Hi guys, it's been awhile. This is a new fic that I just very recently came up with an idea for. I don't know if this idea has been posted before, so if it has, whoops! Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, nor any other supernatural thing, that all belongs to Mr. Kripke. I'm just messing around with them a bit. This is a survival fic, with plenty of Hurt Sam and Hurt/Big Brother/Savior Dean. Read on and let me know what you think!

It happened so quick, it was practically impossible to see it coming. One minute Dean was in the shower, lathering soap over his maturing pre-adult body, and the next something huge and heavy crashed through the ceiling and wall, knocking him into the bottom of the tub, cascading his world into darkness.

"Ugh...what happened?"

It may have been minutes, it may have been hours when the pitter patter of water spurting from the broken shower nasal stirred him. He opened his eyes to complete darkness, the howl of the wind from the tumultuous storm outside reverberating eerily inside the tub, assaulting his eardrums. Slowly coming to his senses, he became aware that half of the tub was filled with water and was now cold. A throbbing pain pounded just above his left earlobe, and it stung terribly when he prodded it. His body shivered from the frigidness and possibly the shock the crash had on his sensitive nerves causing his teeth to chatter violently.

Still too dark to see anything, Dean pushed himself up into a sitting position, only to be impeded by something huge, dark, and sticky.

"What the hell?"

Confused, he raised his hands to investigate what on earth had him trapped inside the small rectangle. He pulled back rapidly when a terrible needle-like spike of pain shot through his right index finger. His eyes widened with alarm at the loud groans the porcelain walls voiced, apparently strained under the objects' massive weight. After sucking on his finger for a second, Dean made another attempt. Quickly, he positioned his hands somewhere on a pain-free spot on the object's rough surface and pushed against it with all his might. The thing didn't budge, it was too heavy. Alternatively latching onto what felt like a branch, Dean pulled at the object, feeling it become unattached. He felt around it and learned he grabbed off a bough of pine needles.

Meaning that he was trapped by a friggin tree. A tree had fallen through the house and was lying on top of the tub. Of all places!

It all made sense now. If he was correct, it had to be the tree that was stationed in the front lawn. The magnificent pine had looked a bit peaky a few days before, swaying a bit with the soft wind, only Dean was too preoccupied to admit to himself that he noticed it. If he was correct, there was a flash of lightning that occurred just before the loud thunderous crash. The lightning must've either struck the tree and caused it to fall conveniently on their little two-story rented house or God played a cruel game in estimating the tree's death a little early. Whatever it was, the truth remained that right now he was stuck in the tub and if he didn't get out soon, he was going to die either by hypothermia, or was going to be crushed to death when the tub finally succumbed to the tree's weight. Either which he was screwed. Unless...

A new feeling of hope sprouted in Dean's half-dazed mind, feeling more secure that his fifteen year old brother was around and could possibly help. But then the moment he thought of rescue, his hope was quickly replaced with a feeling of dread, realizing that Sam was in the boy's bedroom directly across from the bathroom doing homework and the tree stood directly outside their window.

Feeling the overwhelming sense of panic and the big-brother mode officially switching on, Dean pushed against the tree again more forcefully, feeling the need to find his brother. A guttural sound of anger escaped his lips when the tree again hadn't budged. He began to feel terrified.

"SAM," he yelled, cringing against the echoing ring his voice produced in the tub.


"SAM," he cried again louder, holding his breath, praying that he would hear something.

"SA-," his cry cut short from some of the water filling inside his mouth. He spat some of it out, pushing once again against the tree, the overwhelming sense of fear for his brother's life and his own multiplying. He kicked out with his legs, and froze when he felt cold air. It felt colder than it was in the tub, and he lengthened his foot out more, only to realize that he was sticking his foot outside the tub. There was an exit!

The tree jostled from the heavy wind surrounding it causing the tub to creak even more. Hastily, Dean began maneuvering himself to the foot end of the tub, contorting his body tightly together, using the walls to get to the other side. His muscles screamed at the tight constriction he forced on his legs and back, but he bit his lip to stifle the oncoming protesting groans. Finally he was able to inch himself to the other end, noticing a small block open where the tree did not cover the aperture.

Half-lifting himself and peering out of the small block, Dean noticed the room was dark, and the tree had taken out the opposite wall; it had gone completely through the mid-section of the house. The wind and rain poured frantically into the opening, spraying him in the face with bits of leaves and twigs.

