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The sunlight poured into the room through a gap in the curtain, the rays beamed directly into Emily's opening eyes. She closed them, groaned and rolled away from the window in an attempt to fall back to sleep. But her eyes caught sight of a pair of pink girlie boxers with the word 'babe' printed across the bum, they belonged to the person who was rummaging around head first in the drawers below her wardrobe.

"KATIE!" Emily screamed, throwing a pillow that hit her sister on the back of the head.

Katie rolled her eyes and turned to face her, "Finally you're awake, I'm looking for the flippy skirt with the flower on it, I wanted to wear it today."


Emily wanted to close her eyes and fall back to sleep, but she lacked the comfort she needed when she let her head rest against the pillowless mattress. She sighed heavily, attempting to show Katie how annoyed she was at being woken up by her fashion crisis. Katie stood in front of her, her hand placed neatly on her hips. Eventually Emily caved from the pressure and slid out of bed to retrieve her skirt from a pile of clothes she'd been planning to wear. She was quickly reminded of their first day at college when Katie had stolen her whole outfit, underwear and all, before Emily had even finished showering.

"You do know this is MY room, don't you? Just mine," Emily reminded her sister.

Katie shrugged, "I needed the skirt."

"No, Katie, this is my room. We're not at home anymore, we can't just come barging in whenever we feel like it."

"Take a chill pill Emzy, it's just a skirt."

Before Emily could get the message across to her sister, she had taken the skirt and had closed the door behind her. She tried to love her, but some days it was just too hard.


The lecture theatre was large and quickly filled up with people. Emily was nervous. It was only a welcome talk, introducing the group to the syllabus and the work schedule they would be required to complete. She looked at the people around her, hoping to find someone who was alone, to strike up a conversation. A girl sat two seats away looked promising, until another girl sat down beside her and they talked between themselves for a while.

"Welcome to Business Administration," a tall man spoke, dressed in a perfectly coloured white shirt, a bright red tie hanging over the buttons, "over the next three or four years you will get to know each other, you will work together and you will compete for the best placements. Today is the start, but tomorrow will be your future, so embrace the next few years and don't waste them."

His voice was powerful, more so with the amplification of the microphone. Emily admired the way he stood in front of a large group, he didn't look nervous and he didn't look scared. He looked at as many people in the eye as he could and he talked to the room not just one section. She was excited to begin the year and to begin her degree. She'd been at the University of Bath for twelve months and though she'd enjoyed the foundation year she'd taken, she was ready for something more.


She ate the last of the potato wedges regretting right away that they'd only ordered a bowl between them. Emily turned to watch her friends, who were in the middle of a game of pool.

"Who's winning?"

"Laila's got six down," Drew informed her, his lips curling into a huge grin. "Compared to all of mine, I'm going for the black."

"You didn't even pot half of yours," Laila challenged.

"I didn't need to, playing against you."

Emily watched Drew take a shot and pot the black, his fists flew to the air as he shouted his success. It made her laugh when Laila pretended to cry and Drew apologised repeatedly until discovering the truth. She loved spending time with the pair of them, even when their play fights ended in a year long snog. They rejoined her at the table.

"Finished already?" Drew laughed, picking up her pint glass.

Emily shrugged, noticing the time and picking up her bag, "What can I say? You don't call me Em T for nothing, I'd best be off."

"Have fun at your meeting," Laila smiled.


The time on her phone read 6.05pm, she hoped it was correct, but deep down she guessed it was probably five minutes slow. She knew it wouldn't be the end of the world being late to the first LGBT meeting of the year, but she'd wanted to make a good first impression after being given the position of secretary. She pushed the door to the lecture room open and took a deep breath, the room was full of about thirty people, many of whom she'd met before.

"Sorry I'm late," she gasped, sitting down at the front of the room, taking pen and paper from her bag.

"That's alright," the chairperson, Peter called out, "we were just going through introductions, then a couple of latecomers came in. So if we can go back to you, sorry, what was your name again?"

Emily turned her head to where the rest of the room was looking. She was excited to meet a new group of people, many whom understood her life and everything that her usual friends didn't. When her eyes locked with the girl's, who sat across the room, it took a moment to process. She took a deep breath and held it, then the girl opened her mouth. Emily felt her breath escape when the familiar voice rolled off her tongue.


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