Tony was perched on the corner of McGee's desk recalling the time he and the blond….


Ziva hid her smile as McGee trained his eyes on the computer screen in front of him.

"Glad to see you hard at work, DiNozzo." Gibbs mentally reminded himself to head-slap Tony later.

"Uh, yeah, I was… uh…" Tony stuttered over an explanation when he knew he should just stay quiet.

"I thought so." Gibbs carried in the drink holder with sodas for everyone and a Caf-Pow! for Abby.

"We brought lunch, guys!" Abby held up two sacks containing the sandwiches. The agents all pulled their chairs up around Gibbs desk while Abby handed out the sandwiches she had ordered for everyone and then the drinks. Gibbs pulled up a chair for Abby and placed it next to his behind the desk.

Everyone settled into their seats and started in on lunch. Abby leaned back slightly into her chair and propped her ankles up on Tony's knee.

"So what have you guys been up to today?" Tony asked through a mouth full of sandwich.

Abby glanced over at Gibbs before she spoke; her voice was slightly muted. "We went back to the cabin."

McGee, Ziva and Tony sat a little straighter. "Are you ok?"

Abby sucked noisily on the straw to the Caf-Pow! they had picked up on the way in, and nodded. "I'm ok. I think it was good for me to see everything in daylight without all the pain." Her hand moved to her stomach. "Plus having Gibbs there made me feel safe. I feel better now. Not 100%, but I'm getting there. When we left I just had to overwhelming urge to come here and be with you guys, so here we are."

"Lunch is greatly appreciated."

"Although, I'm not sure earned." Gibbs broke in, referring to Tony chatting away about personal matters with McGee when they had arrived.

Abby made quick use of her elbow, elbowing Gibbs in the side. She was pleased that he was sitting close enough that the movement hadn't been a stretch. "Be nice. They've been working hard."

Gibbs tried to ignore the slight sparkle in her eye, though it was the first time he had seen it since the whole ordeal.

When he was done with his sandwich, he rested his arm on the back of Abby's chair, his finger casually twirling one of her pigtails. Her hair had been down earlier, but she had pulled it back up before they arrived back at headquarters.

He stayed out of the conversation for the most part. He observed the way Abby chatted; she used her hands a lot when it was something that she was passionate about. He noticed the way her lips pursed together when she tried to avoid laughing too hard at a joke made by Tony at McGee's expense. His thumb itched to reach out and sweep across her lower lip. That would have to wait.

Abby would glance over at him every so often, making sure he was at least following along, and that he didn't look bored. She tried to ignore the feeling of him playing with her hair, but it was so damn soothing. She wanted nothing more than to curl up on his lap and cling to him tightly.

She could feel his eyes on her the entire time, and she could also feel Tony's internal struggle not to say anything. She was sure Ziva had noticed as well, but she was much harder to read. McGee, she assumed, was oblivious.

As the conversation slowed, Abby felt it was time to go. As much as she enjoyed spending time with the team, they were technically on duty, and she knew Gibbs would ride them hard the next day if they hadn't finished the paper work they were elbow deep in.

"Alright, guys. You should get back to work. I'd hate to get you in trouble with the boss tomorrow." She gave a wide-eyed look when Gibbs gave her pigtail a yank.

Abby held up Gibbs garbage can for everyone to toss their trash. She stood as they all moved back towards their own desks; rolling her chair back over to the desk it had been taken. She walked back towards Gibbs desk and held out her hand. "Let's go, Gibbs. We have things to discuss."

The smile was faint across her lips, but it spoke volumes through her eyes. Her reward was a small, lop-sided grin as he stood. Gibbs grabbed his keys and the jacket off the back of his chair before taking her hand.

Tony watched with wide eyes as Gibbs walked hand-in-hand with Abby towards the elevator. Had he been a little more centered in front of the elevator he would've seen the smile on Abby's face when Gibbs kissed her forehead and said, "I guess we do."

Tony grinned once the elevator doors closed. "You know what they're gonna do- oww!" He grimaced at the double head-slap courtesy of Ziva and McGee.


The End.

I'm so happy for those of you who stuck through this story to the end. I wanted to end with a little classic Tony, but also leave it open for a sequel should I get bored of all the other ficlets I've got going on. And I apologize to those who were hoping to see the rating change to M here at the end.

The smut bunnies will come out to play in the next one, pinky swear!