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The annoying buzzing of my alarm clock woke me. Groaning, I rolled over and hit the snooze button. I was so tired that I nearly fell instantly back to sleep. I rolled over, then froze. Why did I feel the sheets against my bare skin? Opening my eyes, I saw a male face only inches from mine, sleeping peacefully. I gasped and drew back in shock.

Memories of last night flooded through my mind – the feel of his tongue on my skin, his soft, warm lips, the light play of his fingertips over my body. I breathed in deeply, trying to sort out my feelings. Last night seemed like a dream. It was too perfect. I had accepted the fact that Edward was going to be with me for nearly three weeks. Yes I was nervous about the upcoming days, but that didn't mean I was going to tell him to go away.

Nothing like this ever happened to me. I was the girl that never got in trouble, always completed her homework early, and made careful notes in class. I didn't deserve to have this man with me. I didn't even know anything about…you know. Ugh, I needed to learn to say it. Sex. I blushed simply thinking about it.

I turned and looked at his serene face. A dark fringe of lashes fanned over his high cheekbones. His bronze colored high hung slightly over his forehead. He lay on his back, the sheets pulled so that everything south of his belly button was covered. My eyes drifted over his torso. My greedy eyes traced every muscle, drifting lower and lower. I blushed darkly when I realized that I was looking directly at where his penis would be.

Looking away, I slowly climbed off the bed. I was still naked so the last thing I wanted to do was wake him up. I also wanted him to rest because he had given me so much last night. I had never dreamed that anything could feel that way. My fingers began to tingle from the mere memory.

Creeping from the bed, I went slowly to the bathroom. I peeked back out to make sure he was still asleep before closing the door.

The hot water pounded over my back, relaxing all my tense muscles. I closed my eyes and smiled slightly at the soothing feeling.


I felt Bella get off the bed. I opened my eyes to see her round little ass moving towards the bathroom. Her long, brown hair hung to the middle of her back, curling slightly at the ends. The sight of her naked body caused me to harden. I quickly closed my eyes again when she glanced back at me.

I waited until I heard the shower running before I got out of the bed. I still wore my pants – I hadn't bothered to change last night.

I was hyper aware of the sound of the water. My mind traveled easily into the gutter as I imagined how each drop would trickle down her smooth skin. Memories of the way she had moaned when I tasted her suddenly played through my mind. There was still so much I wanted to show her, to teach her.

I grinned. We might have to try a teacher/student fantasy sometime later when she was ready.

Then I heard a soft moan drift from the shower and all my thought processes stopped. I felt my cock twitch, and I tried my best to ignore it. Could she possibly be…?

No, Bella wasn't that way.

I think.

I heard the soft, barely-audible moan again, and this time it was obvious. She was…masturbating? I decided that I would see for sure. It wouldn't do to simply speculate and not know for sure. I thought about how the steam would swirl around her naked, hot, dripping-wet body. I was already hard as granite, so hard that my restraining pants were now painful.

With a moments thought, I decided that I would join her. If she wanted me to, that is.

Slipping out of my pants and boxers, I slowly opened the bathroom door. A wall of steam hit me in the face and I blinked. Thankfully the door didn't squeak and give me away. Opening it further, I stepped into the foggy bathroom. The shower door was the type of glass that was rippled so that objects on the other side looked slightly distorted. But that didn't hide the sight of Bella Swans' body from me. Her hair was lathered up, the white suds sitting amongst the dark, almost black locks. My eyes traveled down her body, taking in the sight of her small breasts, just large enough to sit perfectly in my hands, her slim stomach, the black triangle of hair between her legs, and her long legs. Everything I saw only excited me further. I was so hard that I was afraid I might scare her. I didn't know if she had seen a naked man – I hadn't asked that outright – but I had a feeling that she hadn't.

Then I focused on what her hands were doing.

I watched as one hand slowly traveled down her body, experimentally. I had a feeling that this was her first time doing something like this. She pinched her right nipple in her fingers gently before moving her other hand down to her pussy. She hesitated for a moment before she slipped a finger inside her. She moaned again.

I couldn't take it any more.

Stepping up to the shower doors, I placed my hand on the handle. She was facing the shower head, too busy with other things to notice me. I smirked, suddenly deciding that I wanted her to show me exactly what she liked. With a wicked grin, I opened the shower door, allowing cool air to hit her body. I watched as chill bumps exploded deliciously over her bare skin.

She gasped and turned to me, shocked with a pink blush spreading over her face. I couldn't keep that wicked smirk from my face. Her eyes widened and she pressed herself against the shower wall.

