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Btw. I don't know what happened after when the second gate disappeared. Did Deianeira stay on that planet, or did she leave together with Age? In this story, she goes with him, leaving her house and friends behind.

Departure and Love.

The captain had no idea what had just happened. A great portal had appeared and had just as quickly disappeared. He scanned the whole planet, but no sign of their great leader, Deianeira. "What are we supposed to do?" asked his little robot Pi. He sighed. "Please captain, don't worry about me." he heard the princesses voice in his head. "Understood. Please be happy. We'll take care of things from now on." "Thank you."

Iolaus was working on his robot when he too, got a message. His eyes saddened as he got the message from the princess, the first woman he had ever loved. He clenched his fists. He too had wanted to see Age once more, to thank him for everything and entrusting the princess to him. He hit the wall. "Age."

Tears ran down her cheeks. "Deianeira-sama!" Aneesha yelled out. She fell through her knees and cried out. 'Why?!' she thought. 'Why couldn't he come to them?! Why couldn't they just stay here and be happy here?!' Her bell rang. She looked back, but didn't have the strength to go and open the door. Instead, she turned her gaze to the ground. The princess, the one who kept the whole world in peace, her best friend, was gone. Her bell rang again.

"Aneesha?" she heard Iolaus' deep voice. She turned her gaze towards the door. "Iolaus?" she asked weakly. "Can I come in?" he asked. 'Yes.'

The door opened. "Aneesha." he mumbled as he saw the state she was in. She gave him a weak smile and then tried to stand up. She failed miserably. As she was about to fall back down, someone held her by her upper arms. "You shouldn't push yourself." Iolaus said while placing her down on a chair nearby. "Thank you." she mumbled as he knelt in front of her.

As she looked at his face, she saw that he too, had a rough time. "You must feel bad as well." she mumbled. "I know you loved her." He gritted his teeth. "I did love her…but…" he turned his gaze away from her, afraid his tears would show. Aneesha seeing this hugged him, well, his head. Wrapping her arms around his neck she pulled him towards her. "At a time like this, it's okay to cry. Even for you." He hugged her back. "I used to love her…" he mumbled while silently enjoying her embrace. "But…Aneesha…" he stood up and caressed her hair. "You've changed me…made me feel different." he looked her deeply in the eyes. "Age and you have made me realise that…" he pushed his lips on hers, making her eyes widen in disbelief.

"I love you." he finished. She looked up at him. "You know I've always loved you." she mumbled, not believing that this was really happening.

Standing at the planet where Age and Deianeira had disappeared they watched at the stars. "We will always remind you." Aneesha closed her eyes. 'We'll never forget you. Deianeira-sama…Age.' 'Neither shall we.' Their eyes widened. "Did you just…?" Aneesha nodded. "Yes…"

And under that starry sky, with the blessing of their best friends, Iolaus put his arm around Aneesha and together they smiled towards the starry sky, hoping that the future would stay this nice.

The end.

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