The Arena

by Jammin_2099

aka zero_traveler "Zero the Dimensional Traveler"


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The Arena


At first glance, it was something out of an old movie about the Roman Empire, with tall gleaming columns, and that graceful architecture that produced arches and sweeping staircases. But beyond that, ended the graceful beauty of this place. Weapons hung on walls as though trophies, beside statues of large, almost unnatural, and ferocious beasts. In every archway, hung a banner depicting one or another fierce battle between man and beast, though the time period seemed a bit schizophrenic from one to another. In one, a Hercules-like figure was pitted against a large snake creature. In another, a mounted knight on an armored, rearing black charger faced off with a dragon's fiery breath. In yet another, a man in robes wielding a sword made from light faced off with an alien spiderlike creature. Everything, a tribute to fighting and battle.

Through the columns, one could see stands as though for crowds to sit, an outer ring to an inner area with a simple sandy floor, with small places here and there where grass or other small foliage had tried to start taking root. Vines covered various places in the stands, twining about posts and seats, around columns and across the ceilings. The sands of the grounds were hot from the sunlight of the day, twin suns burning almost directly above the large oval-shaped arena. The air in the central area shimmered and wavered from heat-haze, distorting the view of the entire area.

Abruptly, at one end of the arena, the shimmering grew more distorted and a figure leapt from thin air, landing in a crouch on the sandy floor.

"Aw great. Where am I now?"


This is going to be a bit of combat practice for me.

I am going to attempt this as fight scenes and maybe more between various characters drawn from Anime, games and stories that I have read, played or watched, or where I think I know the character well enough to write them in combat. It won't be straight fightscenes for no reason, but it will be very combat-centered.

That being said, I wish to request suggestions for characters to have in the story. They can come from any number of sources, so long as they are in a work of fiction that I can get access to, or if not, at least enough character info to draw the right conclusions about a character.

Personal Characters are allowed to be suggested, but I would ask that you give me a good enough description of the character to allow me to be able to write them. And allow that I might get the personality a bit off, as "I writes 'em hows I sees 'em".

Please submit your suggestions through the review system/My Email. I am considering who to use in the first round, but I have no solid Ideas yet. Email is preferred for suggestions as might take it as me trying to pad my review count, which is NOT the intent. If you do email me, please make the subject:


Thank you for your time and I look forward to writing more of this.