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-:-:-:-:-:-1. HOT N' COLD- KATY PERRY-:-:-:-:-:-

"Why don't these grow in Konoha?" Neji whispered to himself wearily.

He wiped the bead of sweat dripping from his forehead. He just couldn't believe he had to march 3 miles just to get wild strawberries.

"Neji? What are those for?" Kiba asked curiously as he looked to the murmuring Prodigy entering the gates of Konoha.

"Don'." Neji snapped back wearily.

It was lucky he wasn't as thin as the other men around, if he were; he wouldn't have survived the journey of carrying a whole sack of strawberries. A whole sack.

"Tenten… I'm here." He said, he said, dropping his luggage to the floor.

The only reason he bought one whole sack was that he wouldn't have to go back and buy in case she had another craving-situation.

"What are those?" Tenten asked angrily, folding her hands across her chest.

"Strawberries, Tenten. Like you said." Neji answered his pregnant wife, trying his best to remain calm.

"Strawberries? I said apples, Neji! Apples!" She shouted angrily.

Neji shook his head as he stepped out of the house. He was awakened at 4am that morning to buy strawberries and now that he had them, she's saying she wanted apples???

Oh, the things he did for his wife.


A/N: Okay, it's a bit weird to me… but to be clear, I got this idea from a story our teacher told us last year…they did something similar for their pregnant mom that time...hehe..

-:-:-:-:-:-2. ALREADY GONE- Kelly Clarkson-:-:-:-:-

Everything was gone…

As the feather dropped gently to his outstretched hand, his thoughts immediately clicked back to his head. Was this the last of his life? Was there nothing else he could do? He came to this mission, accepted it, in hopes of bringing back a friend… But now… Now he was here, lying on the cold ground, blood oozing from his stomach.

But If this really was the end…then everything would be gone… His friends… Family… Konoha.. His dreams… His goals… Everything, before he could even reach them, they would all disappear…

But deep inside, as his eyes began to falter… he knew. That even if everything else would disappear…There was somebody who wouldn't… A certain person with those caring brown eyes would always be waiting.

Her warm smile flashed in his mind before he finally lost consciousness.


A/N: It occurs to me… that I've used this scene for about a dozen times now..(?)… *sigh*… well, it was the first thought that came to mind, so I had no choice but to put it in…:D. In truth though, I like this drabble..=)

-:-:-:-:-:-3. COME IN WITH THE RAIN- Taylor Swift-:-:-:-:-

"Neji…" She whispered weakly, eyes closed.

"Don't waste your energy." He warned.

She wanted to talk to him, tell him everything was alright… That it was just fever, and that he could go home… But her whole body felt so weak that even her mouth couldn't open.

She felt something cold press upon her forehead. She wanted to shake her head, and let it fall, but in a way, it helped lessen the heat she felt.

"Just go home." She managed to whisper, though she doubted that he could even hear it.

"tenten…" He said, exasperatedly. "Just go to sleep…You need it."

She gave in, her thoughts finally drifting off to space, but awakening in what seemed like seconds later.

Everything was silent now, and though her eyes were closed, she could tell that the lights were all off. But she could feel something holding her hand… what it was, she didn't even bother to contemplate. Guessing that Neji must have gone home, she slowly opened her eyes, feeling a bit better.

She gasped lightly at what she saw.

By the help of the moon's glow, seeping through her curtains, she could see him, his head lying on the side of her bed. Asleep.

Her eyes drifted to her hand, which was intertwined with his. He stayed, she thought. And for that moment, it was all that mattered.

Smiling, she closed her eyes and once again, drifted to sleep.


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