(Author's note: So...yeah. This is my first fanfiction. XD This is just a little practice one-shot for now, but I may add more chapters if I think of a plot. Right now I'm just working on my writing style, and trying to get out of the habit of using the characters' names so much, which I'm sure I still did anyway. -_- Any help on that would be appreciated. Reviews are loved with the intensity of a thousand suns. Or something like that. Now, to the story! :D)

Matt hurriedly closed his laptop as Mello stomped into their cramped apartment. The blonde definitely did not need to see the websites that Matt had decided were more important than his work.

"Matt," he practically growled, narrowing his eyes at the gamer, "Is there any particular reason you aren't watching those surveillance tapes I told you to look through?"

Matt gulped. Time to change the subject. "Uh...nope. But I bought you some chocolate." Ouch. Judging from Mello's glare, the distraction wasn't going over well. He was seething now, his icy blue eyes still locked on Matt.

"Yes, you bought me some chocolate with the money I gave you. I'm so grateful. Now then, an explanation?"

The redhead laughed nervously. "C'mon Mel, I'm sorry about the tapes, I-- Hey!" Matt ducked a little too late and was hit in the forehead with the boot Mello chucked at him. He gave Mello a glare and tackled him to the floor. "Don't throw shit at me when I'm trying to apologize!"

Mello snickered. Making Matt angry always helped his own temper. He rolled to the right quickly, knocking his friend off balance and pinning him to the floor. Matt looked even more pissed than before as Mello smirked down at him.

"I'll throw shit at you whenever I want, Matty." Matt actually blushed a little at the nickname, lessening his glare at the blonde just a bit. When the only answer he got was some indignant mumbling from the gamer, Mello boredly ran his fingers through the boy's hair. Matt instantly relaxed, figuring the fight was over and letting his eyes slip shut. Mello laughed, scratching behind his ear. Matt gave an annoyed groan at being treated like a dog.

The redhead opened his eyes to look up at Mello. "Alright, seriously, you're the weirdest-- Whoa." Matt blinked. Mello's face was close to his. Like way too close. "Dude, personal space." Mello just kept smirking.

"Fuck your personal space."

And before Matt could even think of a sarcastic comment on how eloquent his friend was, Mello smashed their lips together.