"Sonuvabitch," he grumbled, spitting out the wet debris. "SAM," he called again.

Still there was only silence and the whine of the wind.

Damn it, no! The pervading fear that billowed under the surface now reached critical point and he scrambled to get out of the tub. The hole was small, even for his slender frame. But Sam was possibly in trouble, and no way was this going to stop him from getting to his little brother. Angling his right shoulder, he stuck his right arm out first latching onto the rim, then worked to get his other arm out. Once both hands were secured on the rim, he lifted himself, the rough bark scraping against his delicate skin. Gritting his teeth against the painful tears, he continued to raise himself.

He was nearly out. More than half of his body was protruding from the small hole, the only problem now was getting the rest of his body out. That part proved difficult as his arms were extended out to their fullest extent. Crouching on his toes and bending against the tree's large trunk, he slowly and achingly straightened out his long legs. His calve muscles and toes were twitching with unrelenting spasms at the effort. Dean found himself issuing out another series of groans and profane words, hardly able to control himself.

Leaning on the tree's trunk and using it to push the rest of himself out of the tub proved to be a bad idea. The tub creaked louder than usual and Dean felt the tree shift down. Instantly, the tub walls splintered and cracked, the trunk falling down when they caved in, splashing freezing water all over Dean, forcing him to slip and fall as well.

A loud involuntary yell escaped his lips when he felt a terrible searing pain shoot through the side of his ribcage causing his heart to briefly stop. His breath hitched. Fighting through it, he looked down and saw a large tear in his side torn open when he slid along the broken edge of the tub wall, a red watery solution flowing over the soaked floor. The pain mixed with anxiety forced him to smash his fist against the tree. Now he had a throbbing pain emanating from his palm. At least that would take his mind of the other pain.

Forcing himself up, he searched around the room. The shivers that coursed through his frame never waned. He carefully wrapped his arms around his midriff to try and retain whatever heat he could. Understanding that remaining stagnant and naked wasn't going to help the situation in the slightest. He looked around for his clothes. The room was still dark, but he could see a little due to the brief glimpses the moon would illuminate before retreating behind its prison wall of dark clouds. So far the tree lay stretched completely across the room, the door and its side trim left in shambles. Finding his fresh set of sweatpants and tee he set out before his shower on the toilet, he quickly pulled them on, careless if they set to his wet skin like a second skin. He hissed when the cut on his side flared at the pull of the fabric.

"Sam," he shouted into the dim darkness. "Sam, please answer me!"


He froze upon hearing the choked call.



There it was again. But it was more of a forced moan. Without hesitating, Dean rushed forward hopping over broken branches and bark scattered across the chipped tiled floor. He paused at where the door was supposed to be observing the damage and seeing that the tree was angled downward, its massive branches creating a mini-forest that consumed the entire hallway, blocking his path of getting into the bedroom. Some of the trees branches jutted out through the side walls.

"Sam," he called again. "Sam, I'm blocked. Are you okay?"

He strained his ears to hear his brother. For a second, there was nothing, then the sounds of stifled sobs reached his ear cavity. "Sam. Are you okay?" he hollered with a hint of panic.

More sobs sounded from the dark room, soon followed by the sound of Sam's anguished voice, "Dean, I-I'm...p-pinned."

That was the strike that rang the bell on Dean's panic high-striker. Dean ran into the tiny forest, pushing past the colossal branches and spiny boughs. Suddenly the tree shifted down some more, the floor creaking threateningly along with Sam's painful screams. Oh shit! Dean realized he had to get off the trunk or it was going to fall through and cut the house in half. That wouldn't be good! He jumped backwards back into the bathroom just as the screams died down.

"Hang on Sammy. I'm coming!" he yelled out.

There was no answer.


Again, all he was met with was the persistent groaning of the floor and the symphony of the storm outside. It was deathly quiet in the bedroom. Dean's heart plummeted at the implication.

Okay guys, that's it for the first chapter. Tell me what you think. This is going to be a short fic, because this idea came to me and I wanted to play with it a little bit while I'm working on my other fic, Chance is but another one of Fate's playmates. It is a weechester fic and I'm currently having trouble with the first chapter. I keep rewriting it cuz I don't like it. Anyway, hopefully I will get that one up soon, but in the mean time, it's tree time. Also, if this story happens to offend anyone, I apologize. I understand that there have been accidents where trees have fallen on houses and people have been killed. So again no offense intended! Thanks for reading!