New Story!! This is based off the movie Ten Things I hate About You and I thought it would be funny if I crossed it over with GX XD This is really different from the movie, though.

This is an AU and the couples are Spiritshipping, and Darkspiritshipping (which is Yubel x Haou) there will probably be others along the way :D

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Ten Things I hate about You

Chapter One

"Wow look at that hot kid!" whispered a freshmen pointing to someone walking down the hall.

"You mean you didn't know? That's Johan Anderson. Hottest guy in school." said the sophomore next to him.

"Is he available?" the freshmen asked immediately sending the two male sophomores standing next to him into hysterics.

"What?" the poor naive freshmen asked confused.

"First of all, Johan would never go out with a pipe-squeak like you." the first sophomore. The freshmen glared. "Second of all, if anyone gets him, I do." he grinned. "But third of all, sadly, he's not allowed to date."


"Look who's checking you out!!" Rei Saotome whispered with a musical tone. She nudged her head to the other side of the hallway. The three friends looked across and saw Judai Yuki, the school's second heart drop, looking their way. He quickly went back to looking at his friends. His brown multicolored hair swaying with him. Asuka Tenjoun, the second girl, giggled.

"I can't believe it! You two are soooo meant to be." she giggled elbow the last friend. Johan Anderson, being the school heart drop, blushed.

"Guys, I don't like him! Besides, I'm totally straight." he crossed his arms and pouted. The girls nearly busted out laughing.

"Yeeeah. That's why you have rainbow nail polish at home." Asuka said while chuckling.

"And a rainbow necklace." Rei added.

"And a gay pride shirt-" Asuka said while pointing to his shirt.

"Shush up! I…..just can't choose my favorite color!" he said hesitantly.

"And the gay pride shirt?" Rei said with a cat grin.

"It was a hand-me-down!"

"Suuure. That's why it still has the tag on the back." Asuka giggled and pulled a tag unseen to Johan off the back of his 'hand-me-down' shirt.

"Don't judge! And besides, you're both so loud!" he scolded his closest friends as they both bursting into hysterics once again.

"What? You like him, he likes you, whats stopping you guys?" asked Rei holding up her finger making signs of love making. Johan turned a deeper red as Asuka laughed even more.

"Stop being so immature." he hissed pushing her hands down motioning the two to follow him. "I can't like him. Remember my dad's rules?" he said. Making the two frown.

"Woops." muttered Rei. "I forgot about that. But once he meets Judai, he'll love him!"

"Impossible." Johan said. "My dad is the most stubborn man on earth."

"Oh so that's where you get it from." Asuka teased making Johan roll his eyes. He got to his locker opening it shoving some of his books in.

"So just talk to your dad about this! Surely you can come to an agreement." Rei said. "After all, prom is only two weeks away! You need a date. I've got Martin and Asuka's got….." she looked over at the taller girl. "Who do you have?"

Asuka groaned. "I don't even know anymore. There's too many people to count , but probably not as much as you have, Johan." Asuka said motioning to the blunette. He sighed and banged his head against the locker shocking the girls.

"Johan! Don't hurt yourself!" Asuka said as they both pulled him away from the locker. "What caused your sudden…. Um.. How do I put this?" she leaned to Rei for some kind of help.

"Suicide attempt." Rei piped in.

"I don't know what I would do without you." smirked Asuka. "I guess that's why we keep you around." Rei pouted at the comment. They both turned to Johan when they heard him muttering about something in a different language.

"Damnit, Johan! Speak our language!" Rei growled. Johan pulled both the girls closer so they looked like they were in a football huddle.

"You don't even know what it feels like to be stalked every second of your life!" he hissed.

"What brought this on?" Asuka asked. Johan nudged his head to between the two vending machines in the hall. There stood Johan's biggest fan and stalker. Watching the three. Asuka and Rei shuttered and turned back to him.

"I thought Amon quit after you threw your water bottle at him last year!" Rei hissed the three still in their huddle.

"I thought so too until I found him in my bedroom this morning after coming out of the shower." he mumbled.


People in the hallways stopped to stare then sighed when realizing it only Asuka and Rei shouting about something stupid again.

"Yeah freaking way." Johan said ignoring the people. He was used to this by now. Especially if he had a stalker. More like 30 stalkers.

"When were you going to tell us?"

