The story is about Jacob and Edward being together..

The beginning chapters will be how they meet.

They will eventually get together ;] but not right away.

Maybe im old fashioned but I like people liking each other first lol.

Rated T now, but rated M for when the yummy love happens.


Jacob's POV

It was my first day at Forks High. I got kicked out of my school on the Res for drinking on school property. I wasn't looking forward to going here but at least I knew Bella. Me and Bella had known each other since we were younger, her dad and my dad had been friends for a long time so me and Bells would be forced to hang out when she came to visit Charlie. But she had stopped coming here during the summer a couple years ago. But now, because of her mom and step dad moving and traveling so much, she decided to move out here for good.

I was going to miss my boys on the Res but its not like I had to move to Forks. I still lived in La Push, so I could just see them when I got home. It was just annoying having to start over here, meeting people all over again. But I was always good with people so I didn't think I would have a problem. One thing I was shocked to hear is that I had the learning level to skip a grade. They taught things alittle early down in La Push, so I learned this year what the juniors were learning here. I decided to skip the grade and maybe if I liked it here I could just finish high school next year, but I wasn't counting on it.

Once I pulled into the parking lot on my motorcycle, I was already getting looks. I parked across from where I saw Bella.

She ran across the parking lot and yelled, ''Hey Jake.'' and gave me a big, tight hug.

''Hey Bells.'' I said as I was hugging her.

''So, how upset are you?'' She was concerned but giggling.

''I've been better. Lets just leave it at that.'' I answered back.

''ugh. I feel bad for you. You must have gotten up so friggin early.'' She said with compassion.

''Not really. My school started early.'' I said. She didn't realize that being that my school started earlier than hers, than I was pretty much waking up at the same time, just skipping the breakfast and cartoons to make up for the longer drive.

''Oh yea, I forgot.... Oh theres Jess.... Hey Jess!'' Bella screamed across the road.

We walked across the street and met up with Jess who was talking to an asian boy. ''Hey Bella.'' They hugged. ''Who's this?'' She said smiling and giving me flirty eyes.

''Don't you remember me talking about Jacob Black from the reservation.'' She talked to Jess like she had described me good enough to where Jess should have known already.

''Oh yea. Nice you finally meet you. Bella always said how tall you were but I thought she was just exaggerating.''

''I'm only 6'3.'' I said flattered, trying to sound modest. I had always loved my height.

''Only.'' The asian boy said to me. ''I'm only 5'8.''

''That's still tall.'' I said to the boy, chuckling alittle.

''Hi, i'm Eric.'' He held out his fist, I hit it.

''Hi. Bella's talked about you before. You were like the first person she talked to.'' He looked happy that he was actually talked about.

''Yea. I knew from the beginning me and Bella would be good friends.'' He smiled at Bella. Did every guy in school like her? Damn.

Bella just gigged and looked at me, alittle embarrassed. ''Ugh is it just me or do these people have a staring problem?'' I asked, trying to change the subject.

Everyone was staring at me, whispering and gawking. It was weird. I mean I was popular at my school but that was just because im awesome. But this seemed more like they either saw a ghost or a celebrity.

''No, its staring problem. Remember, thats what they did to me in the beginning.'' Bells said, equally as annoyed.

Jess just rolled her eyes. She just didn't know that I already knew she was guilty of that problem. ''Yea. They are like so immature.''

Eric looked at me and held back a laugh. She was clearly bitter about not being the most popular person in school.

Eric and Jess let me and Bella know that the bell was going to ring soon. I told them id probably be late because I had to go get my schedule from the office - which I probably should have done already - and told them I would see them later, not knowing if I actually would being that I didn't know if I had any classes with them.

After I got my schedule from the office and a map of the school, they told me to get signature from all my teachers and return it at the end of the day. I guess they didn't trust the student enough to believe they'd actually go to all of their classes. I looked at my homeroom teacher and I thought that might be Bella's homeroom but I wasn't sure.

Once I got to the class, I knocked quickly on the door and walked right in. He had just called Bella's name and I was ecstatic.

''Hi. Are you Jacob Black?'' The teacher asked mid roll-call.

''Um yes I am. You are Mr. Angovich right?'' I said giggling in case he wasn't.

''Yes I am. We were just doing attendance so why don't you wait right here in this front seat and you can introduce yourself after im done.''

''Ok.'' I sat down sighing. I hated introducing myself.

