Oh god! I am sooo sorry I am a terrible author!! Over a month and nearing two is unacceptable and I am sooo sorry, read this please!!

Reason for the story:

That's not meant to happen – I have written half of a chapter and it was too sad so I've scrapped it and started again, though I haven't gotten very far!! I promise no matter what I will force myself to work until I get at least 4000 words! Then I swear I'll do a sequel!

It's about time – Ok right I am so not going to lie coz everyone need to know the truth that likes this story...I FORGOT!! I know how terrible I can't remember most of it! No need to worry I'm back to work as soon as I can!

Behind the scars – When I get time I'm going to re-do everything about that story and make it the story it should be! I'm still going to leave the old chapters up though, as a reminder!

On the run – OK so I know this is a complete failure so no one needs to tell me! I am going to leave that chapter up as a reminder bus it's going to be written and the plot is going to change slightly!

Mother and Daughter – This is now called Guardian, and a completely different story but the first chapter will stay as a reminder ok? New summary: When Jane starts to act out, Aro is disgusted with her and orders her to live with a guardian until she is cured from this mysterious thing. Rosalie is forced to be the Guardian. Will ties be made or will hate get the better of them?

My big brother Emmett – Chapter three was terrible!! I rushed it and didn't care about any of it so now that I'm going to get back with my stories again it's going to be re written with the help of my awesome beta and close friend abimaddevil17.

Ok so there it is! I think I took a break from all of it but now I want to start working again!!