OK! So this is a bit of a rewrite of my previous story of the same name. It's the same exact story, just written a little better. I hadn't planned on doing anything else with it because I honestly didn't believe anyone would actually read it! *blush* But not only have I had a huge number of visitors to this story but I have had 8 people put an alert on this story who want to read more! So, I thank everyone who has given me feedback and requested more. I'll be working on a second chapter and will post as soon as possible.

So, for anyone who hasn't read this yet, please be aware that this story is slash between Castiel and Dean and is about rape. This story also contains graphic descriptions about sex and graphic language.

So… without further ado, here's Evil Intent!

Disclaimer: Castiel (unfortunately) is not mine. Anna (thank goodness!) is also not mine. And Dean (also unfortunately) is not mine. Supernatural and characters belong to the great and wonderful Kripke!


Evil Intent

Castiel slowly came to, his vision blurred. He couldn't remember everything that had happened before. He had been watching Dean as he usually did. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. And then it all went dark. And he didn't know why.

As his head began to clear he noticed his arms were stretched above his head and shackled. His legs were also shackled. When he twisted his head around to look at the restraints he saw there were inscriptions on them that were glowing a faint blue color. The inscriptions were clearly markings used to entrap an angel. Castiel began to feel a wave of panic rush over him. As his head cleared more he saw he was in an empty room and he appeared to be shackled to some sort of table. His trench coat as well as his suit coat had been removed as well as his socks and shoes. He began struggling in a vain attempt to free himself.

"Now, Cas, you know as well as I do that fighting it won't work against those shackles. Not with the inscriptions I used."

Castiel quickly turned to see Anna enter the room. She was dressed in a red chemise, her pale skin glowing against it. There was an air of confidence surrounding her, as if this situation was nothing usual. Her lips curved up in a knowing smile as she walked over to Castiel's side.

"Anna," Castiel gasped. "What… what is this?"

"This?" she replied, feigning innocence. She studied him carefully and let out a chuckle. "This is my way of getting what I wanted. You have been a very stubborn little angel and not acquiesced to my requests. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands."

Castiel stared at her in bewilderment. "What do you mean?"

She chuckled and slid herself onto the table next to him. She then swung one leg over him and straddled his waist and also displaying that she was wearing nothing else besides the thin chemise. His breath caught momentarily, slowly realizing what her intentions may be, but not wanting to believe it. She leaned over and ran her hands slowly up his arms to the restraints around his wrists, bringing her face mere inches from his own.

"Ever since I saw you again, Castiel, all I could think about were the things I wanted to do to you. I wanted you to come with me. To disobey like I did so we could be together, but you decided to be stubborn. To be a good little soldier."

She leaned forward to place a kiss on his lips, but he quickly turned away. His heart hammered in his chest with fear. She merely chuckled again.

"You are stubborn! That's OK. By the time I'm done with you, I will have you begging me for more."

"I… I don't understand."

Anna drew a finger gently up his cheek to brush aside a lock of his hair as she studied his face, concentrating as though she was trying to solve some great mystery.

"You should. After everything you've seen. Everything you've experienced. I would think that what I have to offer you is so much better. Being human has so many… perks. I suppose, though, I'll just have to show you."

She slowly sat back up. She then began unbuttoning his shirt and pushed the fabric aside, revealing the pale, smooth skin underneath. She let her fingers trail across the bare skin causing a tingling sensation. Castiel felt real fear run through him.

"Anna. Please stop this!" He whimpered.

She looked up at him and laughed seductively.

"Now, Cas! You don't know you won't like it unless you try it! It feels so good! You'll see! You just have to trust me."

He shook his head desperately. "It's wrong! You know it's wrong! Please! Please stop it!"

"Silly little angel! We can't just stop here! We've only just started!" She lifted the hem of the chemise and slid the fabric up over her head, allowing it to fall beside her. Anna then slid down his body and began stroking the front of his pants, causing Castiel to gasp at the sensation.

"Anna… stop!" He whimpered again, trying to shift away but unable.