"Do you mind if I join you?" I asked politely, wanting this to be okay with her.

For a moment she simply stared at me. I noticed that her hand stayed where it had been before. Her chest heaved, those small, plump breasts moving enticingly up and down.

"I promise I won't harm you," I added.

She nodded and then spoke. "Y-yes, you can c-come."

I loved the way she stuttered when I encountered her in some sort of sexual way. It was endearing. But I couldn't help but want her tease me a little, as I was teasing her. Now that she had accepted, I slid the shower door open more and stepped into the shower, closing it behind me. The water was still hot. I hoped she had a large water heater for I was afraid that I would keep her here in this shower for a long time.

When I stepped into the shower, I saw her eyes go straight to my dick. Those chocolate orbs widened and I couldn't help but smirk. I had been told many times by various women that my cock was larger than most. Not absurdly so, but just large enough that most women complimented me. I hadn't realized that I had been worried what she would think of me until this minute. How silly. Why would I be worried what she thought about my naked body?

"So, Bella," I began, moving slowly towards her. I purposely made my movements slow and predatory. I knew what to look for when a woman wasn't ready and I was watching Bella closely. If she wasn't ready, I would know. But there wasn't any harm in playing with her. Besides, she seemed to enjoy it. "Have you been naughty this morning?"

Her breathing accelerated wildly at my question. I loved the reactions I created in her. I hoped that she would retain this level of sensitivity throughout our explorations.

"What do you mean?" Her voice was uncertain but excited.

"What I mean is that…" I walked up to her. She moved back but was trapped against the tile wall. I smirked and placed both hands on either side of her head, trapping her. "Have you been pleasuring yourself?"

I leaned slowly. I watched her eyes widen and she arched, just imagining what I was going to do to her delicious body.

It was time to awaken this slumbering goddess. It was time that this Greek deity woke from her sexual naïveté. I would gladly perform this bit of community service; I would willingly let her discover the sexy woman inside her.

"You didn't answer me, Bella," I said patiently. I moved one hand to her hip, moving it up and down her slick skin. Her hips moved slightly into my hand and I tutted reproachfully. "Have you been masturbating?"


How did he expect me to answer him with what he was doing to me? It was impossible to think, much less talk coherently. Had I been masturbating? The term made me blush. It sounded so…dirty. It was embarrassing to be caught also. And it was the first time I had even attempted it! I had simply wanted to see if I had the power to do what Edward did. I found that if I imagined it was Edward touching me, my movements actually caused me pleasure – not as intense as his skillful ministrations but still powerful.

I turned dark red now as I realized he actually wanted me to answer.

"I was…I was trying to…it was my first time," I finally ended pathetically. I stared into his deep, sparkling green eyes, unable to look away if I had wanted to.

"I know," he said simply. He pressed his lips gently to my throat. I felt as if I was melting from that simple kiss. His tongue touched my skin gently. I moaned and pressed myself against him shamelessly, suddenly unaware of what I had only moments before attempted to do. "Now I want you to continue touching yourself," he whispered in my ear. "Show me what you want to do to your body, what you desire."

Confused, I watched as he moved slightly away to watch me. Again, my eyes were drawn down to his large penis. Again, I was shocked at the size. Of course I had seen pictures in medical books and such, but nothing could ever prepare me for the large quiver of anticipation and fear when I looked at him. Anticipation because I could only imagine the pleasure he would give me; Fear because I knew it was supposed to hurt.

"Touch yourself, Bella," he ordered, staring intently into my eyes. "I know you have desires. Just go on instinct and show me what you would like me to do to your hot little body."

I bit my lip to keep a moan inside me. Hesitantly, I did as I was told – I would do anything he told me. I cupped my breasts softly at first, and then squeezed roughly. I pinched my nipples, rolling them in my fingers and pulling. It was insane how the slight pain turned to pleasure. It shouldn't have been possible. Maybe my brain was hardwired incorrectly so that the pain was in pleasure's spot. His eyes watched my every move closely, as if his very survival depended on watching and analyzing my movements. That intense gaze very nearly caused me to cum right then.

Giving my breasts one more squeeze, I moved lower. Splaying my hands over my flat stomach, I went so that I cupped myself. When I passed a finger over my folds, I moaned, my eyes clenched closed. I leaned heavily against the shower wall. The hot water was still pouring over my skin. I was suddenly thankful my apartment had such a huge water heater – this would be awkward in icy water.

