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The knock on the door came at almost the exact same time as a random clock that so happened to be near us began to chime six times. With a sigh, Seto got to move me off of his lap and left Mokie, Noah and me staring at the TV to go answer the door. There pups and I had our eyes glued to the screen like brain dead zombies until the smell of cheese, pepperoni and other pizza related scents wafted up our nostrils. With that stimulus, we perked right up and ran to the kitchen to jump the mini mountains of cardboard boxes like ravenous animals.

It didn't even take us, the yamis, hikaris, pups, Seto and me, a full hour to slaughter every last one of the six that was ordered. Fat, dumb and happy, as the saying goes, we were lounged out in various locations of the living room, waiting for the sun to go down for the yami's and Seto's mission to begin. We put in another movie to pass the time.

As the end credits rolled, Seto and the yamis got up and went upstairs to change. When they came back down, they were decked out in all black. Combat like boots and gloves adorned their hands and feet and everyone, with the exception of the wolf, wore black hats (I would never know how yami managed to get the damn thing to stay on his head) and not a thing could be seen of their light locks. In all honesty, they looked like they were about jack a bank or something.

"We're leaving now," my mate said as he wrapped his arms around my waist. "We'll be back as soon as we can. Take care of yourself and make sure that the pups get to bed, okay?"

"Of course. You be careful too."

"I will be." He smiled and gave me a quick kiss before turning around and leading the yamis to the garage. I watched him leave sadly and prayed with everything that I had that they would all come back safe.

"Hey, Jou?" Yugi asked about two hours after our mates left. We had just gotten done putting the pups to bed and all of the hikaris and I were sitting in the living room waiting for the others to get back.

"Yeah?" I replied, fixing my half asleep gaze to him. That's when I noticed that everyone was staring at me. "What?"

"Why do you have a bite mark on your neck?" Malik asked, his lips curling in a perverted smirk. I paled and brought my hand up to cover it.

Damn it, I thought. I completely forgot that was there!

When I got up and changed before I exited my and Seto's room I had made sure that it was covered, knowing that I would get this kind of reaction form the others. It looked like I didn't do a good enough job when we all changed into pjs.

"You and Kaiba have been having some fun without telling us haven't you?" the now dubbed sadistic blonde hikari asked wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"Maybe." I blushed red as a tomato.

"Oh come on, there's nothing to be embarrassed about!" He nudged me with his elbow. "You've talked about our activities no problem. What's the difference?"

"It's not that I'm embarrassed about actually doing it. It just that I totally acted like a bitch in heat! I can't believe myself!" I gripped my hair and damn near pulled the two fist full's out of my head. "I was so bad that he felt the need to reassert his dominance! He actually had to growl at me!"

"That's nothing to be upset about!" the Egyptian ass laughed. "If the sexual tension's high enough you just act! If you need it, you need it."

"I'm inclined to agree with him," the white haired hikari said fixing me with a serious gaze.

"Me too," the little lion said with a shrug. I groaned and laid back on the couch.

"Why am I friends with you guys again?"

"Because you love us and would be totally lost without us?" Yug offered.

"Oh yeah."

Seto POV

"Everyone's clear on the plan, right?" Yami asked, looking around the group. Said plan was to have Bakura brake into the house that we were parked about two miles from. Once inside, he would disable all of the security devices like the thief he was and let Yami, Marik and me in.

We all nodded and began our trek to the asshole's mansion to end it for good. Using our genetically enhanced speed and night vision, we ran through some woods, dodging stray tree limbs and leaping over roots easily. Probably breaking some record, we made it there in only three minutes.

The cats were able to climb the ten foot wall much faster and more easily than I was, but I didn't slow our operation down too much. As soon as we landed in the other side, we heard barking. I looked up to find guard dogs of various breeds charging right at us and some men with flashlights right behind them.

"You get the goons," I said. "I've got the dogs."

They didn't need any more encouragement. Without missing a beat, they were on top of the goons and had them unconscious. My job was just as easy. One growl from me and the once fierce looking canines were on their backs baring their bellies and necks. That was one thing about dogs that came in handy on our mission. They submit when in the presence of an individual stronger than themselves.

