This is my last fan fiction story, I decided to do another musical because the last one I did really enjoy writing and I think people enjoyed reading it. This one is a little different to the other ones it's the last year of school for Harry, he and his friends he are having to redo 7th year because of the war so Ginny's year and Harry's are now both in 7th year at the same time.

Hope you enjoy reading this.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the music or characters in this story.

Sorry if the first song doesn't really go I just wanted something that showed that the worries from the war has been put behind them.

Song - Friends of mine, Bowling for soup.

Harry was out in the garden relaxing in the sun, it was the first summer that he didn't have to go back to his aunt and uncles house, he had gone in to see them briefly to check that they had made it home alright after the war and to collect the rest of his stuff, after than he had been spending the summer with the Weasley's and it had been blissful, the horrors from the war, though still there, were fading along with the rest of the Death Eaters. Harry had nothing more the fear, and after one more year at Hogwarts he was going to train to be an auror, there was no more Voldemort the war was over, he was free.

Harry sighed and pushed up from the ground that he was laying on, the summer sun was fading over the fields that spanned out in front of him, the sky was a pale orange and there was a slightly chilly edge to the summer air that told Harry September was approaching and with it the last year of Hogwarts. Harry stood up and walked over to the kitchen window where he paused and looked in at the arrangement of Weasley's that were in there. The family had been piecing the pieces back together after the death of one of the twins, Fred, it had been especially hard on George his identical twin but they were coping, as was everyone at this time. Harry watched the crowd of red heads for a little while longer before he decided to go inside and finish his packing for the trail that was to be leaving tomorrow and take him, Ron and Ginny to Hogwarts for their final year together.

After the war Harry and Ginny tried at their relationship again, but shortly afterwards they decided that it wasn't going to work, there was something different now, Ginny had become closer to Neville and Luna after spending most of the school year with them and Harry felt like something was missing the whole time that they were together. He had hoped that this would have changed after they spent the summer together, but now they felt more like brother and sister. Ron's and Harry's relationship had become stronger after the war, it seemed like Ron had got over his jealous feelings towards Harry and his fame and it had made the pair almost inseparable. Hermione on the other hand had spent the summer in Australia where she had sent her parents before she had left with Harry on the quest to find the horcruxes, she had to explain what she had done to them and decided that it would be best if she didn't return till the start of term just to make sure that her parents remained safe during the years that it would take to round up the last of the Death Eaters.

Harry was glad as he packed up his trunk, no matter how much he loved the Burrow he loved Hogwarts more, it was his home, and was looking forward to the chance to spend at least one year there without complications, without worries other than exams, and without dragging himself or his friends into life threatening situations.

"You packed?" Ron asked as he came into Harry's room. Harry no longer had to share a room with Ron because the older Weasley children had all moved out; he was now sleeping the twins old room, that was still filled with all their old stock from their joke shop.

"Nearly, just need the stuff from the wash and then I'm done." Harry said as he placed the photo frame with pictures that changed from his parents, to one with the Weasley family, to one of him and his friends and back again in his trunk. "What about you?"

"Not yet, just need to put a few more things in that's all." Ron said looking rather sheepish.

"You haven't packed at all have you?" Harry asked laughing as his friends face reddened. "Come on, I'll help you." Harry and Ron traipsed up stairs with and starting sorting Ron's stuff out, and packing it inside Ron's trunk, well chucking it in there anyways.

"How do people pack these things so nicely I just don't get it!" Ron said as he tried to close the trunk with that was over flowing by sitting on it. "I mean, look at all the stuff that needs to go in it, it just doesn't fit."

"That's why they invented magic Ron." Ginny said as she appeared in the doorway of Ron's room. Ron snorted, Ginny raised her wand and muttered a few words under her breath, a second later Ron was thrown backwards as his trunk flew open, his stuff rose above him then fell back down into the trunk in neat piles leaving about two inches of free space in the trunk. Ginny grinned wickedly.

"Thanks Ginny." Ron muttered darkly.

"No problem." She said as he plonked herself down on Ron's bed. "You two looking forward to school?"

"Yeah, you?" Harry asked as flicked through one of Ron's Quidditch magazines that were laying on the floor.

