A/N – Just a few 'teething problems' after Dean's death as Bobby struggles to come to terms with it while living with a grumpy – and grieving – little brother who's missing a big brother.

Drabble Challenge: Cover

Bobby Singer vs Sam Winchester

Bobby glared at Sam, wanting nothing more than to throttle him.

"I know this sucks. Y'ain't the only one who misses him," Bobby growled, not for the first time. "But you've gotta learn-"

Sam stomped out of the room, slamming the door.

"Ya gotta cover the damn left-over chicken or the dog'll get it!" Bobby roared after him, tossing the chicken in the bin. The dog in question cowered at the door, the picture of innocence as he licked his chops in satisfaction. "Stupid mutt… stupid kid… stupid chicken…"

Bobby wiped away a stray tear before returning to his coffee.


A/N – A little bit lighter this time, dontcha think? The dogs little 'trick' was based on my dog – could've been the cat – who got bubs left overs coz I left and didn't throw them out or cover them up. It was pointed out to me before we left and I sort of shrugged and swore it would be okay!

It wasn't…

The next day, the left overs were wheat bix. That wasn't okay, either!