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BaBySmurf: What my colleague is trying to say is that this one has a point. So--

without further ado (I love saying that!) ON WITH THE SHOW!!!!!!!

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Well, after visiting their friends,(Gabby and Julez) and making total asses of themselves, the two girls decide to let the basic DBZ crew (Goku, Chi- Chi-, Gohan, Krillian, Trunks, Bulma, Vegeta & Piccolo) stay at their place (oh and Davis too) But not without some trouble....

As The Dragon Ball Turns .......Again

By Gabby (a.k.a. ~BaBySmurf~) and Julez

As Everyone piled out of their appropriate cars in front of Gabriel& Julez's house, Piccolo started shrieking. His antennae had caught in the power window. Goku was nursing a burnt finger, curtesy of his curiosity with a cigarette lighter.

They walked to the door and Julez unlocked it. Their little army trooped in, Piccolo forgetting to duck and whacking his head on the door- way.

Well, Julez & Gabby were just two sisters living together, and so naturally, their house was not exactly the biggest on the block. There was a bedroom for Gabriel, a bedroom for Julez, and a guest bedroom. There were 8 guests.

"I get my own room!" Piccolo blurted.

"UH, you get the tree-house!" Gabby said pushing him back.

"Oh Man!" Piccolo whapped his head against the ceiling fan. "Damn houses! I'll take the treehouse!" He started mumbling, "no frickin things to bump your head on in a tree house!!"

"So how long will you be staying?" Julez asked.

"Oh I dunno..." Chi-Chi started, "A couple of weeks, maybe a month or two."

Gabriel fell over, and Julez reacted calmly, "Okay,, I'll be showing you your rooms... Actually, you guys are in luck. I have a trash-pickin' friend who has given me a bunk bed, and a couple extra mattresses shoved into the closet. And we have one normal bed in here. Now as you fight over who sleeps where, I'll go over the rules."

Julez watched an immediate dog-pile for the single bed and started, "*Ahem*, Rule #1, and most important- no getting jiggied with it in this house at any time!" She pointed a finger at Bulma & Vegeta, "This includes YOU!"

The couple pouted, "Oh Man!"

"Rule #2," Gabby continued, "Neither I nor Julez is responsible for your laundry. I am not going to be washing other people's bras or *ahem* crusty underwear!" Gabby was looking at Gohan & Krillin, but Goku was the one that blushed.

Everyone was still wrestling each other for the one bed. Vegeta smacked his elbow and shouted "THE PEOPLE'S ELBOW!" He fell hard- on the floor, and just...kinda... laid there.

"Ugh! Rule #3- If you want any food, TOUGH! But, we will be selling glasses of water and hot-dogs for $10 each." Julez stated with a smile on her face.

"Julia Sumner! Don't be so harsh!" Gabriel scolded. " We will NOT be charging you for food, but remember- You will work your buns off if you want anything to eat!"

Trunks dropped the headlock he had on Chi-Chi, "What!" he shouted.

Vegeta jumped to his feet "Woman- I will eat when I want to- and if you don't let me, I'll, I'll-"

Gabby rolled her eyes, "Yeah, Right!"

"Last and final rule- clean up after yourself- And hopefully you all know what that means- no leaving the seat up, no leaving nasty pads around and so on and so forth."

The two girls exited the room, "Have Fun!"

It was quiet for a few moments, and then everybody started screaming, hopefully it was about who sleeps where, and not dis-obeying Rule #1.

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Gabriel showed Piccolo where the shed and treehouse was, and Julez started making dinner for her and Gabby.

After a while the guest room stopped shaking and a rumpled looking Vegeta walked out slamming the door and mumbling."Fucking women! For some reason Gohan and Krillin are sharing the one bed, The kid's sleepin on the floor, and Bulma and Chi-Chi get the bunk-bed, while Goku and I are stuck sleeping in the closet."

Julez suddenly froze as she heard the familiar squeak of her door and raced to her bed-room, Krillin had found his way there and was eyeing the picture of her ex-boyfriend in the trash. "Get outta here Mr.... Mr...Mr. Krillin! What is your last name anyway?"

"It's....actually- I don't know!" He said looking bewildered. Krillin picked up a black bra draped across a chair, "um...."

