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I opened my eyes to see Edward crouching over me, an ecstatic smile adorning his face.

"Finally", he exclaimed loudly "you're awake". With that said he leaned forward and crushed his lips to mine.

"What the hell man?", I yelled, pulling back, leaving Edward looking confused as he blinked innocently.

"I was going to kiss you", Edward said cheerfully, smiling widely "so we can have a baby".

"Of course, a baby", I muttered under my breath "you're more maternal then my mother".

"So are we going to have a baby now?", Edward asked, bouncing slightly in his excitement.

"Yeah, yeah", I mumbled, getting out of bed "call me in nine months".

I pulled on some clothes while Edward sat on my bed waiting, I considered kicking him out but I figured what was the point, we were already having a baby.

When I was finished dressing and had helped Edward get dressed too, cause apparently vampires didn't understand the concept of pants, we went downstairs for some breakfast.

I ate my cereal while Edward slurped his tomato juice happily, fooled by its blood red colour.

"What are we doing today Bella?", Edward asked, staring out the window.

"I have to go to school", I said shrugging.

Edward looked up, excitement poorly contained within him "Can I come?".

I considered that for a moment, weighing the pros and cons.

Having a vampire around might get me out of that biology test, depending on how hungry Edward was.

"Sure, why not?", I said, shrugging indifferently.

Edward followed me to school, skipping slightly as I sauntered along.

I pushed the entrance doors open, thanking the fact that Forks High had 0 security and I wouldn't need to fabricate a story as of to why Edward was here.

As we walked to my first class Mike, man's best friend strolled towards me, "Hey Bells", he said, waving his arm to catch my attention even though he was two feet in front of me.

I nodded to Mike mutely, which he took as encouragement "So who's your friend?", Mike asked eyeing Edward, who was skipping through the halls, his eyes wide with wonder.

"That's Edward", I replied "He's a vampire".

Mike nodded absently and scurried off when the bell rang.

I pulled Edward along to my first class, English with Mrs. Jefferson.

Edward sat in the back with me, twiddling his thumbs while I doodled a picture of my pickle, Brad.

We were sitting in the canteen when we were approached by Lauren, who had her eye on Edward.

She whispered something in his ear while I was staring at the pretty butterfly outside the window.

"No thank you", Edward said very loudly, everybody's heads turning towards us "I don't want to kiss you", he announced.

"I'm already having a baby with Bella".

Lauren looked to me for confirmation "You heard the man", I said, munching on my extra spicy taco.

I sighed and stood, dragging Edward with me. I decided to skip the rest of my classes and we headed home, Edward jumping along, running after butterflies he spotted.

When we arrived home I spotted my dad's car outside and I wondered for a moment where he had been for the last few weeks.

We went inside, my dad saying hello to me and eyeing Edward with mild curiosity.

"Hello", Edward beamed, throwing his arm around my shoulder "we're having a baby".

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