I had to pleasure myself, alone, quite a few times that night. Once the second Rosalie and Alice left, once in the bubble bath that I had run to sooth my aching body, and again before I fell asleep. It didn't matter how much or how often I got myself off, it just wasn't the same without Alice here to help me.

My morning and a good portion of my afternoon that following day had passed quite uneventfully. Charlie had gone to work, the same as any other day. Things between us seemed a little awkward still, though I think we were both getting over it. That made things a little easier at home.

Alice hadn't called, which kind of irritated me. It was hard not to think that both she and now her family were using me for one thing and one thing only. I knew that it was horrible to think that way, but the signs were slowly popping up all over the place...

Of course, I understood that both Alice and her family were vampire's and that as vampire's, they did have different ways of greeting people than humans did, but surely they weren't that different, were they? I supposed that wasn't a question I could ask someone or Google – not many were dating a vampire.

I had spent my morning much as I always did. After waking up, I had jumped into a hot shower, trying to kill as much time as possible. I shaved, washed my hair, conditioned my hair and washed my body before jumping back out. I did my hair, brushed my teeth, picked out my outfit for the day and s forth though the time didn't seem to be going by any faster. It was moving slower, if at all.

I had chosen a simple jean skirt with a black tee and converse sneakers. Nothing fancy as usual, just clothes that I felt most comfortable in. I was never really that big on fashion and all of that nonsense, what was the point? It's not like anyone could really afford to look that beautiful all of the time. Well, everyone aside from Alice and her family, I assumed.

I was immensely relieved when I heard the familiar sound of Alice making her way through the front door. I knew immediately that it was her because she had this adorable little habit of knocking twice against the window before coming in despite both Charlie and I explaining over and over that there was no need, she would always be welcome.

I rushed downstairs as fast as I could without taking a tumble, a big smile on my face as I greeted her in the doorway, though stopped dead in my tracks the moment that my eyes peeked around her and took notice to the massive jeep parked in my drive way.

"Can you even climb into that thing?" I glanced to Alice in a rather sceptical fashion, raising a curious eyebrow. Alice was so tiny, there was absolutely no way that she could get into that beast without stairs.

"I can climb quite quickly, now come on. "

I folded my arms across my chest with a soft huff, shaking my head in refusal. Since Alice had enjoyed making me squirm so much last night, I thought perhaps I could learn a thing or two from Rosalie and punish my girlfriend for a change.

"Bella, I'm not asking you twice. We have places to go."

I could tell that Alice was getting grumpy with me, but I didn't care. She had left with Rosalie before I even had a chance to get off like the two of them had; it was cruel and completely unfair. I didn't want to go out, I wanted to stay right here and show my pixie that I wasn't going to be standing for that.

Opening my mouth to speak, Alice placed her index finger against my lips, her other arm snaking around my waist and pulling my body up against hers rather easily. I couldn't help myself, couldn't keep myself from trailing my tongue teasingly along her finger with a smirk though I instantly regretted doing so when Alice's hand came into contact with my ass, spanking me equally as hard as Rosalie had the night before.

"Ow! Christ, Alice!"

I tried to put some space between the two of us to no avail. Alice was much stronger than I was and was easily able to keep me just where she wanted me.

"Don't think for a second that I won't throw you over my knee, Bella." As she spoke, her kissable lips curled up into a wicked, sexy little smirk. "I know how much you liked it when Rosalie was the one doing it... Perhaps I could show you how it's really done. Slap that pretty little ass of yours until you're begging me to stop."

I gulped, shaking my head. As sexy as the thought of Alice spanking me was, I was still too sore from last night's activities, and I knew that Alice understood.

"In that case, you better get a move on, Bella. I saw you chose your underwear for the day and they simply won't do."

"You were watching?" The thought of Alice being around though not telling me so stung a bit. I had been waiting all morning, and she had been there the entire time. That wasn't fair at all...

"No, silly. I saw it in a vision – every choice you make. I'm so attuned to you that even something as small as choosing your outfit for the day makes its way into my mind. Not that I care, I quite enjoy watching you dress..."