His heart thundered in his chest. He didn't understand why Anna would be doing this to him. Why she would act this way. He also didn't understand all of these strange sensations running through his body. He felt something… desire he believed it was called. But it wasn't Anna that he longed for. It wasn't Anna that he wanted to do this with. Especially not against his will.

"Anna, stop!" He pleaded again, desperate to make her understand. "Please don't do this to me! I don't want this!"

She cocked her head to one side and widened her eyes, feigning innocence. She frowned with mock concern, ignoring his words. "Hmm… now, Cas, you don't seem to be enjoying this as much as I think you should be. Whatever could be the matter?"

"Anna, this is wrong! Please, you know it is! Please don't do this! I don't want to!"

She ignored his pleas and looked down at her chest. She ran her hands over her pale breasts slowly and seductively, closing her eyes and moaning with pleasure. She stopped and looked back at him, studying his reaction. Suddenly, a new, more knowing smile graced her lips. She brought herself back up him and leaned in close to his face.

"I know your dirty little secret, Castiel," Anna whispered in his ear. "I know what you really want. Who you really want."

Castiel stared at her, startled. "What?"

She leaned in close to whisper in his ear.

"You want Dean, don't you?"

He froze under her. His breath caught in his throat, panic and guilt stabbing his heart like a knife. She had named his heart's desire and it destroyed him to have it known. He closed his eyes, tears stinging his lids.

She knew she hit her mark. She chuckled knowingly.

"Don't worry, Cas. We can make an arrangement."

He felt her shift above him and slowly opened his eyes. He watched her sit up and suddenly her body shimmered and morphed until there was Dean sitting on top of him. He grinned seductively at the angel under him and Castiel felt his body react. Castiel's eyes widened in shock and felt his cheeks flush. Dean leaned in close to Castiel's ear.

"Is that better? Is this what you really wanted?"

Castiel swallowed hard, his mouth dry. He shouldn't. He shouldn't want this. He should tell him to stop. To end this. But… he couldn't.

And now he was helpless, bound to the table below him. And while he knew that the body on top of him wasn't the real Dean Winchester, he couldn't help but be aware of how much it seemed like him. Every one of Castiel's senses screamed to him that it was Dean and he couldn't help but admit to himself how badly he wanted it to be true.

Dean took Castiel's silence as a yes. He began kissing the angel's neck sensuously while running his hand over the newly exposed skin on his chest. Castiel couldn't help but moan at the sensations. Dean slowly made his way up Castiel's face before finally pressing his lips to Castiel's in a heated kiss. Castiel moaned louder and opened his mouth, allowing Dean to plunge his tongue inside.

Castiel had never experienced such sensations before and the glyphs on the restraints seemed to drain him of his supernatural powers which would normally blunt the sensations. His senses were on overload and he could feel his cock throb painfully in the constriction of his pants. Dean naked body thrust against him, causing more friction that was both a torment and relief. Finally, Dean broke away from the kiss.

"Tell me what you want, Cas," Dean whispered in a husky voice. "Tell me what you've wanted me to do to you."

"I… no… no… please stop!" Castiel gasped, his voice catching in a sob. He was desperate to try and fight it. He couldn't bring himself to agree, no matter how badly he wanted it.

"Shhh…" Dean placed a finger over Castiel's lips. "You know you want this Cas. God, I can feel how hard you are for me! I'm going to fuck you so good, baby. I'm gonna make you cum so hard for me. I'll have you begging me to make you cum."

Castiel couldn't help but moan at Dean's words. His body wanted it. Desperately wanted it. And he had seen Dean with other women before and couldn't help but secretly wish he was in the woman's place.

But this… just because he had thought it doesn't make it right.

"Please…" Castiel whispered fearfully. "I never…"

Dean chuckled.

"Don't worry, baby. I'll make it good for you."

Before Castiel could say anything else Dean kissed him deeply again. He then could feel Dean's hands work at his waist, unzipping his pants and pushing them open. His hands then slipped in under the fabric of his underwear to grasp his throbbing cock. Castiel let out a strangled cry as a bolt of pleasure course through him at Dean's touch. Dean began stroking his cock's length, causing Castiel to lose all rational thought.