"Are you going to lock your bedroom so he doesn't come in and rape you at night?"

"Are you going to get him arrested?"

Johan sighed. He should have known they would start asking fifty questions. Just then the first bell rang.

"Text me and I'll answer your questions." he said separating from the two before they could maul him with more questions. Next stop was Biology with his crazy (but awesome) teacher Miss. Chiyo. Yes, Miss. The way she acts no wonder she doesn't have a husband.

Johan reached the classroom and looked around. There wasn't any people in the class Johan hung out with. Then he saw his brother seated in the back of the classroom. Johan shrugged mentally and made his way over.

Yubel Anderson was the exact opposite of Johan. He wore leather every single day of his life even though it wasn't allowed at school. Yubel never played by the rules. He was always putting gum into a girl's hair or smashing up someone's car in school parking lot. Yes, Yubel Anderson didn't care if he was caught. Johan was like his other half and being the opposites they were, people loved Johan and didn't like Yubel very much. With his attitude who could blame them. Johan was there to make sure Yubel didn't get into anything too bad. For example, Johan never let Yubel play with drugs. Anything else was fine compared to that. Yes, even flamethrowers….Which Johan mentally reminded himself to look on Yubel's eBay account to see if he actually bought it and didn't steal it from their neighbor again.

Johan sat next to his brother, the two not even looking at each other. The freshmen in the classroom stared, not very much into the fact that the two looked almost exactly alike. The only difference was that Yubel had orange, dark eyes and Johan had bright emerald ones. Plus, Yubel's hair was a little longer and spikier than Johan's.

As class continued, the two were in complete silence. They never really talked to each other much. The fought at home but that was really it. When the class ended they went their separate ways.

Yubel made his way down the hallway. Scaring a few people into moving out of his way. He took no crap from anyone. Not even his twin brother. School was becoming a real pain and lately Yubel has been wondering to himself why he comes.

He shrugged mentally before making his way towards the exit to the school. He had better things to do than hang out there. At least Johan saw him once so he won't scold him for skipping out again.

Meanwhile, Johan had just met up with Rei. She raced up to him.

"I can't believe you're not suing him! He so deserved it. I mean seriously. You need to get a restraining order against that guy." Rei said as the two made their way to gym.

"Yeah but I mean, I can just avoid him. I don't want to have my dad spend so much money when I can just have Yubel beat the crap out of him." Rei laughed.

"True. Yubel can be really mean. He should totally hook up with someone. He could get away with it. I mean, your dad only is worried about you getting raped or something. Yubel is tough and can take care of himself." Rei said.

"Gee, thanks, Rei. That makes me feel so vulnerable." Johan said rolling his eyes at her. "I'm glad you have so much faith in me."

"Ah yes I do." she said seriously back. Johan just sighed and walked a few paces ahead of her to talk to Jim instead. Once again, she pouted. Realizing she was ditched.

"Hey there, mate." Jim said smiling at the shorter teen. Johan grinned back.

"Hey! Did you do the French homework?" he asked. "I forgot what it was…"

"Johan Anderson forgetting to do his homework?" Jim laughed. "And for French class? Come on, Johan. You've mastered that language. Whats got you procrastinating?"

"I had to make dinner for the neighbors again as an apology for Yubel throwing a balloon full of paint in their room while they were having sex." Johan sighed. "Sometimes I swear he's a lost soul."

"He probably is." Jim laughed as they got into the gym through this whole conversation. Now sitting at the bleachers. "By the way, we had no French homework."

"Speaking of French," Junko and Momoe popped out of nowhere scaring the crap out of Johan. As usual. "We're transferring into French!!!" Momoe grinned. Johan sighed. They obviously just wanted him to pass a language. He knew German, French, Spanish, Italian, English, Japanese, and Russian. Yes Johan was a busy person. Because he lived in Europe so long in his life, he travel everywhere in Europe learning all the languages. While Yubel spent his time playing Xbox in the room they rented wherever their dad took them. Or getting kicked out of all the strict boarding schools you could think of.

"French is such a romantic language!" Junko cheered with hearts almost visibly in her eyes.

"No, it's not." Johan said very seriously.

"Huh?" Both girls looked confused.

"Alright for example, "J'ai tiré la chasse d'eau hier, mais pas aujourd'hui" What do you think that means?" Johan said.