I could feel my cheeks blush a deep red, and I knew that I would be self conscious for the rest of my life. Each time I showered, each time I changed, each time I... touched myself... Alice was watching.

"Hearts and panties do not mix, Bella. Not unless you're a thirteen year old girl."

I simply rolled my eyes in reply, following Alice out to the massive jeep.

The ride to the store was spent in a rather silent fashion, on my behalf anyway. Alice was singing ever so beautifully to whatever was playing on the radio, I wasn't really paying attention. I was far too busy dreading the fact that she had parked outside of a lingerie store rather than Wal*Mart – the place I did most of my shopping for clothes.

I had never gone into a lingerie store and the moment I stepped in I knew I never would again. I could quite literally smell the lace, it was everywhere. There was lace on bras, panties, slippers and teddies. I was sure if I peeled the wallpaper away, there would be lace hiding there as well.

After a minute or two of just simply glancing around, I turned my attention back to Alice who stood beside me. Her arms filled with countless skimpy (and lacy) items. I watched her walk to the dressing room, setting the countless pairs of panties down before motioning for me to join her.

Begrudgingly, I followed.

"Alright, baby. Start trying some of these on, the ones you like, and come out and show me how they look on you. There are about fifty pairs there; we're buying them all but I just want to see them on you. You modeling panties for me is... kind of sexy."

Before I could protest, Alice slid the curtain shut.

With a deep sigh, I slid my skirt off as well as my black panties with little hearts all over them. I had a feeling I would never see those again...

Alice wasn't lying when she said that there were about fifty pairs of panties here, but I wasn't in the mood to displease her so I tried on each pair. The first were actually kind of cute, to me at least. They were black, tight and very slow cut, something I'd easily wear to bed with a long t-shirt.

I had no problem poking out from behind the curtain to show Alice who smirked and nodded in approval before urging me back in to try on the rest. It was then that I realized I wasn't going to like any other pair other than the ones I had just tried on. She had only chosen these ones to satisfy me personally. The rest were hers.

The next pairs I tried on were identical in every aspect other than color. The first pair was blue while the second pair was yellow. They both had a small pink bow on the front and lace where the material that formed the crotch of the panties were supposed to be. I sighed deeply, my hands instantly covering myself.

"I can't come out there with these on, Alice."

"We're the only ones in the store, Bella."

I knew that there was no way I was going to win the argument, I so poked out slightly through the curtain, enough for her to see. Apparently that wasn't good enough, for Alice was pulling me out by my arm, a devious little smirk on her face as I blushed deeply.


Her hands were on my hips, turning me every which way to inspect them further.

"Go try on the pink ones."

I knew exactly what ones she was talking about. I had been avoiding those...

Rolling my eyes (which caused Alice to giggle), I made my way back into the changing room. The pink panties I was pulling on were hardly panties at all. It was the tiniest thong that I had ever had the displeasure of seeing before in my entire life. There was just enough material to cover my slit, but nothing more.

Standing in front of the curtain, I crossed my arms over my shoulder, refusing to walk out into the store wearing it. Alice must have seen my choice, for she was pulling the curtain open enough to make her way into the changing room with me.

Her golden eyes moved down my body, stopping at my barely clothed cunt, a twisted little smirk on her lips. Her hands were running along my bare hips, her eyes raking over my lower half.

"I quite like these ones... Don't you, Bella?"

"They're hardly eve underwear, Alice. They don't cover anything. I might as well not be wearing anything at all."

Alice turned me, pushing me forward so that my hands were against the wall, my body semi bent over. Her cold hands trailed along my bare ass, soothing the sore skin.

"Rosalie certainly did a number on your behind, didn't she? Perhaps when I take you home, I'll make it all better."

I simply nodded once, hoping that her idea of 'better' and mine were the same. It was beginning to feel like forever since I'd last gotten off.

My thighs trembled as Alice's hands pushed them apart, her tiny little fingers peeling the thin material of the thong away from my slit, pushing it aside.

"You have no idea how much I love your sweet little pussy, Bella." I whimpered at her words, the feel of her warm breath against my bare cunt making me shudder in pleasure. "Would you like me to play with it right here in the dressing room?"

