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As The Dragon Ball Turns


by Gabby a.k.a. ~BabySmurf~ and Julez a.k.a. Gabby's sissy, Julia

--chapter 3--

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A few hours later, they were in the first class airplane (curtesy of Mr. Vancucci and his vast forturnes) waiting to board.

"Thank-you for flying with Alwayz There airways!" the flight attendant said grinning at Goku as he handed her his ticket.

"Um... Yeah..." he said backing away slowly. "Those happy people scare me.." he said to himself.

The gang took their seats and filled up a good part of the first-class section.

They waited a good 45 minutes for the pilot to board. Then another half an hour as their flight got delayed. 40 more minutes later most of the passengers were getting frustrated waiting to take off. "I told you we should've let me fly us there!" Vegeta grumbled.

"Sshhh!" Chi-Chi said angrilly, "the best part is starting!" She watched with undivided attention as the flight announcements finally started.

"Thank-you for flying Alwayz There Airlines, flight 678-and-a-half . If you would please direct you attention to the attendants at the front of the plane, we will start to go over the safety measures!" she said with unnatural enthusiasm.

Everyone watched boredly as the blond hostesses went over seatbelts, oxygen masks and lifejackets.

"Why do we need to know how to work lifejackets?" Gohan whispered, "We're no where near an ocean! If anything we'll hit a mountain." he grumbled.

Chi-Chi bonked him on the head, "SSSH! Pay attention!"

Trunks scoffed as the announcements finally ended. "Anyone who can't figure out these seatbelts is a RETARD!" he said rolling his eyes.

A few seconds later he sighed in exasperation watching his father struggle with his seatbelt.

"Darn Thing's busted!" he said throwing it back.

Trunks quietly bent over and snapped the two ends together.

"I can do it myself thank-you!!!" he yelled and unbuckled it again.

Half an hour later our 'Big-V' (as Julez had taken to calling him) was still fiddling with it. Another half an hour later there was a snap as he finally got buckled in. "Ha! I told you I could do it! Take that you fool!" he shouted laughing in his son's face.

"WOW DAD!" Trunks said excitedly, "Congratulations! But the seat-belt sign has been off for the past 45 minutes!"

Vegeta shifted uncomfortably and gave Trunks the evil-eye, as well as the finger, but then something else caught his eye. The pure-bred blond flight attendant was coming by with the food cart.

"May I get you something sir?" she asked giggling.

"Yeah, Can I get a double shot of vodka please? And do you serve condoms with the--- What was that for Bulma!" he yelled as she elbowed him in the ribs

His wife smiled sweetly at the flight attendant, "May I have a diet pepsi please?" she asked

"Sure! It'll be ready in 3-4 minutes."

She rolled the cart down to Piccolo, "Uh--" he started, "I'd like a sprite, and uh-- could I have some of those peanuts you're so famous for?" he asked.

"Why you sure may!" she said overly-excited. She moved on down the aisle after handing him a small bag of salted peanuts. Gohan & Krillin leaned over in their seats trying to get a better glimpse of her butt.

(Krillin lost android 18 she had to go back to her fellow androids)

Suddenly Julez jumped up out of her seat and raced to the bathroom. She looked pale and was sweating quite a bit. She arrived at the tiny stall and found that the door was locked. "Open up!"she gasped banging on the door, "I'm about to blow!" she cried. There was no reply from inside, only a drawn-out squeaky fart.

"OOOHHH!" she wailed, "PLEASE!!!! I'm dying out here!" she said pounding on the door. Her face turned green as her stomach churned.

Finally a large woman with maybe 4 chins stepped out of the tiny bathroom. Julez charged in and let it loose into the toilet. After a good spew she wiped her mouth, and then the smell hit her and she started puking again. That woman sure had some gas, 'cuz it STANK! A few minutes later she stumbled out and fell back into her seat. She looked up and was showered in peanuts. "Ugh" she moaned.

"Whoops, uh heh heh my bad" Gohan said looking at Julez who narrowed her eyes at him and made a fist.

Another shower of nuts cascaded down as Piccolo burst his psckage of salted nuts too.

"Damn nutz!!!!! Sure you open for Trunks but never for me!!!!!!!!!!" Piccolo yelled at the crinkled wrapper. A fat guy that was just served by the waitress, looked at Piccolo winked. "Me too" he said wiggling his eyebrows seductively. Piccolo looked a little scared and immediatly turned around only to get showered by another pack of peanuts.

Julez dropped an exploded wrapper of peanuts to the floor and put her head in her hands. "This is gonna be one long flight..."

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The plane flew over across the country getting delayed at every stop they made until they fianally arrived in Los Angelos. For the remainder of it though, nothing TOO dramatic happened. Except of course for the fat guy across the aisle continually hitting on Piccolo.

When they came out of the airport, a limo (curtesy of Mr. Vancucci) was waiting to take them to a five-star hotel. (also curtesy of Mr. Vancucci.)

They piled into the black limo and settled down. Vegeta immediately headed for the mini-bar. "Hey, Awesome!" he shouted, "A month's supply of Jack Daniels!" He grabbed some bottles but only to get them slapped away from Bulma.

