Drabble Challenge: Cover

Nothing Left

The rain fell but he never considered finding cover. There would be no point.

Cover would just protect him – from the rain at least.

What good was protection now?

Life wouldn't be the same again, staying dry wouldn't change that.

Soaked to the skin, as he was, seemed fitting somehow, like the weather understood how miserable he was.

Pain and misery were his life now, there was nothing he could do about that.

A familiar sound came, one that normally meant comfort and safety, but this time held no such promise.

There was nothing left for him but pain.


A/N – Not to be dreary, but this was a bit of a release for me so sorry if it sounded a bit depressive. A lot of stuff going on in my head and there really isn't anyone to talk to so, as is the wonderful world of creative writing, I'm getting in out here. I also thought I'd try one of those fics where the reader can pick whatever brother they want to fit in here, I'd love to hear who you decided it was.

Hope you liked it.