"Something along the lines of 'You're as beautiful as a butterfly'?" Junko said. Momoe smiled and nodded in agreement.

"No. That means 'I flushed the toilet yesterday, but not today.'" Jim and Rei began to laugh hysterically. (1)

"Oh…" both girls said in unison.

"Wait…" Momoe said. "You didn't even say la toilette!"

"There are other words for toilet in French…-"

"Wow. This is an awkward moment to walk in on a conversation." Asuka said walking past the five sitting on the bleachers. She chuckled went to talk to someone else.

"Okay. Well maybe it is.." Johan muttered as the five laughed.

"So I heard that guy is back in school." Momoe said after they finished laughing.

"You mean the one that got sent to jail?" Rei asked. Momoe nodded.

"Yeah. But I don't know why." Momoe answered.

"I think it was because he stole some stuff from the convenient store down the road?" Jim guessed.

"Yeah I think it was it because I heard O'Brian talk about it a couple of months ago." Johan confirmed. "But man. He sure is tough."

"Kinda scary." Junko agreed. "I heard he ate a frog once."

"That's so gross!" Rei said.

"But one time I saw him at the beach." Johan said. "We hung out and he was actually a nice guy."

"Summer love?" Junko joked making Johan blush.

"No more like hanging out." he said rolling his eyes. "But really. He looks so much like Judai Yuki it actually scares me."

"Yeah and they're not even related!" Rei said remembering this.

"It's alright, Johan. Just close your eyes and just think of it as Judai." Momoe joked.

"Alright! Does everyone know?!" Junko and Momoe laughed.

"Nah we heard from Rei this morning." Junko giggled. "I think you guys would be so cute."

"And just think of it this way," Momoe said leaning over to Johan. "He might like you back."

"Didn't I already say my dad didn't want me to date? Geez.. You guys never listen." Johan said muttering the last part.

"Oh come on! You could say that dating keeps Amon away." Rei said.

"That is a good idea…"


Judai Yuki fiddled nervously with his pen as he sat in study hall. His two best friends, Kenzan and Shou, sat next to him.

"What if he says no?" he mumbled making the two look at him. They laughed.

"He will not say no!" Shou said still chuckling. "Everyone knows you guys like each other." Judai blushed and ducked his chin into his jacket. "So just go for it."

"Yeah.. Don't worry. Johan's not the kinda kid to just flat out say no. He will probably drop you slowly if anything." Kenzan said getting a glare from Shou.

"Kenzan, you dolt! That's not the kind of attitude we're trying to get!" the blunette growled at the dinosaur lover. "Don't worry, Aniki." he placed his hand on the other's shoulder. "You'll get em'."

"Oh! Here he comes!" Kenzan said quickly grabbing Shou and getting out of their seats. "Good luck, tiger!" This made the brunette chuckle. After they had gone, he looked around to see Johan. He throat tighten as he saw the blunette make his way into the room. He was surprisingly alone.

"Hey, Johan." he called to him surprised he could even speak at a time like this. The other smiled his emerald eyes glistening as he waved back.

"Hey! Mind if I sit?" he said coming to stand next to Judai.

"Not at all." Johan pulled out a chair and sat himself down next to the brunette.

"So…" Judai began to fiddle again.. No! He had to say it now or never! "Johan, I have to ask you something." he turned his whole body toward the blunette who just blink and turned toward the other as well.

"Yeah?" he asked being this close to the blunette made Judai's body tingle. He could smell the boy's hair and feel his breath close to his face.

"Umm… w-would you want t-to.." he stuttered out. Johan waited patiently for what he had to say. "Do you…want to got to p-prom with me?" There was a silence as Judai stared at his hands now on his lap.

"Are you asking me out?" Johan said with a slight smile on his face. Judai nodded while continuing to blush. He just knew it! I would definitely get dumped!! He-

"Alright." Judai couldn't believe it! He was ready to do a happy dance in his head when he heard Johan say. "Just one thing though."

He paused. Wondering if it was something he forgot.

"My dad." Johan said blankly. Judai looked up confused as the blunette sighed. "He is so strict. Definite no dating policy." the blunette then winked at him. "But I think I can break him though." The bell rang just then as students began walking around them. "See you later, ok?" Johan smiled that dazzling smile once more before picking up his bag and walking away.

