Strangers By Day, Lovers By Night

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Summary: Mikan Sakura and Natsume Hyuuga are complete strangers by day, but by night they are lovers. They met because Mikan was transferred to Alice High School in Japan from Alice Academy in America. She asked Natsume for directions to the school office since she was late, he was the only person who was also late, Narumi gave her a confusing map, and she was lost because of that map. Did he help her get to the school office? How did they end up being lovers? Will there be enemies or people from the past? Will they show their love to everyone one day? On accident or purpose because of jealousy? Why was Mikan transferred to Alice High School? And what does Natsume and Mikan do every night when everyone is either asleep or just bored?

Chapter 1: Prologue

A beautiful brunette with big innocent brown orbs was seen at the airport. LOLZ I made an alliteration. She was looking for someone it seems. Another brunette appeared, but this person looked like her twin but was older. "Okaa-san." said Mikan beaming. She dropped her luggage on the ground and ran to her mother and hugged her. Yes the two brunettes were mother and daughter. "Tomorrow, you're going to be in Alice High School. The dream school your childhood friend went." said Yuka. "Yes, it would be a miracle if he still remembers me." said Mikan. The two of them went in their car and Mikan met her father for the very first time because she lived with her grandfather as a child and her mother came to visit and now that her grandfather died, she is returning to her home, Japan.

"Outo-san?!" yelled Mikan in the car. "Yes, what is it dear?" asked Izumi. "Are you really my father?" asked Mikan. Yuka sweat dropped. "Why, yes I am. I'm glad you got your sense of humor from me." said Izumi. "You call that humorous?!" yelled Yuka. "Yes." said Izumi being very calm since he is driving the car, and they reached the house. "How are you funny?!" yelled Yuka flailing her arms every which way when they got out the car. "Easy, because I'm funny." said Izumi. Yuka fumed and stomped her feet to the house. Mikan and Izumi sweat dropped. "At least, now she doesn't know we met before." said Mikan to Izumi. "Yea, about that." said Izumi. "You told Okaa-san?!" yelled Mikan. "I didn't mean to." cried Izumi on his knees as if begging Mikan for forgiveness.

They heard someone giggling. It was Yuka. Izumi stood up. "Hah! There I told! I have a sense of humor!" yelled Izumi. Mikan sweat dropped. "I guess this was where I got my immatureness from. The two of them." thought Mikan.

The next day, Mikan was late for school. She entered the school, got lost in the school because of this ridiculous map Narumi had given her. Mikan sighed. Then she saw a person . "A person!" thought Mikan and ran up to him. She then noticed that she ended up where she started. The school gates. She also noticed his messy raven hair and blood red eyes. "Um, hello, I'm a new student. I'm a little lost because of this map Narumi-sensei gave us and I was wondering if maybe you can show me where the teachers' office is." asked Mikan trying as hard as she can to keep being innocent. That was her goal being innocent during school. It was really hard indeed, but she's pretty sure her parents won't find out about her trouble making at school.

He smirked. "On one condition." he said and leaned towards her. He kissed her, it was only a peck, but it was enough to send her heart racing. "Be my girlfriend." he said. Mikan hesitates. She remembers the reason why she returned to Japan. He probably forgot about her. It was so long ago that they last met. It had to be at least 10 years ago. She was 6 and he was 7 at that time, yet they were in the same grade. Now, she's 16 and he should be 17. She's changed from someone childish and innocent to someone mature and devious. She was a board and now she's developed. She lost the prints and now she's wearing lace. She went from pigtails to flowing hair. And went from fat and heavy to curves and light. There's just no way that he can remember her with that many changes she went through the last 10 years.

She smiles knowing that saying yes would change the path she chooses from finding her childhood friend and being a girlfriend of someone she just met and she chose the second option; being the girlfriend of someone she just met. "Of course. I would." she said and followed him to the teachers' office. Mikan and Narumi walks to class.

"Why do I get the sudden feeling that I've known him/her from before?" thought Mikan and her new boyfriend. "It couldn't be her, can it?" thought the guy.

Mikan and Narumi entered the room. "Class, this is a new student, please welcome her." said Narumi. "Hello, my na-" Mikan was interrupted by Narumi. "Mikan, you can act however you want. I'm pretty sure you got some of that spunk or maybe more from your mother. She's my senpai." said Narumi. Mikan nodded her head, looked at Narumi for permission to exit the room for a while. He nodded his head and Mikan exited the classroom. She entered the room again a while later.

