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Also Edward has no memory of his human life.

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I slammed my locker door closed. I was in a hurry to leave, not that I don't love school and all but I was hungry and currently trying to avoid my Labrador like friend Mike.

I walked to the corner of the hall and peered around, James Bond style, fingers pointed in a gun and everything.

Seeing as Mike wasn't there I strolled casually down the hall, I considered strutting but figured it might be a bit much.

I left the school and walked in the direction of the field directly behind Forks high. I walked through the field to my house because it was quicker and easier to avoid certain tail wagging Labradors.

I was just walking you know minding my own business when this big rock suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

I tripped and went flying. I tried to stand up again but I couldn't move without my ankle hurting.

I checked my phone. I could call Charlie, my dad or Mike, no not mike. The battery was dead, perfect timing as ever.

I threw my bag to the ground and settled in comfortably, I could be here for a while.

I was sitting for about ten minutes playing solitaire on the ground, idly wondering where the cards had come from.

That was when I noticed a shadow at the edge of the trees.

The shadow was moving toward me and I had a strange impulse to wave.

The shadow seemed crouched, in an oddly feline position.

As it came into view, I saw that it was a man, or perhaps a boy. He couldn't be any older then my sixteen years.

He was gorgeous, inhumanly so.

His skin was pale, white, almost as if he was a ghost, I felt like reaching out and checking if my hand would go through him just to be sure, though he seemed pretty solid.

His features were chiselled and his hair, which was a complete mess mind you a cute mess, was a strange bronze colour.

But certainly the thing that stood out above all his other features were his eyes, which were round with curiosity and innocence, were a bright startling crimson, pretty awesome eye colour actually.

He was a mere three or four steps away now. Should I be running? Right ankle, never mind.

He stepped closer and we were about a nose length apart, depending on whose nose, average I suppose.

Then he leaned forward, the tip of his nose brushing against my cheek and…… HE SNIFFED ME!

Seriously some weird ass, red-eyed, cat dude just sniffed me!

Clearly this guy has boundary issues.

"Hey, hey back up dude, you can not just go up to people and sniff them", I said pushing his head away from me.

He looked up, surprised. He sat back down on the grass and crossed his legs, looking at me with innocent eyes.

"But you smell good".

And that's not weird at all.

"Eh thanks….I guess", I looked at him and he just stared back at me blinking.

"So eh….do you often go up to people and sniff them?", I asked, kinda curious.

He nodded and I stared at him blankly, dude had issues. "Your blood smells tasty", he said cheerfully, as if that often came up in casual conversation.

Great, first a Labrador, now a vampire, maybe I had issues. I could go to one off those mental places, personally I'd always found the jackets pretty stylish.

He leaned forward and sniffed me again. No he was definitely the one with issues.

"Hey, hey man come on we haven't even had a first date", I joked.

He pulled back and frowned at me, puzzled "First date?".

I sighed. "What's a date?", he asked curiously sitting back down again all thoughts of sniffing me forgotten.

"Eh…that's what two people do when they like each other", I explained, not really knowing how else to explain it, I tried to avoid dating.

"Do I like you?" he asked, curiously.

"Eh… I don't know do you?", this was fast becoming awkward.

"I like your blood", he said, grinning as if he that was a great compliment to give.

"Eh why don't we try getting to know each other first before we do anything rash", I said trying to ignore how hungry I was.

"I'm Bella", I offered.

"Edward", he said grinning crookedly.

"So….you're a vampire?", I asked though I suppose it was pretty obvious.

He nodded enthusiastically grinning still.

"Em… so how are you?", I asked, to be polite.

"Hungry", figures.

"Yeah me too", I sighed. Thinking of the nice big cheese pizza I could've ordered by now, not that chatting with a vampire wasn't great and all.

"Here you can have some of my blood", he offered and leaned forward to let me bite him.

"Vampires don't have blood", I said.

"Yes we do", huh I was officially throwing away all of my old and apparently useless vampire books "but yours is tastier", wow he was a pretty straight forward kinda guy.

"Eh thanks but I don't actually drink blood", I informed him.

He leaned back and peered at me, through long lashes.

"What do you drink?".

"Eh… water", I said but it sounded like a question. "But I eat food".

"Oh, what's that like?", he asked.

"Somehow I don't think you'd like it", I said trying to block out the imaginary image of a fridge.

"Oh, ok", he said looking contemplative "Bella are we on a date now?".

"Eh… not quite", I answered, wondering if it'd be rude to just leave.

"Now?". "No".

He opened his mouth again but I interrupted first "No".

He stared down at the ground, looking like a little boy who'd just been scolded by his mother. He needed a hug.

I noticed that my ankle wasn't hurting as much anymore; I could go home and get something to eat at last.

I felt a little sad at leaving Edward, I wondered if I'd see him again.

"Well anywho I'd better be getting home, you know food and all that jazz….", I said trailing off as I saw the disappointed look on his face.

"Bella?", he asked peering up at me with innocent eyes.

"Yes Edward?", I asked.

"Can I go home with you?".

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