"Oh… oh Dean…" Castiel moaned, finally caving to the pleasures engulfing him.

"You like that, baby? You like me jerking you off?"

Castiel couldn't control himself any more. He nodded desperately. Dean smiled smugly.

"Oh yeah. You like that. You like me jerking your cock like this. You don't want me to stop now, do you?"

Castiel shook his head, a sob escaping his lips. Dean continued his ministrations while sliding his head down to bring it close to Castiel's cock. He glanced up at the angel before taking the swollen member into his mouth and slid it deep into his throat.

Castiel screamed at the sudden unexpected sensation. He strained against his restraints and his hips thrust wildly. Dean continued to work his member, running his tongue along it and swirling it around the head. Castiel began desperately sobbing Dean's name. He could feel something building inside of him and it both thrilled and terrified him at the same time. All he knew was that as wrong as this was he didn't want it to stop now.

Dean slid the angel's cock out of his mouth. As he stroked he looked up at Castiel.

"You wanna cum, baby? You want to cum for me?"

Castiel wasn't sure what he met by that, but he knew he needed some kind of release. He nodded franticly. Dean smiled wickedly.

"Good boy," he purred before sliding it back into his mouth, taking it down all the way to its base.

The sensation was too much. Castiel felt a wave of pleasure unlike anything he had ever experienced before. He cried out as he came, releasing his cum into Dean's eager mouth where it was sucked down greedily. Finally, Castiel went limp, weakened by what had occurred. Dean licked him clean before moving back up to kiss Castiel on his lips.

"There, baby. Didn't that feel so good?"

Fear and guilt quickly replaced the feelings of pleasure Castiel had experienced. His eyes welled up with tears and they begun to trickle down his cheeks. Unable to speak, he could only close his eyes and shake his head. Dean simply chuckled at his tears.

"Oh, but, Cas, we're only just getting started! I still need to cum and you're going to help me."

Dean put three of his fingers in his mouth and began sucking on them to wet them while pulling down Castiel's pants and underwear. He then reached down and began running a finger around the rim of Castiel's hole, causing Castiel whimper and jerk in surprise. Dean then slid one finger in, the initial pain made Castiel cry out.

"That's a good boy," Dean cooed in his ear. "Take it for me, baby."

Dean slowly worked each of the three fingers in one by one, slowly stretching and readying Castiel for what was to come. Castiel whimpered and sobbed; frightened by the pain and strange new sensations he was feeling.

Suddenly Dean pulled all three fingers out. Before Castiel realized what was happening Dean positioned himself and thrust his cock deep into Castiel's hole, causing the angel to scream in a mixture a pain and pleasure. He began thrusting in and out, hitting a bundle of nerves deep inside of Castiel. A new shock of pleasure shot through him causing him to scream more. His limp cock quickly rehardened and Dean reached down and began jerking him off again. Sweat ran down Dean's face as he thrust harder and harder in order to reach orgasm.

"Oh yeah, baby… oh god yeah… oh Cas you feel so good… oh yeah… so hot and tight… oh god I'm gonna cum so hard inside you…"

It all became too much. Castiel felt himself lose control and orgasm again, sobbing in relief and anguish. Dean quickly followed, moaning in pleasure. Castiel felt himself drift off into darkness.

When he came to he saw that Dean was gone and Anna was back in her previous form. She had slipped back into the thin chemise she had been wearing. Castiel also saw that the restraints holding him were now gone. Despite that fact he couldn't bring himself to move. It was as if all of his strength had been drained from his body.

"Anna," he croaked weakly.

Anna turned and looked at him, a smirk on her lips.

"Thanks for the fun, Cas. Hope this doesn't make things awkward between you and Dean now."

She began walking towards the door before pausing and turning her head to glance back at him.

"Oh, and you're free to go now."

With that she turned and walked away, leaving Castiel filled with anguish and guilt over what had happened. He had no idea how he was going to face Dean now.