to the kitchen to get a glass of juice for another. She heard the others whine for some juice also. By the time she returned to the table, she had six glasses of juice on a tray as she placed a glass in front of the girls.

"May I continue?" Reiko asked once she sat in her seat. The girls nodded after they took a sip out of their juice. Reiko took a deep breath as she remembered what Kai told her and opened her mouth to speak.

"Are we really sisters?" Anna and Nonoko asked at the same time before letting Reiko speak. Reiko hesitated before answering the twins.

"Biologically, you two are half sisters. You both have the same mother, but different fathers. Now, before you two start yelling at each other because your father stole your mother, I want you guys to think this through and listen carefully. Your mother and fathers..the three of them were very close friends. They were friends since childhood like the six of us. Both of your fathers loved your mother and she loved them equally. She couldn't choose between the two of them and so she made the hardest decision in her life..she had to leave you, Nonoko, behind and took care of your younger half sister, Anna. Nonoko, your father knows where your mother is. He always has and that is why he allows you to be with Anna because that it is the only way possible for you to see your mother. Anna, don't begin to hate your father for stealing your mother from Nonoko. This is all just fate's doing, so don't blame each other, but if you must..do take it outside," Reiko said as she took a sip from her juice.

Anna and Nonoko looked at each other while the rest looked at them. Anna took out her kunai whereas Nonoko took out a playing card. They were in a stance and was ready to attack each other as they ran towards the other. Suddenly...



The two of them called each other by their names and met with one another through a hug as their weapons was behind them laying on the floor. The rest of the girls smiled in glee as Reiko took another sip out of her juice. She set her cup down and cleared her throat signaling Anna and Nonoko to sit back in their seats.

"Well, then..what's the next topic?" Reiko asked as she rested her elbows on the table and entwined her fingers as she leaned towards the table. Sumire, Hotaru, and Mikan all looked at each other having a silent conversation. Mikan sighed and sat up.

"Onee-chan..what about the experiment that Uncle Reo used on us?" Mikan asked. Reiko closed her eyes and sighed while rubbing her temples.

"Mikan..that is something we cannot discuss without the presence of Ruka," Reiko said and right on cue, Ruka entered the cottage. The girls looked at Ruka while Reiko lifted an eyebrow.

"Ruka..so nice of you to join us," said Reiko keeping her anger inside. Ruka was laughing nervously as he knew what she was thinking. "Reiko nee-chan! Don't kill me! I'm far too young to die! I still have to tell Hotaru that I love her!" cried Ruka mentally in his head. He saw Reiko smirk and he knew that Reiko knew what he was thinking of and that she let him off this time.

"Ruka. Come, join us," Reiko said as Ruka took his seat by Hotaru.

"Well, now that Ruka is here. Mikan..Ruka..Reo's experiment on us all those years ago-"

"Eh? That wasn't a story?" cried Anna and Nonoko who cut Reiko off.

"As I was saying..Reo's experiment is wearing off. The moment that it completely wears off is the moment that he will come after us. The incident at the amusement park where Reo said he is coming after me..He has been giving me these notices for the past couple years. And before you interrupt me..that incident where I fell off the tree when we were five was the doing of Reo. It's time I come clean about this incident, but please do not tell Kai..when the doctor told you that I lost my memories..the truth is..I still remember everything that happened. My request was for Kai's sake and for my greed. Mikan..you are Reo's next target after he is finished with me. He is going in the order of when the Sakura triplets are born. If for some unknown reason that I'm gone, Mikan, I want you to take care of Ruka for me and vice versa. You two are very important to me. Now, Mikan..Reo's experiment on you will wear off by tomorrow morning. Same goes to you, Ruka. I want you two to be very careful from now on. Trust those who are close to you, tell those you love them, and remember to treasure each moment while you can. After all, you two are my triplets," said Reiko as she placed her hands on Ruka and Mikan's hands.

In reply, Mikan and Ruka smiled at her as she to them. Reiko got up and walked to the kitchen only to return with a pitcher of juice and refilled their glasses. Hotaru opened her mouth to speak, but Reiko beat her to it.

"Hotaru, I trust you are smart enough to understand the situation. But, do no fret. I won't let Reo endanger your life anymore than he has done so already. You are like a sister to me..in fact you all are. Sumire, even though you can be quite a handful at times and I don't blame you for that. You are the youngest out of us after all. I can only wish you weren't involved with this. I wish that none of you were involved. In fact..Jigoku Tenshis was not made because our lives were so horrid..Jigoku Tenshis was formed for the sake of your protection. You all are already involved in Reo's game. The second Reo added you into the game was the same moment I realized that we needed to be closer in order to protect you all," Reiko took a pause as she drank from her glass of juice.

"Anna..the reason why you saw that girl kiss Koko was because this so-called fan girl of his..was an actress that Reo hired in order for you to leave him. Nonoko..Reo sent Yuu a letter stating that you would only love him if he threw chemicals on himself. And Sumire..you were Reo's prey right from the moment you met Mochu. Mochu..is actually..Reo's son. Yes, Mikan and Ruka..Mochu is our cousin. At first Mochu was very hesitant about your involvement with the game, but then he thought he could protect you from Reo. The consequence..I'm sure you can figure the rest out. Hotaru, you were always involved with us for you are Mikan's best friend. Reo was the predator and you guys are his prey. He wanted to make you guys vulnerable enough to manipulate you. Thus, Jigoku Tenshis was formed by none other than me. All for the sake of your protection, now if you would all please leave me in solitude and return home," Reiko said as she sat back in her seat.

One by one, the girls and Ruka left the cottage and returned home as they thought about what Reiko had told them. It began to rain outside as Reiko lifted her legs on the chair and wrapped her arms around them. She stayed in the position for a few minutes and she realized the time. She got off the chair and went in search of a towel.

Hard footsteps were heard as it splashed into puddles. Heavy breathing was heard as the figure weaved between the trees. At last, he found his destination: a cottage. Breathing heavily, he walked up to the cottage and was about to knock on the door. Suddenly the door flung open and he was dragged into the cottage. He heard the door close and felt himself being dragged somewhere. When he was plopped on the ground, he realized that he was sitting next to the fireplace. Then..all he saw was darkness as he felt something ruffling his hair. He looked up and saw that Reiko was drying his hair. He noticed that her eyes were red again and that she had a pout on her face.

"Mou, Kai. You could have gotten sick from being out there. How did you even know I was out here?" she asked as she dried his hair with the towel she found.

"How did the girls take it?" he asked breaking the silence. Reiko stopped her action as Kai looked up at her and saw that she was crying. He reached towards her face and wiped her tears. He listened to her ramble as he held her to his chest.

"I don't think that I'm going to be able to protect them anymore..even after I'm finished with Reo. What should I do, Kai? Was it right of me to hide our relationship from them?" she wailed into his chest.

"I think you should do what you always do. Be youself and let no one bring you down..that's the Reiko I remember from my childhood," he said as he laid his head on hers. Reiko slowly stopped crying as she looked up at Kai with a smile on her face.

"You're right Kai! I think..I should let you know something first," she said as she looked at him seriously. Kai was afraid that it would significantly change their relationship for the worse. So he nodded his head to signal her to continue.

"I never lost my memories when I was five..I still remember the promise we made. The one when I promised to be your wife. I asked the doctor to tell everyone that I lost my memories so that it would be easier for you to leave to America. I'm sorry I lied to you Kai..I was being selfish and for that I hope you could forgive me," Reiko smiled sadly. Kai was flabbergasted when he heard Reiko admit the truth.


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