Okay, guys, here's the explanation of the weird style I used in this story.

I based the set-up off of a short story by Ambrose Bierce called "An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge." Because Bierce was a realist and he lived through the Civil War, his stories had a cynical and often times dark writing style. His story "Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge" was the tale of a man living in the Confederate South who was to be hanged for interfering with Union affairs. The first section of his story describes the incident of the hanging, the second section describes the events that led up to the hanging (a flashback, if you will), and the third section is the man's delusion of escape that happens in the seconds between the board falling and his death. I used the same basic skeleton in this oneshot.

Now, one thing that Bierce did that I didn't was his over-exaggerated foreshadowing. In "Occurence," it's made quite obvious that Farquhar, the man being hanged, is already dead in the third section, and quite frankly I was disappointed. So instead of writing it out blatantly that DarkAngelicmon was dead before he pushed Matty over the edge, I put in subtle hints, like "He felt an acute stab of pain in his chest - an unfamiliar sensation he pegged as guilt." I like trying to keep people on the edge of their seats guessing up until the end, and so I hope I achieved this effect.

The title that I chose, "Discretion is the Better Part of Valor," is an idiom that I thought went well with the story. On one hand, Matty should have been more cautious before running out to aid Angelicmon. On the other, the saying "Pride comes before the fall" would have fit as well, because DarkAngelicmon was cocky by taking his sweet time trying to steal the Spirit Chip. It was a toss up between the two titles. However, I changed the summary for the story and as I was reading it, a lightbulb flashed on in my head, and I was like, DUH! So that's how it came to be named "Full Circle".

A really difficult aspect was the switches in POV between the sections. In "Occurence," Bierce uses 3rd person omniscient, 3rd person objective, and 3rd person limited, respectively. Because I'm not used to writing in the first two points of view, I had difficulty keeping the flow going. However, writing the first section was probably the most fun to write just because of how difficult it was for me to write it.

Before I wrap it up here, I want to apologize, especially to Broken Angel01, if the characters seem OOC. DarkAngelicmon was especially hard to keep in character because he is so complex that it's hard to get into his thoughts. That's one of the reasons why I admire Broken Angel01's work. With that in mind, thank you all for reading and don't forget to review! :D