Funny, talented, beautiful....Maybe I don't deserve to meet such an angel. (Not that that could stop me from trying.) That's all I've ever wanted from her; To meet her. To see her up close and /smell/ her. I stole her shirt once, and it smelled like cotton candy. I wonder if she always smells like that. Amanda reminds me of cotton candy; Colourful, sweet and bubbly.

I'll bet my laptop her hair is much softer than any fluffy sugary treat. What I wouldn't do to run my fingers through that silky mane. Call me obsessed, but I know that I'm in actual love. I wouldn't even need to live anymore if I could meet her, just once!

Hold still for a minute, I can't chase you forever. (But you know I'll try.) I won't kiss you unless you let me. Amanda, please....

AN This has been in my head for a long time, and I'm so glad to have finally written it. Somehow I doubt anyone still looks in the Amanda show section, unfortunately....T.T