I couldn't believe I was willing to let Alice between my thighs in a public place. It wasn't like me at all, though I knew I wasn't going to make it home with her talking like that and teasing like that... I simply nodded.

I let out a soft moan as I felt her tongue trail along my outer lips gently, her tongue dragging agonizingly slow. I spread my legs a bit further apart for her as she began lapping at my pussy from behind. I didn't care who caught us at this point, I just needed to get off.

Her tongue flicked against my lips, my hips grinding back against her face as I whimpered in pleasure. I was getting close, I could feel it already, but Alice pulled away.

I was about to scream at her, literally. This was the second time she got me all fired up and left me hanging, though before I had the chance, I was being pulled to the floor. I could fee cold skin beneath me, my thighs straddling a face as a tongue continued probing my drenched pussy, though it wasn't Alice. Alice was standing in front of me with an adorable little smile.

Glancing down, a set of golden eyes stared up into mine; the sound of his tongue lapping against me was the only thing we could hear in the dressing room. His tongue was working frantically, flicking against my clit so rapidly I would have been sure he was exhausted after only a few seconds. It didn't stay in one place though. From my clit it moved to my entrance, teasing before moving back to my swollen clit.

"Bella, this is my brother Edward." My eyes glanced up to Alice as she spoke, my body still in shock from the extreme change. "Edward is easily the best pussy eater you'll ever come across."

I knew that Alice wasn't lying; my eyes glancing back down as he tugged my inner lips into his mouth, sucking against them wildly. I couldn't help but moan. It felt too damn good. Better than Alice, as much as I hated to admit it.

I was grinding myself down onto his lips as he continued sucking against me, running his tongue quickly along my lips before releasing them with a pop. His tongue returned to my clit, sucking against it the same way he had done to my lips just a moment ago.

His hands held my hips still as he began lapping up my slit, cleaning me. I wasn't sure how loud I was being, but the moment he snaked his tongue into my cunt, I was screaming in pleasure.

It was so long! Much longer than Alice's, and even Rosalie's! I could literally bounce slightly on his face, my hips fucking his tongue at a pace I was much more comfortable with. In no time at all I was coming, screaming out in sheer pleasure. He didn't stop there though, despite my struggles to get free. My pussy was too sensitive for the continued oral attack, though he refused to let up.

A second orgasm quickly washed over me.

And a third.

By the forth, I had collapsed back against his body, his hands still clamped down on my thighs as his tongue continued to drill into me, suck against me and even nibble. My fifth orgasm washed over me, and I was certain I was going to die if he didn't stop soon.

I heard Alice giggle as she pulled me away from Edward, letting me catch my breath. It took me a few moments to be able to stand on my own, though my legs were still quite wobbly.

"How was I?"

I glanced to the painfully attractive male, a deep blush in my already flushed cheeks. I had no voice, no words, so instead I just nodded. He was amazing.

"I'm glad you liked it." I followed his hands as they began to unbutton and unzip his jeans, glancing up at him curiously. "Now, why don't you come climb on my lap and I'll give you a real ride?"

Authors Note:

Just noticing one or two comments stating that Alice shouldn't be "sharing" Bella. For the record, that's not the intention behind this story and it's a shame that some people have not caught on to that.

Vampires are animalistic creatures. Primal, protective and possessive. I'm sorry if in my stories Edward doesn't run around in the sunshine partially naked, sparkling and singing the Best Hits of the '20's, that's not the way I would have written the Twilight Saga if I had the chance. That's kind of the whole point in creating our own fan fictions, isn't it? To bring another side of the story out?

Alice is not sharing Bella. She is being claimed and accepted into the family individually by each member of the Cullen family. Alice and Bella will at some point live happily over after when I chose to end the story, and they will be involved with each other - no one else. If you are looking for a "Bellice" only story, I recommend my fiction "I can do better" which is being continued.

Two comments out of 270+ do not agree with this, which is quite good, considering, though you must realize this is my story and I wouldn't write it any other way.

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