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"Happy Birthday!"

The screams erupted as soon as I opened the door to my tiny apartment. I groaned as I saw Alice, Rosalie, and Angela pop out from behind my couch and various other pieces of furniture.

"You guys really shouldn't have," I said, perfectly serious. I hated birthdays – I always had – and today was no exception. As of today, I was no longer a teenager. I was a twenty-year-old woman in college on her way to becoming a journalist. Then I looked around my transformed apartment and sighed. I should have known Alice would go all out. There were streams of crepe paper everywhere, and a few gifts on the coffee table. A cake sat on the kitchen counter, candles stuck into the soft icing. There was something pink on every surface of my apartment – pink candles, pink napkins and plates, pink carnations, pink everything!

"You're finally twenty!" Rose said excitedly. "Think it's taken you long enough?"

I laughed despite myself. "I can't help it if I'm younger than you guys by a couple months. And why does it look like Pepto-Bismol threw up in my apartment?"

"Time for presents," Angela said as Rose ignored my question. "Mine first!"

I sighed. "I thought the cake came before the gifts."

"Not around here, it doesn't. Now get unwrapping," Alice ordered playfully. "Mine is last!"

Rose forced me onto the couch while they sat eagerly beside me. Taking a deep breath, I took Angela's gift in my arms. I should at least try to be excited; after all, they'd already bought presents and decorated my apartment. It was the least I could do. I began to unwrap the gift.

"Aw, Bella, c'mon!" Alice urged me. "I swear, I've never seen anyone your age unfold a gift. Just tear the damn thing!"

I gave her a playful smack and continued carefully undoing the present, taking off the tape so that the paper didn't tear. She sighed. "Thanks, Angela," I said sincerely, honestly pleased by her present. It was a cute, dark-blue top that looked like something a model would wear. I didn't even want to think about how much it cost her. "It's beautiful, thanks!" I gave her a tight hug before turning to Rosalie's present.

"These are both from me," Rose began, pushing the last two colorfully-wrapped gifts towards me. Her mischievous grin told me that these wouldn't be nearly as innocent as Angela's. I suddenly dreaded opening that red wrapping paper. I knew I was going to regret this as soon as I opened it. I quickly – but carefully – unwrapped the gifts.

I looked at it curiously. It was shaped liked a cylinder and made of some kind of plastic. It was around two inches wide and six or seven inches long.

"I bought it new, of course," Rose explained. "I took it out of the box so you couldn't take it back."

Not that I had any idea what it is, I thought sourly. I turned it over in my hands, still trying to figure out what it was. Suddenly it began to vibrate in my hands. I shrieked and dropped the thing like it was a hot iron. It landed straight in my lap and I quickly knocked it off.

Alice and Rosalie burst into laughter while Angela giggled shyly. I turned to glare at them.

"Honestly, Bella," Alice said, bending down to pick up the cursed thing. "It's only a vibrator."

"I just thought that you might want to …release your frustrations," Rose added slyly. "Since you don't have a boyfriend to help you with that."

"She was being very considerate, you know," Angela said. Oh no, not her too! Were all my friends wiser than me with this kind of stuff?! "You would be surprise of the pleasure that can be had by using a vibrator."

"Wooh! Angela!" Rose cheered, nudging her in the ribs playfully. She blushed nearly as dark as me.

"Oh God," I muttered, hiding my face in my hands. I was bright red from embarrassment. Surely this was what hell was like.

"Don't forget my other present!"

I gritted my teeth and cautiously opened Rosalie's other gift, hoping it wasn't another vibrator…or worse. But all it was was a container of something labeled "toy cleaner". I blushed even darker. I was sure I would never be normal again, that my face would be this shade of pink permanently.

Then I looked at Alice curiously. "Where's your present?" I blurted. Then I felt guilty. What if she hadn't had the money to buy me something? But that was stupid because Alice was the richest person I knew – she spent money as easily as she breathed. But what if she hadn't had the time

However, Alice grinned widely at me and shifted excitedly in her seat. "It will be here in a few minutes," she assured me. "Remember how I said that I would give you the best present ever? You can thank me later."

