Characters: Abby, Connor, and Nick
Disclaimer: I am definitely not affiliated with the show in any way nor do I make a profit from this. Also, the kombalagos is a creature that I have invented based on the nagapie and any names of people/creatures that resemble anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.
P/L: A curious little creature from the future has arrived in the care of Abby and Connor however trying to convince Nick to let them take the furry animal home may be out of the question.

I. The Kombalagos:

"Aakuufaaye kwaa dhikii ndiyee rafikii," chattered the little komalagos in her soft little voice. Her saucer-like eyes traced around the hollow room as though she was evaluating it. Every little detail was taken in by her curious red eyes and she let her round ears take in the sounds that surrounded her. But the two humans that were staring at her were not saying much, simply listening to her as the kombalagos sang, "Aakuufaaye kwaa dhikii ndiyee rafikii. Aakuufaaye kwaa dhikii ndiyee rafikii."

Connor peered at the small furry creature and asked in a slightly bored tone, "I wonder if it ever stops singing."

Opposite of the student sat Abby. She had one arm laying nonchalantly on the table while her other army propped up her head as she gazed at the amazing little grey creature that had wandered into London. Unlike her bored colleague, Abby was enthralled with this future creature. Most things that had been coming through the anomaly had been dangerous including the little dodos, who by appearance looked utterly adorable yet carried a deadly parasite. Of course, the dodos had shown sign of health concerns being there only a few hours and the little kombalagos had been there a week and was in perfect health. The only exception had been the seemingly non-stop chattering from the little one.

"Aakuufaaye kwaa dhikii ndiyee rafikii..." the kombalagos chattered, sounding almost bird-like now as she turned her head to look at Abby.

This brought a little smile to the woman's face. "There's nothing wrong with her singing Connor. It's a bit catching, don't you think?" She leaned forward and gently scratched the kombalagos behind her ears. The little grey mammal was the size of a large house cat with a tail that more than doubled her body-length. "Besides, being locked up in an environment like this she would need something to comfort her."

A smirk crossed Connor's face. He had heard this before. "You aiming at keeping her then, eh?"

Abby shot her roommate a slight glare before focusing back on the little primate who had slowly edged closer to the young woman. It went unnoticed that while Abby and Connor talked that the little kombalagos quieted her singing and was doing her best to keep absolutely still. As the creature leaned into Abby gently scratching her fur, Abby said, "She's been here a week and still the anomaly hasn't opened. She hasn't done any harm to anyone so I don't see why we have to keep her here."

"Might I remind you of the dodos..."

"She's not like that," Abby interjected, a slight touch of annoyance was apparent in both her eyes and her voice. "They have already poked and prodded her enough and she's been cleared as being healthy. But now it's the scientists' turn to have a go at her and I am worried that the stress is going to in fact make her sick. She's not like us who have a choice about going home; she's stuck here with us and we shouldn't be letting them torture her like that."

"But bringing her back to your flat could be hazardous to her health. She's not used to this world, it could traumatize her."

"Traumatize her?" Abby quirked a brow and stared in astonishment at Connor. "That's the first time you've ever suggested something like that. Your girlfriend isn't around to hurt her or Rex. I've taken care of Rex just fine and I know that I can take care of this little one, whatever she is. And besides, she is from the future not the past. I doubt there is much that she'd be scared of here."

"Well, you think that but how do you know?"

"Connor-- do you honestly want her to be poked at like Rex was? What if they go too far with her? What if they hurt her or she breaks out and runs away? Someone could hit her with a car or something. At least with me she'd be safe."

A sigh escaped Connor's lips and he finally reached forward and let the kombalagos sniff his hand for a moment. He couldn't help but smile at the gentle curiosity the little primate displayed. "Well, it will make your flat a bit more interesting but--how are you going to get her out of here? Cutter wasn't exactly happy about you having Rex, what if he catches you--"

"Catch you doing what?"

Connor jumped slightly but the zoologist merely glanced up as their team leader entered the small room.

"Oh, nothing, really..."

It had only been a small hope in Abby's heart that Nick would allow her to take the kombalagos home with her. Sure Nick had allowed her to keep Rex but with how Caroline had stolen Rex to give him to Leek only showed how vulnerable they all were to deception. Could she allow what happened to Rex to happen to the little creature? But still, she could protect her. Wisdom had come at a painful cost and like always, it was the innocent who suffered the most. But something had to be done about the kombalagos.

"She's stared here long enough," said Abby suddenly. The kombalagos suddenly stopped her singing and now just stared at Abby with her big red eyes. "You know she has every appearance of looking like one of those little nagapies that no one would think any different of her. You know how people have exotic pets and the people who know me know that I keep lizards in my house. Does she honestly look like she is from the future?"

"I'm convinced," said Connor with a wry grin as he perked up.

Cutter slumped into the chair next to him and simply shook his head. "It's not my decision and you know that."

His words spilled out as lifeless as the sewer that they had earlier been in and all the hope that was in Abby suddenly vanished in that breath of coldness. She avoided Nick's gaze and refocused on the little kombalagos, who was now not even singing. It shouldn't have surprised her at how quickly Nick would have denied her request. Ever since discovering that his wife was actually alive Nick had been distracted but since the incident regarding Claudia, his focus was directed on the mission and he had been increasingly strict on all of them. Perhaps he really was doing what he thought was right.

"Please Cutter," Abby pleaded softly. "I can look after her and when the anomaly opens we can send her through it. If it doesn't open, she'll be stuck here and even we know that this isn't the best place for a creature like this."

As if to emphasize Abby's request, the little kombalagos crawled towards Nick and instead of taking her little hops she instead moved towards him on her knuckles. Her long, tufted tail drifted behind her and her ears remained alert to Abby's voice though her focus was on Nick. The soft grey creature lifted its gaze up to meet Nick's eyes and for a moment, Nick swore that the kombalagos could understand what was being said. However, despite the utter sadness in the small creature's eyes, Nick was not outwardly moved.

"It's not her fault that she is in this world," Abby continued. Perhaps the kombalagos was also related to a dog with the way that she was trying to give the heart-breaking pout to Nick. Truly a curious creature! "Please, Nick..."

The little kombalagos suddenly began trilling, "Mfuukuzwaa kwaao haanaa paa kweendaa." Her little paw reached out and touched Nick's hand. "Mfuukuzwaa kwaao haanaa paa kweendaa. Mfuukuzwaa kwaao haanaa paa kweendaa."

"Would you look at that," said Connor suddenly with a little smirk as he leaned forward in his chair. "That has to be the third or fourth time she's changed her song today. Can't we take her back to the flat? She sings only to us and no one else. Maybe we can learn about her at the flat and report her behavior back here."

"Please Nick," Abby implored.