"Not now honey!!" she smiled "I have something more exciting in mind."

"SCORE!!!!" Vegeta shouted.

Lib coughed loudly "AHEM"

Krillin was exploring the wonders of power windows and really bugging the crap of the driver.

"Hey look, a T.V." Gohan squeled "OOOOH!! They're playng a Christmas special too."

Trunks stared blankly at the T.V. -"but it's the middle of August!!!"

"Who cares! I wanna watch Frosty!!!" Gohan shouted turning the volume up full blast and gluing his eyes to the screen.

So the rest of the trip the gang had to endure Frosty. Wheee.

They finally arrived at the hotel after over half an hour of non-stop songs by a walking talking snowman. Everyone had a terrible head-ache when they piled out of the limo late thursday night.

They walked blindly inside and crashed to the bed on the spot.

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Almost right away, Gabby dragged Piccolo off to a Men's clothing store to get him a suit- but not without a fight. He complained loudly the whole way there and almost cried when Gabriel said that he couldn't wear his turban- thingy to the meeting.

"The Men's Warehouse- your'e gonna like the way you look, I garentee it " Gabby said pushing him into the store.

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Meanwhile back at the 5-star hotel, Krillin and Gohan were discovering the joys of 500 channel cable T.V. Exept they couldn't decide what to watch, so they just flipped through the channels-


"in your biceps *groan* so eat healthy and remember to-"


".......Marry you?!? Oh Richard I'd love to but I.... But I---"


"I'm sorry the correct answer was Mountain dew- Bye-bye! Now here's your chance to-"


"add the eggs and whip them very well until you get a golden-yellow color, then your'e ready for- "


"take your umbrella! 'Cuz it's gonna be "


"one extremely fat hog if you don't, but I like"


"like big butts and I cannot lie! You other brothers can't deny,"

Kkrillin jumped up with a grin on his face, "Yeah baby!!!" Krillin shouted waving his booty all around the room

"and when a girl walks in with a itty-bitty waist and a roun' thing in your face you get SPRUNG!!!!!"

Gohn got up too and started 'getting his groove on'. Pretty soon they were both bouncing around the room. Krillin even knew how to break dance!!!

Vegeta walked in and his jaw dropped. He clapped a hand over his eyes when Gohan started rubbing his boo-tay on Krillin. He reached for whatever was handy to try to break up the two dancers who were getting rapidly out of hand.


"Mmmmm!!! OOHHH!!" Mmmmmmhhhhh!!!!"

"HEY!!!" Krillin shouted. He turned around to see Vegtea staring at a couple making out on the t.v. screen.

Krillin stopped protesting and all three men 'ooooh-ed' when the couple on the screen started doing more than make-out....

The scene was broken when Gabby walked into the room with a tall green pickle sporting antennae and dressed in a suit and tie.

"I still don't understand why I can't just wear my turban!!" Piccolo whined.

"Oh good your'e back." Julez said walking in with a sigh of relief.

"SSHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Vegeta yelled "This is the most important part of the show! Jeeze!! Don't do it Johnny!! NO! Don't open the door!! Can't you see that she's cheating on you!!

"OH MY GOD!!! Jenny how could you!! I thought you loved me!!! I mean- Didn't last night mean anything to you!!! *sob* "

"Oh you dumbass!!! It was quite obvious!!! Oh, Great! Now he's gonna go crying to his roommate! OH! JESUS!!! The roommate's the one that is gay!!!" Vegeta was now throwing stuff at the T.V. He threw a lamp at the screen with a loud crash and snow began to appear on the screen.

"NNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! MY SHOW!!! Now I'll never know what'll happen!!-- wait! Piccolo!! Stand right there on the left!" Piccolo did as he was told seeing the craziness in Vegeta's eyes. " No- No! Your other left- yes that's it! YES!!! Now Piccolo don't move until I tell you to, Capish?"

"Uh yeah I'll just stand here then. Right." Piccolo said shifting.

"Well that's the idea stupid!!! Now hush! Jimmy's about to confess that he's been sleeping with his two best friends!!" He leaned towards the screen, his eyes now 2 inches from a 'Jimmy's' face.

"And that concludes today's episode of 'The Blond, the Beautiful and the *beeeeep*. Tune in next week to see what problems Jimmy, Johnny, & Jenny will face."

"WWHHHAAATTTT!!!!!" Vegeta shrieked at the t.v. "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO MEEEEEEEE!!!!!" Vegeta shouted pulling his hair out. "AAARRRRGGGG!!!" he yelled grabbing the t.v. and shaking it off the wall.

Bulma walked over to Vegeta and slowly led him away from the television. "Veggie--- It's okay." she said slowly. "You can watch it tomorrow." she said stroking his arm.

Vegeta whimpered. "I guess so...."

Chi-Chi entered the room. "Glad to see you're back guys!" she said seeing Julez and Piccolo. "So did you find out anything else about Piccolo's commercial?" she asked.

"Oh! I wrote it down- " Gabriel said pulling out a piece of paper, "If Piccolo does an A+ job, He-- WE, whould get a minimum of $35,000."

"Dear Lord!"



"Daddy, I think mommy's dead- she fell down and know she's not moving!"

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