"Yeah, last year! It's going to be weird being in the same year isn't it?"

"I'm sure it will be fine, it's not like there is going to be loads of us or anything, most of the Slytherins will be gone." Harry paused thinking for a few seconds wondering if Malfoy was going to be coming back. Harry had saved him on two occasions during the war and had told his parent where he was in the castle, Lucius had gone to Azkaban with his long death eater record. Narcissa was kept out by Harry's testimony explain how she had helped him which made them more than even in Harry's mind, and Draco had served the summer in community service projects for Muggles as punishment for being involved with the Death Eaters but could not be sent to prison as he had never committed crimes against Muggles really, he was forced into the Death Eater clan.

"Harry?" Ron asked looking worried. Harry's head snapped up realising that he had been staring into space and hadn't heard a word of what was being said.

"Yep?" He said trying to look attentive.

"You excited to see Hermione again, it's been so long since we last heard from her." Ron said.

"Ron we heard from her yesterday..." Harry said looking puzzled.

"Ron just want's to see her again, it's been so long since he's had any action." Ginny commented smirking.

"Shut up!" Ron said flinging a pillow at her with his wand this started off what became a friendly duel between the two, both who sent small jinxes towards each other as well as soft objects to hit the other. Harry sat there laughing at the two forgetting all about his earlier thoughts.

It was the next day, and they were standing on the platform together, Ron was craning his neck over the crowd. "Do you see her? I can't? What if she's not here? She will miss the train!"

"Don't worry about it Ron, if she misses the train I'm sure she will find a flying car to crash into the whomping willow." Ginny said after hugging her Mrs Weasley goodbye.

"Shut it you!" Ron said, turning to say goodbye to his mother as well before starting to walk towards the train, looking this way and that to see if Hermione had arrived yet.

"Thank you Molly." Harry said turning to her and giving her a hug too.

"Don't worry about it dear, now behave yourself, and if anything happens don't be afraid to owl." She said beaming at Harry.

"Thank you." Harry said, wondering how many dark wizards it would take for him to defeat before she stopped treating him like he was a baby. "Are you sure you will be okay with Teddy?" He asked, looking down at his godson that was asleep in the pram.

"Andromeda and me will be fine, Teddy's in safe hands don't you worry." Mrs. Weasley beamed as she looked down at the sleeping baby too.

"Thank you again for helping look after him, I really appreciate it." Harry keeled down in front of the pram. "Goodbye Teddy, I'll see you soon, don't forget me." Harry gave him a light kiss on the head before standing up and after saying his last goodbye's he started to make his way to the train. Teddy was Lupin and Tonks son and after they died Terry legally went into Harry's care as he was the godfather, Andromeda and Molly were sharing the task for looking after Terry until Harry could do so himself.

"Oomph." Harry said as he walked into something solid falling to the floor he looked up at what he had bumped into. "Malfoy?" Draco looked down at Harry fear in his eyes, Draco started to blush and look down at his feet. Harry realising that he was still on the floor stood up and brushed himself off. "What are you doing here?"

"Finishing my education, what do you think?" Draco said still not looking at Harry. His hair was still bright blonde and feel into his eyes, his sink was still as pale as marble but not as transparent as it was the last time that Harry had seen him.

"I thought you would be going to Durmstrang or something." Harry said, looking round at the mill of people who were watching them curiously glaring at Draco, no one seemed to be welcoming to him here at all.

"You think this reception is bad?" Draco said looking sideways at the glares. "At least no one has started to attack me, Durmstrang would be worse after hearing what my mother did I would be attacked by Death Eater children the moment I stepped though the doorway."

Harry nodded, a tough silence fell over them neither wanting to look at the other.

"How is your mother?" Harry asked, feeling stupid as soon as the words were though his lips, why was he asking after a woman whose husband and son tired to kill or torture him or his friends on many occasions?

"I'm fine thank you Mr. Potter." Said the haughty voice of Mrs. Malfoy that floated out from next to Harry. "And yourself?" Harry turned to look at her, she was the same as always, the same expression as if she had smelt something repulsive, but her voice, though business like held something different in it Harry thought, or he was just imaging it.

