1. Broken heart.

I sat down next to my short-tempered cousin. Leah was beautiful in more ways than one. Her long, blonde hair was scraped back, and showed her model like cheek bones. Her eyes were full of joy. Her long-term boyfriend, Sam Uley, had been found after being missing for a few weeks.

"Oh, Emily! Finally, after all this time." She smiled through her tears. I patted her back soothingly.

"See, I told you everything would be fine. All you had to do is give it time. Now go and have a shower." I ordered pushing Leah of her worn out, couch.

She hadn't had one since the day he went. Searching everyday with Miss Uley in the woods wasn't doing anything for her hair.

"Fine I'll have a shower!" She snapped. "But, you have to cut it short for me."

I stared at her with my mouth hanging open. I nodded not trusting my normally happy voice.

After twenty minuets of snipping at Leah's hair it started to look great. I smiled to myself.

My cell phone bussed in my pocket, causing me to jump.

"Emily, come on I'm growing older by the second." I laughed. My childhood friend, Melina, was so impatient.

"I'll be there in a few. Let me get Leah sorted." I heard Leah sigh. She hated being babied. I put my cell back in my jeans just as she had answered hers.

"Sam?" Her whole face lit with pure joy. "Is that really you? Oh, my God, I've been going out of my freakin' mind! Sure... yeah in half an hour? Sounds good! Love you, bye."

"I better be of. Have a good time and don't take any crap from anyone you see."

People, had been saying awful things, not just people in La Push, in Forks, Seattle and Port Angeles. I have no idea why some people were against the Quileute reservation. I lived a few minuets away.

I slipped though the door as soon as possible. It was a rare hot day, in this rainy part of the world. I walked to the blue 4x4, and got in. This was my late parents present to me for my graduation. Driving to Port Angeles was long after the day I have had. I'm the light at the end of the long, dark tunnel. It's worth it though, especially when you know that you have given someone a reason to smile.


After, my little shopping trip I went back to my small but quaint house. I started to doze of when a loud bang coming from my front door. I was instantly awake, not bothering to check who it was I ran to open it. A tall, Native American was at my door with nothing but faded cut shorts on. His muscles were huge and defined and so was his face. I looked at him in the eyes. Nothing was there anymore. I was suddenly drawn to this strange man.

"Er, hi?" I said it like a question not sure what to do or say.

"I'm Sam Uley. Leah fainted and I didn't want to take her back to her house. No one was in." He said in what sounded like an authorized tone.

I looked down to see an unconscious Leah curled up in Sam's arms.

"Thank you. Put her down on the couch and I'll call the doctor." I said while trying to put my dressing gown on and find my cell.

"No!" He said quickly. "She fainted because, I said we can't be together anymore."

"Put her down, and then I'd like you to leave." I said trying to stay calm. I'm normally so calm, why was this guy bringing out all my emotions?

"Ok, tell Leah I'm sorry." With that crushed look on his face he walked out and didn't return.

Everything, in my body wanted to go after him. I sighed and sat on the couch, curled around Leah.


Rain splattered across the windows, wind threatening to take the trees down. Coldness seeped through my veins.

"Hi Emily, I'm sorry for last night." Leah said with a weak smile. I knew she was hurting more than she was letting on. I wanted to now, but she'll tell me in her own time. I don't like to pry into people's life; it's an invasion of privacy.

"Hey, would you like anything for breakfast?" Trying to act normal, like nothing happened.

"Go on then." She sighed as she followed my lead into the kitchen.

After breakfast I drove Leah back to her house. She lives with Sue and Harry (her mom and dad) with funny short nearly fourteen Seth. More like a home than any other. The Clearwater's.

"Hey Emily, nice of you to stop by. Have you seen Lea-" She stopped open-mouthed as Leah stepped in. "What did happed?" She asked franticly.

"Nothing." She replied simply. "Stayed at Em's and asked her to cut my hair. Oh and got dumped by the love of my life." Sue was running with a box of tissues as Leah let out a pain filled cry. Poor Leah, she was heart broken.