"Don't ask!" Julez said shoving him out of there. She spent the next 10 minutes hiding her diary, chocolate stashes, dirty books, pictures of long-gone boyfriends, and all excess bras effectively around the room. When she finally wandered back into the kitchen Trunks, Goku and Vegeta were practicly attacking gabby trying to get the dinner

"A little help here?!" she cried smacking someones hand with a spatula. Julez promptly and almost magicly pulled the three men away and shoved them outside, promising not to let them in unless they raked the lawn. Then she headed toward the guest room.

Inside, Chi-Chi and Bulma were laughing at something outside the window. It seemed Piccolo was having a heated argument with a nearby squirrel. "Listen you *beep*in mouse! You throw one more acorn at me and I'll- Oh! That's it! You're goin' Down!" The big scary green man took a flying leap at the squirrel, who scurried up a tree- Piccolo thudded to the ground, and immediately proceeded to follow him up every tree in the yard, and finally onto the roof.

The girls all started screaming. You see, Piccolo was not exactly the smallest guy in town, in fact he was the biggest guy in town, and when he's running across your roof- it's just plain scary! :





The girls all raced to the living room to see Piccolo's legs dangling and swinging wildly through the roof.


Chi-Chi and Bulma looked shocked, and the little squirrel Piccolo had been fighting with just sat there laughing it's tiny lil' ass off.

"Grrrrrrr....arrggg.....oh what the hell." Piccolo said flying out of the roof.

Julez yelled at him, and then had a smart idea, ( or so she thinks) and put Piccolo inside the shed with some incents and candles."Now come back when you have a better attiude!!" she cried as she slammed the door.

"Jeeze the dumb freggin' idiot.."Julez mumbled as she walked into the house. Halfway through the door she froze on account of Vegeta and Goku digging their way into the ice cream. Instead of screaming like everyone expected, Julez started laughing.

Vegeta turned around, "What Woman!?!?!?!"

Bulma walked in and she too started laughing. Goku's choclate smeared face and Vegeta's face with little specks of vanilla all over it was a pretty funny sight. Julez got over her laughing fit all the while Vegeta and Goku looking at them suspiciously and shoveling ice cream down their throats as fast as they could. Julez grabbed the tubs of ice cream and hid them away- facing no resistance from Goku and Vegeta who had fallen onto the couch holding their stomachs.

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The rest of the night passed by pretty uneventfully, and for the most part everyone fell asleep.

Except, it turns out Goku and Vegeta were EXTREMELY sensitive to sugar and about a half an hour after their ice cream had been confiscated, they miraculously recovered from their stomach-aches and started acting a bit... queer.

And to top it all off Piccolo walked in with wax all over his face. It seemed he'd thought that eating the candles would somehow make him even more high. As soon as he walked in the door, he started yelling at everyone about how bad they smelled. "Vegeta! My GOD! You smell like SHIT!! Ya know- It's called DEODORANT!!!"

Vegeta was almost to busy to notice, he was bouncing wildly up and down the kitchen rapping to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". "YO PICCOLO!" he shouted. "Huh Huh- that rhymes! YO! PiccoLO GO eat some DOUGH!" He giggled hysterically, "Hey this is fun!"

Julez walked in half asleep at all the noise.

Piccolo grinned wildly, "Want some wax Julezee-Woolzee my favorite friend?!?"

"Uh-I'll pass!" she warily surveyed the room.

Vegeta was now running around the kitchen in circles waving his arms around trying to rhyme anything he could. "Piccolo, dick is low- Goku, he can't do- Vegeta with Rita!" He laughed insanely and started running faster.

Goku was juat kinda sprawled on the floor talking to his imaginary friends that seemed somewhat like smurfs. "Oh of course Poppa Smurf! I would never attempt doing it without a condom!!" he paused. "But--but Poppa Smurf-- it- it was our wedding night!!! O.K!! O.K!!!" he cried, tears in his eyes, "I promise to never, ever, ever, get down and dirty with Chi-Chi ever again!!! YOU forgive me?!? OH Thank-You!!! Thank-You!!!" he started kissing the kitchen floor.

At that moment, Vegeta crashed straight into a wall. He fell backwards, unmoving, and just kinda laid there. Goku pointed his finger at Vegeta lying on the ground and 'haw-hawed'.

Piccolo had taken to searching the kitchen cubboards for basically anything he could burn and chanting, "must get high! must get high! must get high!"

Julez watched all this uninterested. She calmy walked over to the freezer and got a cup of chipped ice. Then she said, "Hey Everybody! Guess What! I got stuff you can get high on!!"