As soon as he was sure Johan was out of hearing or seeing distance, he began to cheer.

"YES!" this cause many students around him to look at him in confusion. He began to dance slightly muttering. "I'm going out with Jooohan." then stopped realizing he was being laughed at by his friends who had just approached.

"I'm so proud of youuu!!" said his friend from chemistry class, Haruka. Who had just joined up with Shou and Kenzan. "You two will be soo cute." she giggled her black hair flowing with her as she bounced up and down. Haruka Megumi was a short girl with very long black hair. She had just joined their school only a while ago and immediately became friends with Judai and his friends.

"Thanks, Ruka." he said chuckling. Shou grinned.

"See? What did I tell you?" Shou laughing.

"Tell what?" came a another voice. The four looked to see Manjoume coming up to them.

"Thunder-kun!" Haruka said glomping him as well. He growled.

"God dammit, women! I told you to stop that!!" He yelled. But Haruka was too busy off in her own little world muttering about wedding plans.


"And I want to catch the bouquet! And-"

"Shut-up Haruka!" Judai, Kenzan, Shou, Manjoume, O'Brien, and Edo who both had joined up with them after study hall ended, yelled in unison. The end of study hall was about thirty minutes ago. And the girl had not stopped talking since then.

"Whaaaa? I can't help it! I mean come one. I'm only girl here right now and I want my girl conversations too!"

"Not for thirty minutes straight." Edo says rolling his eyes.

"…So what! Besides, someone has to plan their wedding! So that makes it overtime!" the girl declared loudly. They all just glared as she gave them a shrugged.

"Okay, Okay! I'll stop…" she muttered getting off the cafeteria table which she happened to climb on when going on her rant. She shoved some Twinkies into her mouth to stop her mumbling. And as usual, one of the other crazy people happened to walk into the cafeteria and strut up to their table. This happened to be Fubuki today.

"Hello, my little flower!!" Fubuki cried hugging the black haired Twinkie devouring girl from behind.

"Hello bumblebee." she said with Twinkies spitting out of her mouth at the person across at the table into that person's face. Which happened to be Manjoume who yelled in protest. She swallowed the rest down for looking up at the brunette still hugging her tightly.

"No buttsex today, Fubuki. We're planning a wedding!" (2) she said dramatically explaining how Judai confessed his undying love for Johan.

"I did not!" butted in Judai as he glared at Haruka.

"Mmmmmmhm.." she said which partially sounded like a 'your lying'. And one the other side, it sounded like a dying cow.

"Let's get to work!" cried Fubuki as they both skipped off into a random-ass sunset that appeared in the cafeteria.

"Isn't it the middle of the day?" mumbled Shou as he just stared at the fading sunset.

"Yes it is, Shou, yes it is." Judai said bluntly.


"eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" (3) squealed the random pig Rei happened to be chasing around the biology room. All she wanted to do was pick it up by it's back feet. Asuka sat on one of the lab tables taking pictures with her phone. No one was in the room at the moment except the two girls. They happened to always hang out in the biology room.

"Haha. This is totally going on myspace." Asuka said taking more pictures cracking up the whole time. Rei growled.

"Don't you dare! That would totally ruin my chances with Martin!" she said.

"Yeah. And you already had a chance." Asuka said sarcastically.

"Don't judge!"

"Hey, that's my line!" The girls turned to the door to look for the familiar voice's owner. Johan walked in with a raised eyebrow.

"What are you-?"

"Nothing." Rei answered quickly as she caught the pig and put it back in it's cage. She stepped back and held her hands behind her back innocently and whistled.

"Don't worry. I got pictures." Asuka said triumphantly waving her phone in the air.

"I always can rely on you, Asuka." Johan said chuckling.

"One day… I swear you're going down, Asuka Tenjoun." Rei sneered growling slightly as her and Johan sat near Asuka on the lab tables.

"Same goes for you, Rei Saotome, same goes for you."

"I got news." Johan piped in stopping the girls. They both opened their mouths as Johan signaled them to keep them shut.

"No guessing. It's really is a time waster."

"But it's fun!" Rei pouted.

"But he does have a point.." Asuka said looking at Rei. "We never get it right anyway-"

"Guys! Back to my point." he said catching the girls' attention again. "Something happened today in study hall." he glared them. Daring them to open their mouth in attempt to guess from the rumors they have heard or just random guessing. "Judai asked me to go sit with him today."

