Chapter One- The REAL Ending

It had been ten days in the Overland since Gregor had left Regalia to try to live a normal life, and he was already sick of it. Day in and day out he thought of Luxa. One day it became too much for him.

"I can't take it anymore!" he randomly shouted at the open air in front of him.

Lizzie, who was reading in the next room, swung her head around the wall and asked, "Did you say something, Gregor?"

"It's too much!" he yelled, frustrated. "I don't belong up here! I feel like I belong down there, with Luxa!"

That had been too much for Lizzie. A tear rolled down her cheek. "Don't you realize that I miss them too? I had friends down there, real friends, not like oven-boy Jeremiah."

Gregor was shocked. Lizzie never insulted people. He noticed the torrent of tears flowing down her face, and he hugged her, trying to make her feel better. How stupid he'd been to say that!

Gregor said soothingly, "Lizzie, I think we should go back down."

Lizzie screeched, "WHAT?! We have a LIFE down here, Gregor! What about Grandma? What about Dad? And what about Mom? They're all still recuperating, Gregor!"

Lizzie's comment stung.

"Fine, I'll go myself."

Lizzie's eyes widened even more. "I'm telling Mom."

"No, don't! Listen, Lizzie, I want to take you all with me!"

"I am never ever going down there again, Gregor. I would know I'd have to leave, and that would be too much for me."

"Fine. I'll just go by myself. Don't tell Mom for a day or two, when she starts to get nervous. Then you can all come down if you want to and join me."

Lizzie's eyes widened. "MOM!"

Gregor clamped a hand over her mouth. "I'm going right now. Are you sure you don't want to come?"

His hand lifted, allowing her to talk. "We've established that. GREGOR'S RUNNING AWAY, MOM!"

Gregor grabbed a loose backpack from his room just in case and ran out of their apartment and down the stairs. When he got to the laundry room, he pried off the grate and called, "IS anyone down there?"

"Drop, Overlander," purred a voice that was familiar to him.

He jumped into the mist and onto the bat.

"Nike? Howard? What are you guys doing here?"

Howard smiled. "Patrolling in case you decided to come back, of course. Luxa and I go on shifts."

"Yeah, well, my family's not going to be too happy about this..." And with that, Gregor explained his escape plan.

Nike was just coasting into the High Hall as Gregor finished, "So I jumped and there you were!"

Gregor got off Nike and looked around, finally spotting the main reason he had come back.

"Gregor?" Luxa asked happily.

"Luxa, I'm back! To stay!"

The two ran up to each other, and, ignoring everyone around them, kissed each other.

After they pulled apart, Luxa said, "Welcome home, Gregor."

A/N So, were any of you disappointed with the ending of Code of Claw? I know I was, so I decided to write the REAL ENDING here that we would all wish to see. This is not a one-shot, and will flourish into a full story in due time. Review, por favor!