This time instead of wearing an innocent face, she wore a devious face. Instead of a smile, she wore a frown. Instead of big beautiful orbs, it was sharpened dull eyes. Because it was summer, it was summer uniforms. Instead of her blouse tucked in, it was untucked. Instead of her blouse buttoned, the first two buttons were unbuttoned showing her fire emblem locket which caught the attention of her boyfriend. Instead of wearing the necktie tightly, she loosened it. In other words, if you cut her hair shorter, you have a HOT boy, but Mikan's a girl so you have a HOT girl instead. "Mikan Sakura." said Mikan dully. Now THAT was probably the shortest introduction ever made. "Age 16. Single, famous Mikan Sakura in America. Yuu, check it up and show it to everyone." said Mikan and with that Yuu searched for Mikan on his portable laptop, put it on the projectile and it showed all the information about Mikan. "Uh, Mikan. I'll leave now. You're seat is next to Natsume Hyuuga." said Narumi before leaving the room. "Hotaru, no wait, I'll have to pay you. Nonoko remember that." said Mikan. Nonoko nodded her head.

"Ruka read it." said Mikan. "Mikan Sakura is the infamous rebel in Alice Academy in America. It has been proven that her mother Yuka Sakura also had the same problem and so it doesn't matter to her parents that she is also rebellious as research shows that she has gotten it from her mother. She has just moved back into Japan yesterday." finished Ruka.

When Ruka finished talking, Mikan noticed her boyfriend. "Mikan-chan, why did you return to Japan?" asked Anna. "It's Sakura to you." said Mikan. Anna nodded her head. "To find my childhood friend." said Mikan and whispered "and my first love." which only her boyfriend heard. "Oh, what's his name?" asked Koko. "I couldn't pronounce his name then, I pronounced it as Nachume." said Mikan. "How did you know all of our names?" asked Kitsuneme. "I hacked into the school records last night." said Mikan. Everyone nodded their heads. "Then what ARE our names?" asked Sumire. Mikan pointed to each one and said their names. "Hotaru, Ruka, Sumire, Yuu, Nonoko, Anna, Koko, Kitsuneme, Mochu..." Mikan went on and on about everyone, but Natsume's name. The way she said it just sounded so much like they were criminals.

"What about him?" asked Mochu pointing at her boyfriend. She shrugged her shoulders. "Couldn't find his record." said Mikan. "She's right. I couldn't find it." said Hotaru. "But I know his name is Natsume Hyuuga." said Mikan. "I thought you said you didn't know." said Sumire. "I didn't. Narumi told me." said Mikan and sat next to Natsume, her boyfriend.

Class started and they were passing notes to each other. The first one is Natsume, then Mikan, then back to Natsume, and so on I think you'll find out. "Wat happend to dat innocent act earlier 2day?" "Exactly how u said it. An act that I use on my first day of skool." "I heard u whisper that 'Nachume' was ur first love." "Yea. So?" "If he is, then y did u agree to date me?" "Because der isn't a way he can remember me." "Oh yea, how so?" "I changd from some1 childish n innocent to some1 mature n devious, I was a board n now I'm developed, I lost the prints n now wearing lace, changed from pigtails to flowing hair, n from fat n heavy to curves n light." "Wow, ur bold 2 say dat." "Yea, I ain't a rebel for nothing, u know." "I know how u feel also." "What do u mean?" "I had a childhood friend n she was my first love too." "Oh, who is she?" "I always called her Mi-chan." "Really?" "Yea, but I don't think she'll remember me either." "How so? I mean besides ur red eyes." "Haha very funny." "LOLZ go on." "I changed from someone kind n innocent, like u, to someone evil n devious, clean raven hair to messy raven hair, kind red orbs to dull crimson eyes." "Hey, did u come from America?" "Yea." "When did u leave America?" "10 years ago." "Did u know I just finally realized that u approached me cuz u knew I was Mi-chan?" "Uh, no, I seriously didn't know u were Mi-chan until you introduced yourself." "Oh." "Yea." "Then why did u approached me?" "I had a feeling that if I didn't approach u, u would disappear from me again." "So, u think its fate that brought us together?" "Yea." "Same here."

"Exactly, what are you two doing?" yelled Jinno. "Nothing...Frog Lover." said Mikan smirking. Jinno's face grew red. "Oh look, there's a ghost behind you." said Mikan calmly. "That isn't going to work." said Jinno. "No seriously, look, here's a mirror so you wouldn't get scared when you turn around." said Mikan and threw him a mirror that the salons use. Jinno looked into it and he saw a ghost with brown hair and brown eyes wearing the uniform, but the ghost was almost transparent. He turned around and was scared like shit. "AHHHHH!!!" yelled Jinno and ran for his life with his frog hopping after him. The 'ghost' straightened herself and put her hair back. It turned out that the ghost was Mikan. "God, that teacher's always annoying. Hard to believe every school I pick has him. Oh well, at least now, he'll stay away from me and this school." said Mikan and saw the class looking at her. "Yo, Hotaru, got that?" asked Mikan. Hotaru smirked and gave her a thumbs up.

"Yes, everyone the fearful Jin-Jin has been scared out of his wits by me, the infamous rebel in America, Mikan Sakura."

Okay, for the notes I tried to make it more like they were texting instead of just passing the note back and forth oh how boring that would be to write properly seeing as how they are both rebels. Please review.