After he called Carrie Yattum, he told me to come up to the front and introduce myself.

''Um what would you like to know?'' I said, trying to sound confident and silly, just so no one knew I was annoyed.

''So your Jacob Black, we know that. Why did you transfer here so late in the school year?'' I thought that question was alittle person but I sucked it up and ... lied.

''My dad thought this school system was better. They are pretty strict down there and im not smart enough for it.'' I laughed, playing the humor card. It worked, people laughed, well the guys laughed, the girls giggled, thinking I would actually notice one of them.

''I'm sure thats not true. But why not somewhere closer?'' Damn, this guy wanted my life story.

''Well I actually already know Bella. Our dad's are friends so we thought this would work.'' I said, pointing to Bella.

She started blushing and I knew she was embarrassed because she looked like she was sinking in her seat.

''Okay Jacob. Nice to have you in our homeroom. You can take a seat wherever. The Bell is going to ring soon.''

I went to the back and sat with Jess and Bella. Bella was giving me the death stare. ''I hate you.''

''I know.'' I just smiled at her.

Well apparently I had homeroom at least with Bella. For the next 2 minutes of homeroom I compared schedules with Jessica and Bella. I realized I had 3 classes with Jessica and 6 with Bella. Only 2 classes without her. That was a relief. Charlie had promised he would try and pull some favors to get us alot of classes together but I didn't think they'd go for it.

Once I got to my first period, with Bella and Jessica, we sat down together with Eric. He looked at my schedule and said that he had only 3 periods with me, he looked sad. But I was thankful that I had lunch with all 3 of them.

All through second period, Jessica, Bells and Eric told me about how they eat with at lunch, the latest gossip about who was and wasn't popular. While walking to third period, I asked who the popular and unpopular clicks were. First she told me I was stereotypical but I was only human, I could admit I wanted to know which clicks owned this school. She would point to a person or different groups of people and tell me if they were high or low in the food chain at this school. It was actually kind of fascinating. It wasn't the usual football players and cheerleaders who ran the school. It was the dance team and the lacrosse team who were the most famous here. That was actually cool. I loved lacrosse and I always thought dancers were cuter than cheerleaders anyways.

Once me and Bella got to third period I had to introduce myself again. I ended up meeting one of Bella's friends Ben. He was cool. Next was gym.

I had it with Bells but her class was doing shit on the other side of the gym. The weather was crappy outside, so we stayed inside with about 8 volleyball nets throughout the gym. Half the class was playing volleyball and the other was playing badmitten. I wanted to play and show these people my skills but I decided not to draw anymore attention to myself. I just sat in the bleachers with a few other people, non athletic I assumed, and just watched. 3 guys came running over near me, they were getting a ball that got flung over here and they threw it back to the game. The climbed up the bleachers and sat next and in front of me. They introduced themselves as Tyler, Adam and Mike. Tyler was black and dressed pretty cool, he seemed my type of guy. Mike was a blonde pretty boy, who dressed ALITTLE preppy for my taste. Adam was dark haired, tall and skinny, he dressed like he really weight 300 pounds. They seemed cool.

''So you must be Jacob Black. The Jacob Black.'' Mike said.

''Yep. How'd you know. I don't think we had classes together.'' I replied.

''Nah I haven't had any classes with you but seriously everyone is talking about you. I knew it was you by the long, gorgeous locks of black hair'.'' Tyler said, saying the last part in a girls voice.

''AH!'' I slapped my hands in my face. ''They are seriously saying stuff like that?''

''Yep. These chicks are pretty ridiculous over you. But their boyfriends on the the hand aren't so happy.'' Adam let me know.

''Oh, that sounds fun.'' I said sarcastically.

They, of course, like everyone else, took my schedule and talked over each other about what classes they had with me. All I got from what they were saying is that they had the same lunch as me, which I guess is all I cared about.

When the period was close to over, one of them mentioned Bella. I wanted to make sure it wasn't bad, but stupid me actually had been tuning them out for a while so I didn't know what brought her up.

''You guys know Bella?'' I asked.

''Yep. We sit with her at lunch.'' Mike said with some authority that I didn't understand. ''Do you?''

''Uh huh. thats why my dad wanted me coming here instead of another school. We've known each other for years but only have been really close since she moved here.'' I said back not looking in Mike's direction.