Right when she finished speaking, police sirens went off outside. I jumped out of my seat and rushed to the door that led to my balcony. What the hell was going on? Except the car didn't look like a cop car. It was just a white car with sirens blaring from the inside. Had someone tried to break into an apartment and the police come in an unmarked police cruiser.

But that didn't explain the god that stepped out of the car.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Earlier That Night - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"You've got a birthday party tonight at ten that you have to go to," Emmett said. "Cop."

I nodded. So they wanted a police officer to come and arrest the birthday girl…or boy. I shuddered at that last thought. I had personal rules that I never broke – 1) never anything with a minor and 2) nothing remotely homosexual. I knew Emmett wouldn't give me a job that I opposed. He had been my boss for going on three years now and he had always been considerate.

"Just a gig?" I asked, searching through my closet for the cop uniform. "Nothing afterwards?"

"You are with a Bella Swan for twenty days. Already did a background check on her – nothing. She's as clean as a whistle."

"How much?"

"Twenty-two thousand."

I raised an eyebrow. "That's a little low, don't you think?"

"I think you'll like this girl," he replied with a grin. "The woman gave me a picture of her. Here." He handed me a small photograph. I took it, only intending to glance at it, but my eyes held. The girl in the picture looked to be about nineteen. It was only a head-shot so I wasn't able to see her body. She was pretty – I'd give her that. Her wide chocolate eyes laughed at the photographer, her lips spread in an eager grin. She had long brown hair that curled around her face.

"'The woman'?" I repeated his words.

"Her name was Alice…Alice Caldier, I think." He reached into his pocket and drew out an envelope. "I took out my fees, of course, but here's your pay for this upcoming job. She paid for this Bella Swan's twenty days of paradise."

I peeked inside the envelope and counted nineteen thousand dollars. Emmett grinned at me. "It's the girl's 20th birthday."

We were in my apartment as usual, discussing my upcoming assignments. I glanced up at my clock. I had half an hour to be there. Tonight was the first night of twenty days. The first night of my servitude to Bella Swan.]

Emmett left me so I could get ready in private. I oiled up my chest and arms and put on the standard G-string before pulling on the uniform. It was an authentic one too. When I went out on a job – as I called it – I always paid particular attention to detail; it got me better tips. I left in the white car that Emmett let me use for gigs such as this. I held the address in my left hand while I drove with my right, looking down at it every few blocks. Tonight, Los Angeles was especially crowded, and I swerved more than once to avoid being hit by a drunk driver.

I turned on the siren when I pulled onto the right street, not wanting to actually draw cops on me for impersonating an officer. I pulled into the parking lot beside the apartment building, shutting off the sirens. Emmett had commented once that the sirens put a nice touch on it. I got out of the car, resting my hand on the unloaded gun in the holster on my waist. I thought I saw something move on a balcony three stories up but I ignored it. This building was one of the extraordinarily ancient ones in which you didn't need to be buzzed up.

Before I knocked on the door I took a deep breath, readying myself. In that short time, I heard a girl's voice on the other side of the door.

"You got me a stripper for my birthday?" she shrieked. "Alice!"

"He'll be here any second so keep it down," another said. "You'll like it, don't worry."

"Alice, how could you do this to me?"

That girl must be Bella, I thought with a smile. She didn't sound like the kind of girl that enjoyed seeing men strip before her. It was going to be entertaining to see how this worked out.

I hoped the door was unlocked…or maybe I should hope it was locked; it might make the entrance more impressive. Then I decided against that. If it was locked and I broke the door down, I would have to pay for the damages. Taking the unloaded gun from my holster, I turned the knob and burst through.

"Everyone, down on the ground!" I yelled. "This is the police; on the ground!"

I saw the four girls drop to the floor, covering their heads with their hands in a feeble attempt to protect themselves. As if I couldn't simply shoot them with this empty gun or handcuff them. I held the gun in my hand, at the ready.

