Yo ppls! Its me the author.

This is my first one-shot. It is really short...sorry about that1 ^^'

Here is a one-shot that I wanted to write 4 a long time! Please enjoy

BTW, I own nothing! ^^It was a normal day in town. There seemed to be nothing strange going on. No one knew the amazing event that was going to happen on this very town, this very day.

It was an autumn afternoon. The slow sun was setting into the depths of the Earth. The orange and pink sky seemed to stretch longer and it seemed to fore-tell a romantic meeting. The town seemed to be in a normal stage, the stores were open, people were walking and cars were driving by. Children were of course playing and emo people were jumping off roof tops into their deaths (Just kidding, emo is a medical condition and I am just using it as a joke!!! So you emo protects please don't flame me, used to funny material only!!!) That day two very different people would bump into each other. This is how our story begins.


Kaiba was walking on the sidewalks. He really didn't care much about anything; his facial expression didn't change at all and remained in his usual heartless expression. He was a bit annoyed that his limo didn't come to pick him up, but he liked walking so it wasn't that bad. He walked by the long streets. Not really interested in anything, or anyone.

Suddenly, a strange boy came and ran into him. CRASH!

Kaiba's suitcase fell on the floor. His suite was mildly dirty. The other person also seemed a bit shaken. At first he was going to yell at the son of the gun, for being so darn clumsy and stuff. But then a strange feeling filled him as he looked at the other person. A deep blush filled his face. His cheeks felt warm. Kaiba was not sure about this feeling that filled his head. He felt weird as if something had happen between them, as if something had passed between their bodies.

He couldn't really explain this feeling. It felt warm and lovely…Lovely? Love that was it! This feeling which was puzzling him so hard was love. Kaiba felt confused, how can a guy like him ever feel this emotion. The only thing he loved was family, his brother to be exact. To suddenly love a complete stranger? What was coming over him?

Kaiba got up and apologize. The second person also apologized. They both felt little embarrassed. As the other person bent down to pick up his suitcase and gave it to him, Kaiba fought the urge to suddenly admit his love to the other person. Having little experience with this he felt like an idiot.

The second person left. Leaving Kaiba in his state of shock. Kaiba almost wanted to run after him. To tell the second person that he loved him. But he didn't. His pride never let him do anything that crazy, even if he liked a person. Kaiba looked down at the floor as the second person seemed to disappear in the distance.


As Joey walked away from the brown-haired stranger, he smirked.

He continued to walk in the crooked streets. He took something out. A small object that caused his smirk in the first place.

"Ha, stupid guy! I stole his wallet!"

LOL….I just luff to play with Kaiba's emotions! I hoped you love the story!!!

I bet none of you saw that coming! ^^P