Then something clicked. This was the Mike Bella always complained about. She said he was a blonde pretty boy. Wow, now that I realized who he was, I wanted to laugh out loud but it would be pretty awkward explaining the random hysterics.

''Oh true. So like you guys ya know..?'' Tyler said while making simulated sex movements.

That was weird to hear but I guess thats what everyone thought about us. ''No no no. We are just friends, nothing else. Like in the beginning we had kind of a crush on each other and we kissed once but there wasn't really a spark.'' I said. When I looked over at Mike. He looked so pissed.

Adam wanted to go play volleyball, so he left laughing after I had my 2-second awkward stare down with Mike. ''Oh. Bella doesn't seem like she would go for guys like you.'' Mike said.

I opened my eyes in shock. I didn't know if that was a put down or not. I looked at Tyler who was trying to hold back a laugh. ''What do you mean, guys like me?'' I asked.

''No no. Nothing bad. Just doesn't seem like the type whos into the typical 'hottie.' Mike said nervously with air quotes. I wasn't going to make anything out of it. I could tell he liked her so I couldn't blame him for hating Bella's best guy friend. But I also wasn't going to get to close to Mike.

''Don't mind him. He just has a huge crush on Bella.'' Tyler burst out laughing from having to hold it back so long.

Mike kicked him. ''Thats not true. I mean Bella's cool. I would totally date her. But I got other girls on my list first.'' Mike said. I was going to get really pissed at him about making a comment like that but I knew he was just trying to be cool. I didn't want to embarrass him anymore by kicking the shit out of him.

The rest of lunch Tyler and Mike showed me who was 'cool' and 'uncool'. Basically they made me believe they were the coolest, which maybe was true, but it wasn't about how cool they were that would make me hang out with anyone. Anyone was cool if they hung out with me. I giggled to myself at the thought. They pretty much told me to stick with their crew and ill be good but of course I was still going to keep my options open. They also showed me the girls that were off limits - either girls they've been with, girls they want, or girls I would get my ass kicked for hooking up with - and which girls would put out easy. I mean, I totally wasn't a prude but it was pretty nasty the way he talked about these girls but as long as they bit their tongue when it came to Bella, they would stay unharmed.

I got along with Tyler pretty good. Me and Mike just made little snooty, nonchalant remarks to each other the whole time but we still got along. Adam and their friend Mario joined us in the locker room and we just talked about normal guy shit, nothing special. I really liked the guy Mario, he was totally my style.

Once we were done we walked out of the locker room, into the crowded hallway. Now we had lunch, I looked down the hallway to where the girls locker room let out and saw her coming out with a brunette girl. We walked down to see her. Mike Saying an eager hi first, he was so pitiful it actually made me feel bad for him.

''So, you met the boys?'' Bella said to me with a comical disgusted face at Mike once the boys were distracted.

''Yep.'' I rolled my eyes jokingly and laughed.

''So wheres the cafeteria. I don't want to get out my map.'' I asked.

I had looked over most peoples head and saw doors swinging open with tables inside, I figured that was the lunch. Since I already knew I tuned out Bella's, "Right there.''

We walked to the lunch room and sat down at the empty table they always sat at, they thought they owned it. The lunch room had big round tables and they took 3 and put them together so they could all talk.

The rest of the 'gang' came in 2 minutes later. We had pretty full tables, I was shocked to realize that they were a pretty big, popular crowd. I already knew Jess, Eric and Ben but they're were a bunch of others that I didn't know or only had a class with. Lauren was a girly girl princess, didn't like her. Angela, who was the girl Bella was coming out of gym with, she was sweet and apparently Ben's girlfriend. The rest were kinda far for me to really get to know them but they stared at me the entire time. Once we all got our stuff put on our seats we went to go get lunch.

I sat next to Bella but didn't have much luck talking to her because Mike wouldn't shut up. She got a couple questions in at first but then Mike eventually got her attention back. I kind of felt out of place but comfortable at the same time. I kept to myself mainly unless I was asked a question. Mike was obsessing over Bella. Tyler and Mario were talking about their lacrosse game this friday. Lauren and Jess were talking about girls they didn't like a couple tables down. Ben and Angela were flirting and being cute. I liked them as a couple, she was a very average shy girl but he seemed cool and popular and I liked the fact that that didn't matter.

I sat back in my chair. Ate my lovely lunch and wondered how the rest of my day would go.


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