Once sure that the guards wouldn't be waking up anytime soon, Bakura went on his way. Yami, Marik and I sat with the dogs until the lights started flashing in one room. It was our signal.

Quick as a flash, we got up and ran over the grounds, into the house and followed the trail of knocked out people to the guard station. Bakura was, obviously, already there, sitting in the seat in front of the screens and computers.

"What's the situation?" Yami asked, leaning onto the back of the chair to get a better view of the monitors. A quick glance told me that all of the cameras that they were hooked up to were keeping surveillance of an area deeper in. There weren't any aimed at the grounds or the entrance way, meaning that whoever set it up found the one area that was covered much more important. If my thinking was right, which was probably the case, the one covered area was most likely the owner's room, or where he kept his research.

"I've already turned off the alarms for most of the house," the white hared yami replied. "There's some kind of code though, so I can't do anything else." He turned to me. "I believe that hacking in and getting past virtual defenses is your forte, priest."

"Of course," I said, grabbing the chair that the yami had opened for me and got to work. Within thirty seconds I had all of the defenses down and I was able to pull up what section of the house the cameras were trained on. I let an evil smirk loose as I read the location. "Master bedroom. Found it."

"Let's go then," our alpha said and, after quickly looking over the map of the house and memorizing the exact location of our desired destination, led the way out.

The bastard's door was just ahead of us. As much as we wanted to just knock down the damn thing and, basically, burst in guns blazing (no we didn't really have guns) we promised our mates that we would come home safe. It irked us to be patient and take the time to listen in and make sure nothing was waiting for us on the other end, but it was better than risking having to run for our lives from pissed off ukes. Hearing nothing but light snores, we slowly and silently opened the door and found our target sleeping soundly in his bed.

We all joined in a group smirk and crept our way to the slumbering asshole's bed. In a joint effort, we each grabbed a part of the mattress and flipped it, effectively waking him up. He hit the ground with a yelp and sat up, staring wide eyed at us. The four of us glared at him as realization downed on his face.

"Well, well," he began, composing himself and standing with an air of self-superiority. "If it isn't half of my little group of test subjects. How have you been?"

"Cut the bullshit," I growled.

"Oh my!" the bastard exclaimed in theatrical shock. "Such language."

Yami sent a nod in Marik and Bakura's direction and they charged at him, grabbing him by one arm each and using their free arms to press their claws against his throat. My cousin and I watched in a kind of sadistic satisfaction as he paled and tried his damnedest to at least look calm.

"I-I that the experiment has had quite a few extraordinary results."

"You can say that again," I sneered. "Heightened senses, claws, fangs and animalistic instincts. You've definitely succeeded in giving us quite a few more things to worry about hiding. As if the powers we have that you were able to somehow detect weren't enough!"

"P-please," he stuttered out as Yami and I began stalking towards him. "I-it was just so magnificent! You understand Kaiba-san, don't you? After all, you're a scientist of sorts yourself, aren't you?"

"At least I know not to involve myself in the supernatural." He began to shake as I grabbed his wiry red hair and forced him to look me in eye so he could take the full brunt of my death glare. "If you're so fascinated by our magic, than why don't we show you just what it is that you're trying to get yourself into?"

"That sounds like a brilliant idea," my ancient cousin said, the sennen eye glowing on his forehead. Taking the hint, Bakura and I activated our shadow powers too and we all went to the shadow realm. The scientist stared around him in horror and his eyes widened as he laid eyes on the yamis and me.

Instead of the attire that we wore upon breaking into his house, Yami, Bakura and I were in our ancient garb. Of course I didn't really notice that until I so happened to turn my attention to the hand I was using to grip his hair. It felt so right to see that the appendage was the dark tan that I had formerly been and to feel the fabric of my priest robes draped over me.

"Before we damn your soul to eternal torment, there is one thing that I wish to ask," Yami said, fully decked out in his royal attire. The man in my and the other two yami's grasp nodded frantically. "Why did you involve our counterparts and Jou?"

Yami's eyes were ablaze so much with rage that I was honestly waiting for fire to start coming out of them. Apparently the scientist did too.

