The curse of the Night
The gift of it.

Is all that's keeping me alive.
Dark Angel of the Heavens,
my one and only love.
We took passion for granted,
But paid for it dearly.

As you turned evil,
My world crashed.
Oh, Fallen Angel,

The curse of the Romanis,
Tortured your very soul.
I would do anything to take it away.

You are so close,
Yet so far.
You push me away,
What is wrong?

Is it me?
Am I your problem?
Tell me, my Angel.

It was one thing we both couldn't have.
A luxury we couldn't afford.

You're as handsome as the night itself,
And it always comes.
Come to me,
my Dark Angel,
And let not what consequences there may be,
Deter us from our destiny,

Passion runs wild in me,
Love overflowing for you.
Can't you see it?

I will wait,
for as long as I live,
For you to return to where you belong.
In my arms.