"I told you I'm sorry about what I said! Stop bitching at me! You should be grateful I got you out of there!"

To say things hadn't gone well after Matt got back to the apartment would be an understatement. Sure, Mello had apologized, but for the past hour he'd been denying Matt any explanation for what happened. And their fights had a history of being particularly nasty.

"I am grateful! I just want to know the real reason you did all that touchy feely shit with me! And I'm not bitching!"

Mello groaned, rubbing his forehead to ward off the beginnings of a headache. "Just shut up, Matt. I'll explain."

Matt didn't look very happy about being told to shut up, but he crossed his arms and sat on the couch, looking expectantly at Mello for an answer.

The blonde sat in the armchair across from him, sighing a little. "Look Matt, you know we're best friends. I'm not just gonna sit here and say I'm in love with you all of a sudden, because I honestly don't think I am. But I care about you more than anyone, and I feel comfortable doing that kind of stuff with you. And I think maybe I could end up loving you, eventually."

Matt waiting for his friend to finish talking, and couldn't help laughing a bit. "You didn't want to tell me that? It would've made me really happy to hear all that, you ass." He got up from the couch and sat on the arm of Mello's chair, ruffling his blonde hair and wrapping an arm around his shoulders.

The blonde smirked a little, leaning against Matt. "You know I can never do things the easy way." Matt smiled.

"I know."

(Author's note: XD Alright everyone, this is probably the last chapter. D: Honestly, I can't decide if I want to end it with this, but I really don't want to have to go through the whole sad scene of them dying. XD And even though I've been trying for days, I can't come up with a way for them to get out of it, since it was almost necessary to the show's plot. So unless someone has like...an amazing suggestion for how they could cooperate with Near or something, this should be the end of the fic. XD And yeah, I know it's a little sappy.)