One girl raised her head up to look at me.

"I said head down!" I ordered.

I glanced at the coffee table where a vibrator sat, opened, by crumpled wrapping paper. I smirked. So which was the birthday girl?

"Where is Bella Swan?" I used my smoothest voice.

"This is her!" A blonde girl pointed at a brunette who was trembling beneath her hands.

"Shut up, Rose!" she shrieked.

I grabbed a fistful of her hair, gently, and raised her head up. "Get up and do as I say. Her wide, terrified eyes looked into mine and I was struck by their depth. She struggled to stand but tripped and fell into my chest. She blushed darkly and I smirked at her. "Assaulting an officer," I began, pushing her into the hard backed chair in the corner. "That's a serious offense, Miss Swan. I'm afraid that I'm going to have to take you into custody."

I drug the chair into the middle of the room as she sat in it. Her hands clung to the wooden frame for dear life.

"I'm going to have to punish you; teach you some manners."

"WOOH! Bella!" the girls around her screamed at my teasing. Nervous giggles and screams circled the room.

"Alice, I'm going to kill you!" she growled.

I went behind her, handcuffing her wrists tightly together. "No one's going to save you now," I said, my voice low and dangerous. "You're completely at my mercy to do with as I wish."

A chorus of screams and catcalls erupted from the girls behind Bella. I drew the barrel of my gun up the inside of her thigh. I watched her tremble as I pressed it to her jeans' seam between her legs.


Alice was going to be dead after tonight.

But God, he was the sexiest, hottest man I'd ever seen in my life. I could feel the cold metal of the pistol through my jeans and panties as it pressed against my core. He twirled the gun once in his hand – like a famous gun slinger from the wild west – and put it back in the holster. Reaching over, he started the music he had on his iPod that was plugged up to a set of tiny speakers.

He reached up and loosened his tie, slowly drawing it down and off him. My breathing was anything but even – you'd have thought I ran five mile sprints. He draped the navy blue tie around my shoulders, trailing his hand down to cup my breast. Though it was only a touch, I could feel the heat of his palm through my shirt and bra. I gasped in surprise and struggled in my bonds.

The girls around me were screaming bloody-murder.

Satisfied with the reaction he got from me, he stood back and quickly popped open the buttons on his shirt in one clean motion, exposing hard pecs and a washboard stomach.

I nearly fainted.

My friends screams were nearly deafening. I couldn't keep my eyes from shamelessly tracing those hard muscles. Why was it so hot in here all of a sudden?

He leaned towards me and I realized my panties were already wet. How could this stranger make me so damned horny? He shimmied the tie down my shoulders until it was around my hips, the ends in his hands. He pulled the tie, causing my hips to lift up to meet his as he pressed his pelvis into me, rolling it in small circles against me. I moaned and bit my lip.

"You've been a bad girl, Bella," he purred in my ear with a voice that literally dripped sex. "I'm just the man to punish you. And punish you I will. You'll be screaming for mercy when I'm through with you."

"Oh God!" slipped out of my mouth before I could stop it.

Wooooohhhhh!!!! was all around me, accompanied by nervous laughter.

"If you're good and behave, I might just let you go. After I'm through punishing you, that is. Understand?"

"Y-y-yes," I stuttered, my voice sounding small and terrified. I struggled one more time against the handcuffs that held my wrists. It was no use; I was trapped before this shirtless man who was about to do who-knows-what to me. My heart skipped a beat.

"Yes, what?!" His voice was full of authority.

"Yes, s-s-sir!" I cried, trembling.

He grinned. "Good Bella. I have a feeling you're going to be a very…sensitive detainee."

The way he said that one word made my legs grow weak and butterflies flop around inside my gut. I was sure that if I'd have been standing, my legs would have gave out. Alice and Rose were yelling encouragement at both me and the stripper in front of me. I was bright red from embarrassment as well as arousal. I hated myself in that moment. I was sick! How could I let this…stripper…make me feel so aroused?!