"Show me how you want me to fuck you," he purred, his emerald eyes speaking to me in ways that caused a knot of pleasure to sit in the pit of my stomach. I melted with those words and pushed a finger inside me. I found that I was already dripping wet…and not from the water. I began to pump myself slowly. But it wasn't enough so I added another finger.

Suddenly I hit a spot that had otherwise been unknown to me. I gasped, my eyes snapping open in shock. My back arched off the tile. I was afraid my legs could no longer hold me up.

"That's right," he encouraged, moving slightly closer to me. "Hit your G-spot."

Now his lips were on my skin. He kissed my breasts softly before sucking the nipple into his mouth, grazing his teeth over it.

"Oh, God," I panted, clutching his neck to keep myself upright. My knees were suddenly unable to hold me up.

"Don't stop," he commanded, setting me back on my feet. "Don't stop touching yourself. I want you to cum by your own hand. Since you quit whenever I touch you, I will keep a safe distance."

He moved back away from me. I whimpered in disapproval. I needed him with me right now. I needed him more than I ever should. I was so uncomfortable, so hot, it was nearly painful. I had no idea why pleasure should feel this way when abruptly stopped but there was only one way to make it go away.

I plunged my fingers back into my hot folds. I nearly wept at the feeling. That uncomfortable brick in my stomach dissolved into waves of ecstasy flowing throughout my body. Working my breast with my left hand, I pumped myself with my right. I felt that same, unfamiliar cliff lumbering towards me. I felt as if I was on the edge of a great cavern, teetering over the edge.

"Fuck yourself with your fingers, Bella," he said lowly in a voice that only made me wetter. "Look into my eyes while you pleasure yourself."

I struggled to open my eyes and look at him. But it was so hard with the pleasure building inside me. I began to cry out with every exhale, panting like a suffocating man. My eyes were glazed over, that I could tell, but I managed to lock eyes with him. Suddenly, I hit that sweet spot again and I was sent over the edge. I cried out loudly, sinking down to the bottom of the tub.

Edward's arms went strongly around my waist and he pulled me back up. "Good girl, Bella," he murmured approvingly in my ear. My vision was still abnormal and I was beginning to understand that that was normal when I climaxed. I came back to myself slowly. Edward was busy rinsing my hair gently, paternally, and I found it strangely soothingly.

"So," he began. "Was that pleasurable?"

I blushed and looked down. But that was a mistake because I was greeted with the sight of his very hard erection. I looked at the bottle of shampoo sitting in the corner of my shower instead, deciding it was a safer choice. "Yes," I said, my voice so incoherent it was a miracle he even understood me. He finished rinsing my hair and focused on washing my body with the strawberry body wash I owned.

"Lesson three – masturbation is perfectly alright in moderate quantities. It is a healthy way to release sexual frustrations and discover what excites you most. In fact, I find it exceedingly sexy, Bella Swan. Seeing you pleasure yourself is one of the most erotic things I've ever seen."

When he spoke that one word, his hands moved to the small of my back, running down and cupping my rear. I gasped as he pressed my hips to his. His penis was pressed into my lower stomach, sending excited shivers through my already-weak body. I moaned, but my voice faltered halfway through because he quickly bucked his hips gently into me. I clung to his neck, and he brought his lips to mine in a staggering kiss. His mouth was soft yet urgent against mine, his tongue slipping into my mouth.

He pressed me against the cold tile and continued to kiss me senseless. Abruptly he pulled away and took the bottle of shampoo in his hand. "Would you like to wash me?" he asked. His voice had turned to polite once more. "After all, I need a shower too."

It amazed me how he could go from hot, sexy shower man to calm and collected gentlemen. I hesitantly took the shampoo from him and squirted a little onto the washcloth he handed me. My heart rate increased at the thought of touching his body.


I had decided to let her wash me so she could grow somewhat used to my body. I could tell that it was difficult for her to look at me. I understood that.

And I hadn't been lying when I said that watching her pleasure herself had been erotic. I had grown so hard from it that I knew I would have to do something about it later when she had left for school. Her small hands slowly ran the soapy washcloth over my chest. She carefully held her gaze on that small blue cloth, focusing so hard that her forehead creased in concentration. I smirked.

If it was the last thing I did, I would bring this woman out of her shell. I would bring her out of her shyness. She wanted to be less introverted, that I could see. She wanted to be more outgoing. And that was my goal. I would awaken the goddess within her. No matter what it took.

