Okay, I know I have tonnes of other stories going on at the moment, but this idea has been bouncing around in my head for almost a year and if I waited another day to get it written down and start posting, I was going to scream! Don't worry, I am still working on all my other projects and they will be updated soon!

This is a slightly AU Yu Yu Hakusho fanfiction. It will have two parts, one taking place in the Feudal Age (NOT A CROSSOVER WITH INUYASHA!!) and the other taking place in modern times with the entire Yu Yu Hakusho gang. What would happen if Hiei had met a human girl whose circumstances in life closely mirrored his own? And what will his best friend Youko think of her? I present to you for your reading pleasure...

Legend of the Cursed Child

A lone figure raced through the dense forest, her kimono barely classifiable even as rags. One could no longer even make out the floral pattern that once had gone up the sides of the once pink, but now almost muddy brown, material. She was barefoot, and unheeding of the feel of the pebbles and twigs that dug into the bottom of her feet as she ran. Her black hair was tangled and long, almost reaching down to her rear, and she didn't pause for a second even as the low hanging branches caught into the tangles and tried to pull her back. Her pale skin was dotted with bruises and scratches, one particularly nasty looking cut in the midst of healing visible through a hole in the side of her kimono.

Her lungs were burning from the excursion, but she dared not stop. Between her ragged breathing and the sound of her own feet hitting the ground, she heard the crashes of her pursuers still chasing her unrelentlessly.

Running was one of the few things she could do well. Her life had pretty much demanded she learn to be swift on her feet, since she had no strength to back herself up with. But even her speed, the one asset she could somewhat pride herself in, was not immune to her lack of health. She had eaten nothing but a few berries and roots in the last two days, and she was already past the point of exhaustion.

So it really didn't come as too big a surprise to her when she felt one of her pursuers tackle her to the ground. She felt a few of her ribs crack with the force of his tackle and her ankle unnaturally beneath her. She let out a cry of pain and then felt all the air leave her lungs when she hit the ground. When she could breathe again, she screamed at the painful grip the demon atop of her used to hold her down as his friends caught up. She was rewarded with a painful hit across her face, and then a set of clawed hands went around her throat, the thumbs crushing her voice box, rendering her mute.

She knew there was no point in fighting, so she simply resigned herself to what she knew was going to happen. When she had accidentally stumbled into the demons camp in the first place, she had known something like this was going to happen. It always did, and as usual, it was her own fault that she got into this situation.

She felt as what was left her of her kimono was torn from her body and the claws of her attackers as they dug into her flesh, adding more injuries. She listened to their taunts, to their sadistically spoken plans of what they would do to her, and possible long term plans should she even survive this ordeal. She didn't care. Her entire life had revolved around nothing but pain and misery, so she saw none of this as a surprise. She could only hope that she would die in the midst of this attack so it would end the misery that was her life.

She could not scream through the pain of the attack, nor the humiliation. The insisted, of course, of abusing her physically as well as ravaging her body. She forced her mind to go blank, a technique she found that worked well in such situations, but then.... this was the first time it had been demons doing the damage. The pain was worse than even what she was used to. But it didn't matter. With any amount of luck she would die and she would no longer be forced to suffer.

It was impossible for her to tell how much time passed before they grew tired of torturing her. She was teetering on the edge of unconsciousness and could only barely make out their conversation a few yards away, as they tried to decide what to do with her next. The two options seemed to be merely killing her (which she hoped for) or selling her as a pleasure slave. There was some debate due to her current condition.

She just layed there, resigning herself to whatever fate the demons decided for her, when a voice different from the ones she had heard thus far interrupted their musings.

"So, I have finally found you fools," this voice said, filled with a malicious glee promising untold suffering and death.

"It's Hiei!!" the ringleader of the demons cried, his voice evincing fear. The woman thought if they were afraid of this new arrival, he must truly be a horrifying figure. Ignoring the pain it caused, she opened her eyes and slowly turned her head so she could see where her attackers stood, curious in spite of herself.