"C-comparison! I wanted to know how your powers would change the effect!"

The former Pharaoh wasn't the only one that was pissed beyond belief at that point. The shadows began to shift and swirl around us and took the form of monsters behind us. Before would could even think that we were going too far, which we wouldn't have done even if we had the time, we were surrounded by eight of our most trusted monsters.

"To what do we owe the honor of our summoning, my Pharaoh?" the Dark Magician asked, bowed respectfully behind him. Joining him was the Dark Magician Girl, the Egyptian god monsters, Kisara, Diabound and whatever it was that Marik summoned that I couldn't see because it was hidden by Obelisk the Tormenter.

"This man has done something abominable that deserves the worse punishment that we can dish out."

"Has he wronged all of you," Kisara asked, turning her frozen blue eyes to the trembling man. Marik and Bakura weren't even bothering to hold him down anymore since he was too scared to move. Her only answer was a curt nod from all four of us. "What is his crime?"

"He attacked and altered the hikaris' bodies and my mate, Katsuya. My cousin, our friends and I were attacked also."

I could feel electricity cackle through the air and the shadow of the woman that was standing behind me grew and warped into that of my most trusted dragon, the Blue Eyes White Dragon. As several fierce growls and roars ripped through the air, their target let out a pathetic whimper and may have pissed himself.

"May we have our way with him?" the draconic woman asked through yet another growl.

"Do as you will," my ancient cousin said. Without a second to lose, all of the monsters were on top of their prey and the only thing that we could make of him was the blood curdling screams that he released for only a few short seconds.

Once done with their task, all of the monsters disappeared with their own show of respect. The only that did not do so, was Kisara. Instead, she just reverted back to her human form and stared at me, begging for an audience with her eyes. Understanding, I nodded and turned to the yamis.

"You guys go on ahead. I'll meet up with you at the car." They nodded to me and left the shadow realm. Knowing that we were alone, I turned to the woman that was standing behind me, patiently waiting for me to start the conversation. I gave her a small smile. "It's nice to see you again, Kisara."

"The same to you." Her returning smile was so bright that it reminded me a bit of Mokie. "I would like to thank you for treasuring me in this life."

"I'm the one that should be grateful. If it weren't for you, I would still be possessed by my ancient father. I owe my life and freedom to you."

"It has always made me happy to help you. You were the first person to accept me after all. Protecting you is the least I could do to repay you."

"There's nothing to repay," I chuckled. "Just like my younger brothers in this life and my cousin, you're family."

"Those brothers must be pretty cute if they're related to you."

"Only one is. Like you this other is pretty much just considered that way." I changed the scenery around us to my mind room. Just like before, the desk was there. The only difference was that a picture of Noah now stood prominently next to Mokie's. I gestured to the two photos. "These are the pups. They're just as much my sons as they are my brothers."

"I was right, they are cute." She held the one of Mokie up and looked at it fondly. "I remember this one drawing a picture of me once and giving it to you to try and cheer you up. He really was a little darling."

"Giving me him as a little brother is one of the few things I can thank the fates for right now." I watched as her gaze turned to the picture of my puppy. Her smile turned more amused and teasing as picked it up and held it out to me.

"And who would this delightful looking young man be?" I took the picture from her and lightly caressed the photo.

"He's Jounochi Katsuya, my puppy. I can honestly say that he's the only person I've ever truly loved in the five thousand years that I've known. He's made me happier than I've ever been and I would do anything for him."

"I'm very happy for you. From what Red Eyes has told me, he's a great person with a big heart and he's proud to have a human like him as his master." I smirked, full of pride as I heard this.

"I'll be sure to tell him that when I get home, and I'm pleased to hear that you accept our relationship." She nodded and we just stood there for a moment in companionable silence.

"Well," she began, putting a hand on my shoulder. "It's time that I get going. Just remember, if you or your family ever need anything, I'll always be there to help you."

"Thank you," I said before turning around and returning to the real world, right next to the car where the yamis were waiting. "I do believe that it's time we go home. I'm sure our mates are losing their minds with worry by now."

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