She took care with my cleanliness, making sure to get my entire torso before moving lower. I almost laughed, realizing she was hoping to put off the moment when she would come to my dick. I heard her take a deep breath before she carefully moved the wash cloth over my hips and then down my legs, bypassing my cock entirely.

And now she was bending down towards me, the side of her face only millimeters from my member. I clenched my hands into fists. She didn't realize that she was so close – she was intently focused on washing my legs. Then I felt her hands move back up my body and I stiffened, surprised by the reactions she created in me. How was it possible that this incredibly innocent virgin could create such intense feelings inside me? It wasn't logical.

Finally she lingered at my dick. Then I felt the washcloth close over me and I tried to stifle my gasp.

Her eyes snapped up to watch my reaction. Encouraged by me, she slowly began to move the cloth over me, up and down. My breathing accelerated and I focused on being utterly still. The last thing she needed was me scaring her with my over-excitedness

Soon she abandoned the washcloth and touched me with her bare hand. I closed my eyes, trying to focus on not cumming on her.

Then she began to slide her fingernails over the smooth skin and I gasped. Her grip tightened and she was slightly rough. Before I was even able to think a logical response to this, she increased her pace.

"Bella," I panted, trying to hide my ragged breathing. "I'm going to cum. Stop. I won't be able to stop if you keep it up."

She didn't stop.

This little perfect angel had turned into a devil in the span of a few minutes. Her hand closed over my shaft, tightening slightly, experimentally. She looked down at what she was doing, then glanced back up at me. I clenched my eyes shut just as I climaxed and pulled out of her hand. I didn't want to cum all over her. I somehow managed to angle it downward into the shower drain while experiencing perfect pleasure. I groaned lowly and released.

"That got out of hand," I muttered a few minutes later when I had regained my composure. "It won't happen again."

She blushed and looked down. "I…I liked it."

One of my eyebrows rose. "You have school too. I have a feeling that you're going to be late."

She nodded but I noticed that she was excited once again. I hadn't expected her to continue touching me when I told her I was going to cum. Maybe bringing Bella Swan out of her shyness would be easier than I thought.

I carefully dried her off before I let her go to change. I slipped on a fresh pair of boxers and jeans, deciding against the shirt. I left the bedroom leaving her to change in peace. I sat on the shabby couch that was in the living room and turned on the TV just to dispel the silence. I didn't realize I was watching a Disney channel show until I saw the Mickey Mouse logo in the bottom corner.

"I'll be gone until two today," Bella said awkwardly as she came out of the bedroom. "So I guess you can hang out here until then."

I stood up off the couch and went over to her. "I'll be fine, I promise, Bella. I'm a full-grown man."

I thought her mutter, "I know" under her breath. I chuckled softly.

"You'll be late. It's already 7:50," I said.

She nodded and turned to go. A sharp knocking sounded on the door. "Bella!" a woman's voice screeched from the other side. I thought I recognized that Alice's voice. Or maybe it was Rosalie. I waited until Bella got to the door before I said anything.

"Bella?" I said lowly.

She quickly turned, as if she had been waiting for me to stop her. "Yes?"

"Don't I get at least one kiss bye?"

She blushed and came back over to me. "Well, I suppose," she said uncertainly.

I cupped her face with my hands, bringing it softly to my lips. Closing my mouth gently on hers, I took extra special care to show that despite that steamy shower, I could be gentle and soft. My tongue reached out to lick her bottom lip, asking for entrance. She readily opened her mouth, her arms going around my neck tightly. Melding her body to mine, I allowed my tongue to dance passionately with hers.

"Bella!" the woman shouted from the other side. "I know he's there with you and if you don't come out now I'm going to call the law!"

I broke our lips apart. Bella was gasping for breath, her chest heaving attractively. She had put on a dark blue sweater and khaki pants with tennis shoes. The sweater showed off her chest nicely, still managing to be modest.

And did I have more plans for today? Of course I did. I couldn't wait for Bella to get home so we could resume them.

Reluctantly, Bella opened her apartment door. I saw two girls outside, looking very interested as to what was inside. I had been right. It was both Alice and Rosalie. They giggled madly and pulled Bella out, no doubt going to bombard her with questions. I smirked at them before they shut the door disconnecting us and the giggles exploded into full volume. I caught one last glance at my beautiful Bella's blushing face. I winked at her before the door closed.

I remembered the appointment I had for a photo shoot today at Victoria's. That would be the top priority on my list of things to do while Bella was gone. But when that little virgin came back, you could be sure I was going to be busy with more important things than modeling.

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