Standing between her and the demons was a figure dressed all in black, but for a puffy white collar. He seemed to be rather short, but it was difficult for her to really tell from her current position lying on the ground, though the demons that had attacked her seemed to tower over him and she wondered for a moment how someone so small could be considered a threat to the five of them. He had his back to her and was faced off against the others, apparently unaware of her presence.

"Hn. I'm surprised you remember me... considering you left me in the hopes I would DIE!!!" the figure shouted angrily. Then he unsheathed a sword. "But I have come to exact my revenge. If you didn't want me around, you should have just said so. Now you fools will die by MY hands!"

"W-wait! Hiei, you don't understand!" one of them started off lamely. "We didn't..."

The one they called Hiei didn't give them a chance to finish. As the immobile woman watched, he seemed to vanish into thin air and then reappear again in his original position, except he had his sword in a position as if he had just finished making a slash. He calmly lowered his sword to his side and chuckled.

Her one good eye went wide when the five demons suddenly came apart, blood spurting where the small demon had sliced through them with his sword. A sickening sound permeated the air, followed by the coppery scent of blood as the slices all fell into a large pile on the forest floor. The demon then lifted his hand and those pieces burst into flames that eagerly fed on their remains, leaving nothing but ashes left in scant seconds.

Before the woman could stop herself, she let out a strangled gasp that was easily audible to this demons ear. He froze, his head turning slightly. The woman only caught a half glimpse of his profile before he vanished from her sight and was suddenly only a foot or so away from her, his sword pressed against her throat.

She took a moment to examine him. He looked no older than she was, but she knew that being a demon, he was likely far, far older, especially if the display she'd just seen was any indication. Any who would see him at first glance would mistake him for being human... until they noticed the purple third eye sitting in the middle of his forehead.

His face was without any expression at all, his red eyes looking straight into her dark green. He didn't move an inch since the sword had been placed at her throat, as if he himself was not sure what should be done with her. His eyes left hers for only a few seconds as he took in her beaten and naked form before returning to her face again.

She sighed inwardly at this new situation. She could do nothing. Since she could no longer speak, she couldn't even beg him to spare her life, or to ensure her a quick death. At the moment she was actually hoping he would simply kill her and be done with it.

Yes, she thought. If I die, then I don't have to suffer through life anymore. The villagers were right... everyone would have been better off if I had been killed the moment I was born. I deserve whatever fate this demon gives me. This is what I deserve for being the Cursed Child.

The moment this thought went through her head, his expression changed to one of curiosity. He seemed to frown thoughtfully. Taking in her condition once more, he scowled somewhat. To the woman's surprise, he resheathed his sword, and then removed his cloak in one swift movement and used it to cover her nakedness.

Her confusion grew all the more when he then carefully scooped her up into his arms. But in spite of how careful he was, the movement still caused shooting pains to wrack her body. She let out a strangled gasp and her world darkened as she finally lost consciousness.


Hiei looked at the onna he had just unintentionally rescued. Her expression had held no fear even as his katana had been right against her throat, capable of ending her life with a mere flicker of movement. It had held nothing but resignation. She had no fear of what he might have done to her.

That alone had piqued his curiosity and he had activated his jagan to look into her mind, to see what was going through her thoughts. The contents served to stun him and only made his curiosity more intense.

She had called herself the Cursed Child. A term that he was not familiar with... but that he was eager to learn of. She had also stated in her thoughts that she should have been killed at birth... a practice that was apparently common for other Cursed Children. He wondered what had made her different... why her life had been spared.

Was a Cursed Child... anything like a Forbidden Child?

Hiei had to know. But as the onna was apparently rendered mute due to his former allies, he would have to wait to receive his answers. He started off with the now unconscious woman in his arms.

Fox! Are you at the den? He called out telepathically.

Yes, Hiei. Why do you ask?

Prepare some of your healing plants. I'm bringing over a patient.

He could sense the kitsune's curiosity through the link. Really? Who?

Never mind that. You'll see when I get there.

When there was no further response from his target, Hiei knew Youko would be prepared by the time he arrived. Allowing some of his youki to envelop the girl to shield her from the coming cold of the night, he headed toward his home.


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