Within seconds Piccolo ran over and strated to beg like a puppy dog. Goku jumped up too. Vegeta just sorta...layed there...yeah.

Julez smiled devilishly and threw a handful of ice in both of their faces. They stood silent for half a second then started screaming and running around- walking up the whole house. Goku accidently stepped on Vegeta, who let out a girlie shriek and started strangling Goku.

In walked Bulma and Chi-Chi in short-shorts and tank-top pj's. Goku and Vegeta stopped trying to kill each other long enough to start making out with them.

Trunks walked in also and just stood there with a blank expression- he was pretty freaked out- From the single bed where Krillin and Gohan had been sleeping had come some very...shall we say...unnatural, and unhealty- sounds, that would almost certainly violate Rule #1!

Gabriel barged in and immediately started shouting, " All Right!! What's goin' on HERE!!??!!"

Piccolo smiled sweetly, "Why absolutely, positively, nothing whatsoever my fine female friend!!"

She turned to see the two couples making out and looked sternly at Julez. "I think it's time we show them just how serious we are about rule one!" She cracked her knuckles evilly.

They dragged the 4 lovers (who had soon started doing more than making out) outside while Trunks ran and stole his mother's bed, and Piccolo scrambled back up to the tree house to watch everything. Gabby grabbed the hose and got ready to drench the kissing freaks. She nodded to Julez who turned the hose on full blast.

"AHH!!! AHH!!! AHH!!"

"God That's cold!!"

"Turn it off!!!Turn it off"

"HELP!! I can't feel my legs!!!"

Julez turned the hose off, walked over and slapped Vegeta and Goku in the face. (Bulma was nearly in her underwear by now, and Chi-Chi almost lost her shorts).

Vegeta turned around angrilly, "What the F**K was that for!!!!!" He powered a ki ball up in his hand and got it ready to fire at Julez.

"HELLO! "RULE #1!! No Screwing period!! BESIDES- You're on Earth now with NORMAL people for a change!!!" she shouted back.

"Well you'll be with the DEAD normal people when I'm through with you!!!"

The neighbors poked their heads put the window and Vegeta yelled at them, "Hey whaddaya lookin' at!!! You wanna get blasted too!?!" they ducked back inside.

"Veggie! Veggie wait!" Bulma pleaded.

"WHAT WOMAN!! Can't you see I'm about to blast this pothead to the moon's orbit!" Vegeta's power ball got biggger....

"Ummm... Trunks is Sick!!!!

"Ehh Serve's the little brat right!"he countered.

"uuhhh---Look a UFO!"

"wow." he said dully, "Now watch out!" Vegeta aimed...

"OH! I feel faint!! OOOHH!!" -thud- Bulma fell to the ground.

"Oh Great!! There goes my 'fun' for the night!" Vegeta's power ball slowly melted. "And as for you ya bum!" he shouted at Gabby and Julez. "Don't you EVER Do that again or I'll stick your head so far up your ass you'll be eatin your own shit for a week!" He picked up Bulma and stormed back inside.

The two girls sighed and waved merrily at the neighbors eying them suspicously. Goku and Chi-Chi walking cautiously behind them.

As soon as they were back in the house Gabiel grabbed Vegeta and Goku's collars, "Now what the HELL WAS THAT FOR!"

Vegeta was way steamed, "What the HELL was WHAT FOR???"

"THAT!!! OUTSIDE!!! DUH!!!!!"she yelled back.

"Well the rule did say INSIDE the house..." Goku said quietly.

"PFFTT! Like we're gonna buy that!" Julez replied.

"Why don't we just put a frickin sign on our door that says 'HUMPFEST!' for cryin out loud!" Gabby shouted.

Vegeta wasn't really payin' attention he was too busy admiring the ceiling.


Vegeta scoffed and walked over to his closet door. He turned around and gave Gabby the finger. She did the same back.

He walked inside and slammed the door shut. Gabby listened to him fall over and curse.

Goku was still standing there. "Well whaddaya waiting for! Go to sleep you!!!" Julez shouted at him.

"Oh...heh heh... right... bed.......good idea." he said backing slowly to the door. He looked like Gabby would grow horns and spout fire any minute. She lunged at him.

"Eeeeep!!" he shrieked racing to the closet.

Gabby took a deep breath as soon as every one was out of sight and groaned. "Ouch! I need a drink!"

*~*~*~*~*~(Scooby-Doo Mystery Music Playing)*~*~*~*~*~*~

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