"I'm fine." He looked around at the crowd that was thinning as people moved on to the train, the ones nearest continued to glare...were they glaring at him too? "I better go, don't want to be late." Harry said, and without another word he turned on his heel and walked towards the train taking his trunk with him and started looking for Ron and Ginny.

"Harry there you are!" Ginny exclaimed leaning out of a compartment. "In here, we thought you had got lost or something."

"No I just bumped into a couple of people that I know." Harry said as he entered the carriage. "Oomph." Harry said again as he was brought into a tight hug by a bushy haired girl. "Hey Hermione." He said she let go of him.

"How are you? I missed you all so much!" Hermione said as she beamed at him. Her hair was as busy as it always was, and she was incredibly brown from the time that she had spent abroad.

"I'm good, how are you, and your parents?"

"I'm fine, my parents were angry when I told them what I did but they understood, after a while I think they were even grateful." She giggled as they sat down in the compartment, Harry next to Ginny who had Neville and Luna next to her, Ron sat with Hermione next to him, and he was beaming.

Shortly after the train started to pull away the crowd in the carriage was joined by Seamus Finnegan and Dean Thomas. "So this is where the famous Harry Potter is hiding, everyone is looking for you, there is a crowd of fan girls that are checking all the compartments I would watch out if I was you." Dean joked as he sat down in one of the empty seats.

"Thanks for the warning Dean." Harry said grinning. "How was your summer?"

"It was as good as it could be you know." They all smiled slightly knowing exactly what Dean meant.

Together their voices started singing.

"Well it was ugly but we made it this far
Some have gone but I forget who they are
Now the hangovers are worse but we get through them fine
Sleeping late but were not lazy
Getting older but were still crazy
I'm so glad that I have these friends o mine
It started out at a coffee shop in a most unlikely town
And there were casualties but we made it out anyhow
We stuck together through the good and bad times
Pulp Fiction, Blazing Saddles, and Fast Times
I'm so glad that I have these friends o mine"

They all looked at each other smiling as they continued to sing.

"And jobs girls and obstacles did all but break us down
Night clubs and broken vans in every major town
And I've got your back, you've got mine
Like Johnny Cash said "I walk the line"
And you can always count on me for one last beer"

Seamus and Dean h-fived each other jokingly.

"We saw the world and the world seemed smaller
Were getting wider but not getting no taller
I know we've grown up just a little lot of time
Were sleeping late but were not lazy
Were getting older but were still crazy
I'm so glad that I have these friends o mine
So glad that I have these friends o mine
So glad that I have these friends o mine"

The music stopped and they looked around before starting to laugh.

"Music is good for the soul." Said a small disembodied voice. They looked around to Harry's trunk where the voice seemed to have come from. Harry stood up and rummaged around trying to look for the thing that just talked. "It's me Harry." Harry pulled out a small chocolate frog card from the bottom of his trunk. it was Dumbledore who was smiling up at Harry from the card.

"Professor?" Harry asked confused, the others watched confused.

"You don't need to call me Professor now Harry, Dumbledore will do." The card said.

"What was that about, the singing?" Harry asked staring dumfounded at Dumbledores picture in the chocolate frog card.

"It's your last year and the war is over. Before I went I thought up an ingenious plan so that the wizarding world could get back to normal and put old prejudices behind them."

"And that was?" Harry asked amazed.

"I thought there was not enough music in the world so I decided to cast a simple spell that would affect the entire wizarding world once the war was won."

"But what if we didn't win?"

Dumbledore chuckled. "Then Voldemort would be singing himself, it was a way to secure some sort of ability to win the war if the battle failed to finish the way we planned."

Harry chuckled. "So you didn't have total faith in me then?"

Dumbledore scratched his nose. "It's not that, I knew the strength that Voldemort could have and I feared that it may have been too much. But that can be put behind us as we now only look towards what good there is."

"So that's it just one song?"

"Not quite Harry. You will see."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked but he received no answer as Dumbledore had just left the chocolate frog card. "I think we're in trouble." Harry said looking at the other shocked faces in the compartment.

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