Very (Very!) short oneshot about Scorpius's departure from Malfoy Manor. Sorry about the POV this story is written in, but it wouldn't come out any other way! -Misty

You sigh, as you pack the last of your remaining possessions, and close your trunk. You look around at the four walls that have been your bedroom for the past twenty years. You try with all your might to think of something happy that occurred here, but you find your mind has drawn a blank. With a wave of your wand you shrink your trunk, and place it in your pocket. You give your room one last glance, and close the door.

You walk down the stairs, and find your mother waiting for you in the foyer.

"I love you." she says, and she pulls you in to a hug. "Always remember that."

She pulls back. "Tell Lily I said hello."

You nod. "I love you too Mum."

You turn around and look towards the direction of your father's office. You can see the shadow from his fire playing along the walls of the hallway. You contemplate on whether or not you should say good bye.

The words you want to say are on the tip of your tongue. Why? Why wasn't I ever good enough?

You think better of it, and turn back to your mother.

"I'll see you on Saturday." She promises.

You smile. "I'll be the one in the dress robes, up front."

Her face suddenly becomes serious. "I'm proud of you; always have been."

"I know Mum."

She moves fast, so fast that you can't sure. But you think she wipes away a tear. "Go on, get out of here."

You give her one last hug, and you don't look back. You walk outside, and through the gate to Disapparate to Godric's Hollow.