Sesshoumaru sat there for many moments, soaking in the memories... making every second less and less bearable. He still held her in his arms. He pulled his hand free from her side and held her closer, his breathing ragged.

Gradually, the demon lord laid her on the ground, his stunned mind swimming. At his side, temporarily forgotten, his father's sword pulsed. Sesshoumaru turned to it wide-eyed. He stood and quickly drew the sword to revive her, to hold her living being once again, to stop this unbearable pain, but the demons of the underworld were not there.

The sword slipped from his nerveless fingers, dropping carelessly onto the grass as Sesshoumaru fell to his knees. Chaotic thoughts raced through his mind as it settled in that she would not be returning to him. He rocked above her body... the shock, pain, and grief could not be denied or ignored. He knew what must be done, but he needed a few moments to deal with these overwhelming emotions.

Rising, Sesshoumaru sheathed the sword, gently cradled Kagome's body and took to the skies. As he flew, the fog in his mind covering their past lives began to fade. He recalled with growing clarity all the things they had done to try and avoid this, the pain of leaving her in the future to never come back, the pain of losing her over and over again. He remembered all the times he had died in her arms, the tears she had shed for him.

What had they done? Were they never to be allowed peace, to be together? The more he thought about it, the more he began to hate the fates.

When Sesshoumaru landed, he laid her down next to the spring. She was still so beautiful, even in death. The demon lord began to cleanse her body just as he had done so many times before, hoping that this time he could be numb, but the cruel fates would not grant him his wish.

Grieving and angry at failing once more, Sesshoumaru made a decision. By trying to avoid the pain of losing her and save her from their apparent destiny, he had been going about it all wrong, these hundreds of life times. Why should he try to appease the fates? Kagome was wrong when she said they were not meant to be. Sesshoumaru would no longer accept this outcome. She was his.

As Sesshoumaru set his resolve, his sword began to glow. Looking down at his love, he saw the bracelet on her arm began to glow in answer. Sesshoumaru drew his sword and watched as it pulsed again. Kagome's arm raised as the bracelet pulled in response to tenseiga.

Sesshoumaru felt his sword pulse in his hand again, pleading with him. How he knew was not really clear. The great dog demon nodded, allowing the sword to serve its master one last time, his sword dissipated from his hand.

The glowing light that was his father heirloom wrapped around Kagome and dissolved her bracelet. Soon the two lights engulfed the little miko and began to pulse as one.

Sesshoumaru watched in wonder as a third pulse began to beat and then a much fainter fourth. He held his breath waiting for hers, and then it was there.

She gasped and sat up abruptly, her hands automatically going to her stomach as she turned to him.

"The pup is fine," Sesshoumaru replied to her action, not moving for fear this was not real, a hallucination induced by grief.

Kagome stared at him, her lips were so dry. She noticed the empty sheath where Tenseiga usually rested and the bracelet absent from her wrist. "Well, apparently we had thought of everything." Kagome felt a sadness that this result had been considered, meaning she had made it this far only to perish at his hand before. Then she felt a cold sweat, he wasn't attacking her.

"You know then? You know of the nature of our situation?" she asked, as she noticed he was not moving towards her to finish what he had started earlier.

"Yes." Sesshoumaru replied, his knuckles white, his claws digging into his palms drawing blood.

Kagome examined him, recognizing the fear that she so rarely saw all of these years. The miko stood and wrapped her arms around him. Knowing well the overwhelming realization that is the time they have spent together. She said nothing.

Sesshoumaru nuzzled into her abdomen and breathed deeply. She was here, real, safe.

"Do you think this is done now miko?" he asked. He needed to hear that she knew something he did not, to give him reassurance as only she could. That she would not die of a disease in the next few decades, that he would not wait for hundreds of years to die in her arms, that his children could finally live on past the time loop that had been created.

Kagome smiled at his rare display of uncertainty, she was not completely sure. Something told her that now they could live, not out of fear or worry of the future and past, but for this life moment by moment. Just as is should be. "Yes, it is done," she whispered.


Kagome sat in the shrine where she had grown up. Sesshoumaru had thought this was a terrible idea, but she had to know. She lived outside of time, just as the story had said, so she never aged. The woman who sat down in front of her held a very small infant in her arms. Kagome smiled at the woman, her mother.

"I was just wondering if you needed some part-time help, since apparently you're busy." Kagome said, pointing to the child, remembering all of her children, and what they were like when they were that small.

The woman smiled, "That would be lovely, we don't pay much, but my father does need the help." she responded. "Would you like to hold her?"

Kagome smiled and agreed. Kagome looked down at the child, a big pair of brown eyes and a toothless grin greeted her. 'Brown eyes, thank kami.' she thought.

Kagome smiled back. "What's her name?" she asked, as she looked down at the infant that was not her.

The happy mother giggled at the adorable display. "Her name is..."


Kagome waved as she left.

"Did you find what you needed?" said a baritone voice, as a familiar hand wrapped around her waist.

"I did," she said, as she wrapped her arms around her husband.

Sesshoumaru sighed as he pulled her close.

"And?" he asked, impatient to know. The fear that there might be repetition had caused him many sleepless nights these past hundreds of years.

"I am the only me in this time," Kagome replied.

"Good, I only need one," he whispered.

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