He slowly took off his cop hat that sat atop his head and perched it on my own head, allowing his hand to graze my cheek softly, sending sparks straight into my core. His hands brushed down the front of my shirt, playing with the neckline before moving lower. I gasped and struggled.

"There's no use fighting it," he purred in my ear. "You're mine now."

He took off the gun belt that was around his waist, setting it carefully on the ground next to my chair. I watched his every move, unable to do otherwise. Then he straightened back up and then, ever so slowly, unbuttoned and unzipped his navy blue pants. I watched his fingers draw down the zipper, exposing hard, slightly-oiled skin as he went.

By now, I was panting in the chair. My chest was heaving but I tried to hide that by taking deeper, longer breaths to calm myself down. The sounds of female screams grew louder by the second, the slower he went. I noticed wildly that he didn't have any shoes or socks on. When did he get rid of those?

He quickly stepped out of the pants and I was thankful that he wasn't the type of stripper to literally rip off his pants. I always thought that was too…Hollywood.

As soon as his pants left his body, the screams nearly deafened me. I thought I blacked out for a moment, sweat starting to form under my armpits. That wasn't a good sign. My mind stopped working as I looked at him, completely naked except for that tiny piece of black fabric. Oh my God, I could tell just by looking at him that he was larger than normal. He tossed his pants to the side and I saw Angela dive for them.

I couldn't blame her, I do the same thing if I wasn't handcuffed!

His lips were curled up slightly into a dangerous half smile as he looked at me, enjoying seeing me squirm. My panting grew even more obvious the longer he looked at me. He turned and started to walk to the right side of my chair. He moved like a jungle cat, with power and grace. Moving his shoulders slightly and his hips making the same enticing, arousing turns, I realized he knew exactly how to make me wet.

Watching me, he ran his hands down his chest slowly. I was helpless to do anything to stop him but I continued to struggle in this fucking chair. I couldn't decide if I was going to kill Alice or kiss her when this was over with. Then he went behind me and I couldn't see him anymore.

Suddenly, my heart rate spiked. It was so much worse, this anticipation, when I couldn't see him. I felt caressing fingers brush back my hair and move down my neck. Lips pressed to the area just below my ear and I gasped, then moaned.

"I knew you were a naughty girl," he murmured sexily in my ear so only I could hear. "I like bad girls."

All rational thought was impossible. I had to focus on remembering to breathe. Somewhere inside me, I wanted to tell him that I wasn't a bad girl. I was the dorky girl that sat in the front of the classroom and got good grades. I was the girl that never got in trouble or drank herself silly.

But then he moved to my left side and I could see him again. That tiny ebony G-string was barely covering his penis.

Oh my God, he was hard.

This time, I was sure I did faint.

He climbed up into my chair, straddling me but keep his full weight from resting on my legs. Rose and Alice were really getting into the screaming. So was Angela, I could tell.

"Bella!" they screamed. "Wooh!"

He grinned down at me as I struggled against him. He rose up onto his knees so that I had to look up to see his face. Oh God, I could smell him now. Damn, he smelled downright sinful. He pressed his hard penis against my stomach, almost coming out of it's tiny black covering. Then he ran it up and down my belly, drawing up my shirt in the process. His hands played with the exposed bit of skin of my back above my jeans hem. I bit back a moan.

"Alice, help!" I screamed when he pressed his hand to my crotch.

"I told you before and I'll tell you again," he growled. "You're mine to do with what I wish. And you're going to like it, little miss wetness." He smirked at my shocked expression. "Yes, I feel how soaking wet you are right now and you're going to have an ocean there before I'm done with you."

"Oh my GOD!!" My eyes rolled back when he pressed his face to the spot between my breasts, his hands running up and down my thighs, never quite touching that particular spot again.

"You're my prisoner now, Bella Swan," he hissed in my ear, grinding into me again. This time the moan that had been building in me was let loose. My whole body felt like jell-o now. He kept his movements in time with the music, slow and erotic.

