Title The Plea
Prompt 'Let down' from LJ Leverage 500
Pair Rather not say
Rating PG13 sexual suggestion
Words 500
Spoilers/Warnings/Summary None. None. Some pleas can't be ignored..
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AN Unbeta'd

"Hey Beautiful."

She tensed. Nerves. Excitement. "Didn't we agree that there'd be no more 'hey beautifuls'?"

"Sorry Darlin', your beauty tends to make me a little forgetful."

She tried to maintain an appropriate level of irritation, but it was hard. Especially when he was wearing those jeans; the ones that fit… so well. So she changed the topic. "Why are you still here? I thought everyone had gone home."

"What? And leave my girl here all by herself?"

"I'm hardly a 'girl' anymore. And I'm NOT your girl. Just because we… fooled around once or twice." Two amazingly delicious times, but really who's counting? "It doesn't mean I'm yours."

He let a finger trace down her neck. "Oh, you're mine all right."

Her nipples hardened, her belly tingled, and she forgot how to breathe.


They were a mistake that had started with a few bottles of beer and a few glasses of wine. Beer and wine that left her feeling… pleasantly relaxed; and left him looking, even more tempting than usual.

With every drink they had, his damn little Texas accent got thicker and her inhibitions got thinner.

Thicker and thinner until finally, they found themselves in a room with a big, beautiful bed in its center.

Within seconds, his body was dancing with hers. His mouth was consuming hers. And his hands... the hands that could so easily kill? Astonishingly gentle. She could feel reverence, desire, control, submission; all of them radiated from his hands.


In the morning she told him that their tryst was a singular mistake. Keeping her eyes averted as she climbed out of their bed, she missed the determined tilt of his jaw.

As she dressed she rebuilt the defenses she'd let down the night before. She assured herself they would never happen again.

Never lasted until the next weekend, when he knocked at her apartment door, wearing those damn sexy eyeglasses of his.

She made a valiant effort. "Go away Eliot."

He ignored her. Reaching for her he wrapped his strong arms around her, and she was lost.


"Okay twice. It's not happening again. We are not happening again."

"Whatever you say Beautiful…."


And yet, here they were again: him chasing and her pretending to flee.

"Eliot," she entreated. Although, honestly, she didn't know if she was pleading for him to stop… or for him to continue his seduction.

He turned her chair around and leaned over, his hands on the table on either side of her, his face a breath away from hers. "You are my girl you know."

"I'm not a gi-"

"You're my girl." His voice was firm and seductive.

She lifted her hands to his chest and tried halfheartedly to push him away. "Damn you."

"I've been a bad boy Soph, we already know I'm going to hell." He tilted his forehead against hers. "I just want a little bit of heaven while I'm here on earth. I want you."

It was a plea she'd never be able to deny.