A/N - Hope no one minds, but I've got a thousand things racing through my mind so I thought I'd go back over some previous drabble challenges and add my own. Just had to do something or I'd go nuts! lol There will probably be a few more to come, yet.

Drabble Challenge: Fade

What's Left of Hope

Sam envied those who dreamed of a better place. They dried their tears talking about how happy and peaceful the deceased looked.

He hadn't buried a peaceful brother.

Dean was shredded, covered in blood, a look of horror on his face. He had no hope of a better place, fluffy white clouds and golden gates.

Dean's clouds were grey and thick and his gates were rusted shut.

Sam sat beside his brother's headstone, watching the sun fade. He never wondered if his gate was rusted shut, he didn't think he had one.


A/N – Gee, I'm getting real dark these days, huh? Hope you still like it!