His lips pressed hard against mine, moving in new and foreign ways against my mouth. He ate my moans and gave me a tiny taste of his tongue. His hands cupped my breasts roughly and squeezed before he broke away. I was gasping and panting, my lungs burning from that long kiss.

He moved down my body, pressing kisses to my breasts, over my shirt. Once or twice I felt the heat of his tongue, muffled by the shirt. He breathed hot air over my breasts and between my legs. I cried out, screeching in surprise and struggling against the handcuffs. Then he licked between my legs.

"God!" I screamed, feeling the wetness that was pouring out of me. He continued to kiss down my legs, the inside of my thighs, before coming back up.

"He won't help you know. You're mine to punish," he said, pulling me in for a deep kiss on the lips. The screams were starting to hurt my ears now. He cupped my face with his hands, his naked ass sitting lightly on my lap as he took command of my mouth. His tongue swirled around mine sensually. I kissed him back, unable to do anything but let my body take control. I was sure I was bright red now.

"Taste me, Bella," he ordered. "Taste me anywhere you want."

He looked into my eyes. I noticed then how bright, supernatural green they were. They were unlike any I'd ever seen. I blushed twelve different shades of red and pink. "W-w-what?" I stuttered like an idiot.

He smiled at me. "Taste me."

It was completely clear what he meant but I couldn't bring myself to act. I was frozen in that chair.

He slowly drew my head closer to his chest. Hesitantly, I leaned forward and lightly licked his chest, just south of his nipple.

"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!" Erupted in my ears.

I blushed and pulled back. But damn, he had tasted so good. I wondered what he put on his body before he came here because it tasted better than anything I'd ever ate before.

"So there is a devil inside that innocent angel's exterior," he purred, smirking.

I blushed even darker and looked down. He made me moan again by blowing hot air into the crease of my jeans. I was now panting and leaning limply against the back of the chair.

A long time later, he decided that I'd had enough. He had given me the most provocative and sensual lap dance I'd ever experienced. I tried not to think about how that was the only lap dance I'd ever had. I was so aroused by that point I felt like a horny, pubescent boy. Damn, he was so good!

After he released me from my handcuffed prison, I stood up, trying to not wobble with my very wet panties and jeans. Oh God, that was embarrassing.

Alice giggled at me and screamed, "happy birthday, Bella!" I blushed, holding my legs carefully together so the wet spot wouldn't show. "And guess what?" she continued.

"What?" I said, badly needing to go change.

"There's more!"

"More? What are you talking about?" I said, watching the god standing beside me.

"Bella, this is Edward," Rose said, introducing me to the incredibly sexy, sensual man beside me. "I helped Alice plan all this. Aren't you happy?!"

"I…I, uh…need to go for a second," I muttered before turning to go.

"You still haven't figured out what the 'more' part is!" Angela said. I whirled on my heel. Not her too! I guess Angela wasn't as innocent as I though if she helped Alice and Rosalie to plan this.

Without waiting for them to answer, Edward stepped towards me and pressed me hard to his body. He had put back on his pants but was still shirtless. I was literally melting in his arms now.

"I'm your toy now," he said in my ear, voice smoother than melted chocolate. "For twenty days I am going to make you cum so hard that they will hear your scream of ecstasy into next week."

My knees buckled but he instantly caught me. "Oh…my…God," I gasped.

"These next twenty days, I'm yours to play with. Your own personal sex toy."

"I-I need to c-change," I managed.

I could have slapped myself in the face just then. I had just admitted I was soaking wet – and in front of my friends too! I heard their amused giggles but tried to ignore them.

Was he serious? He was mine for twenty days? He had to be joking. Why would this…god want to touch me for an hour much less nearly three weeks?!

"I guess I have accomplished my job then," he said, grinning down at me. "I always keep my promises."

Twenty days? Oh God, that was going to be…heaven! I pinched myself to make sure I was awake and that this wasn't one of my fantasies. Edward was going to be my sex toy for almost three weeks.

My jeans suddenly felt that much wetter.

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