"Oh my muffins he asked you out!!!" Rei said loudly. Johan blushed.

"How did you know?" he mumbled.

"EEHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Rei squealed realizing she got it right.

"You squeal louder than the pig." Asuka said making Rei stop and glare.

"Shuttdap, fool." she said quickly. "It's now time to make my website reality!"

"What website?" Rei froze then grinned.

"Forget I said that. Anyways, did anyone hear that Amon spray painted the guy's bathroom?" she said quickly changing the subject.

"Doesn't he only do that kind of stuff when he's really pissed off?" Asuka said. All three of the friends shrugged. Rei grinned again.

"But anyway, this is so great! We have dates to the prom!!!" Rei said hugging her two best friends.

"You won't after I show Martin these pictures along with a little Photoshop editing." Asuka said with a mischievous grin planted on her face.

"You won't dare!!!" Rei shouted as her and Asuka ran around the room yelling at each other. Johan sighed as he pulled out his sidekick to check his email and wait for their fight to subside. He had one unread message. Curious, and not knowing who it was from, he opened it.

I will have you, my gem. I will not lose. -Amon.

"Oh my muffins." Johan said a bit shocked. "Amon know my new email now!! Crap!" They girls, being curious, they walked over and read the email. Rei muttered something about stalkers and Asuka gave a serious look.

"Hey.. What do you think he means by 'he will have you. He will not lose'? Lose to Judai?" This had Johan thinking. "Maybe you're right.." They were all silent.

"Nah." the three said in unison.

"He can't be that weird, right?" Rei said reassuring the three.


Yubel walked along one of the alleyways down town. He had just attacked an old lady by spraying her with a hose and he was out of ideas. Now he was just bored. He looked at his watch. School was almost over.

'I should probably head back and pretend I just got out so Johan won't have a cow on me. Sometimes I swear he acts like my mother but with more bad names involved.' he thought making his way to the main streets. When he got to the school building, the bell had just rang.

"You skipping out too?" came a sudden husky voice next to Yubel's ear. He growled and turned his head.

"You know you shouldn't really be scaring strangers so much." said the dark haired blunette. He was shocked when he saw that it was Haou Yagami. The kid who had just got out of jail. Yubel had never meet him but he heard about the kid. But damn, he was hot up close.

"Like what you see?" smirked the bastard as Yubel quickly turned around hiding his blush. Why was this happening now? He growled mentally for acting like such a school girl. Damn, he spent too much time with Johan.

"Of course not. Why do you think I turned around?" he spat out with no other comment to come up with. Haou stalked around him like a cat and they came face to face. Haou's face was simply so dark with his yellow memorizing eyes.

"The names Haou. And who are you, cutie? You look awful familiar." the brunette said tilting up Yubel's chin as he tried to look away.

"Call me 'cutie' again and you won't even be able to walk, tomorrow." growled Yubel as they both held each other's eyes. Haou continued his smirk pissing Yubel off.

"What're you gonna do to me, babe? All I asked for was a name." Yubel pulled away.

"If I tell you, will you leave me alone?" Yubel said obviously pissed off and trying to hold down his blush. This guy was really annoying.

"I won't make any promises." smirked Haou. The two had a silent staring contest. Yubel had a glare on his face and Haou had an amused glint in his eyes.

"Yubel!" called another voice making the two snap out of their stare. Johan came walking up with his arms across.

"Don't go scaring people." Johan scolded making Yubel roll his eyes.

"Ah. So that's it." Haou said he turned to Johan who gave him a big smile. This really pissed Yubel off. Why was he smiling at someone who didn't deserve it? Did they know each other?

"It's good to see you again, Johan." said Haou who grabbed Johan's hand and kissed his knuckles. Johan chuckled.

"Same goes for you, Haou. I see you've meet my brother, Yubel." Johan nudged his head to his twin who looked royally ready to kick someone's butt. Haou chuckled as well.

"Yes. He's quite the looker. But not as cute as you are, Johan." Yubel just huffed as Johan laughed. Why was he getting so jealous?!?

"Lets go, Johan." Yubel said grabbing Johan's arm and beginning to walk away. Johan just waved to Haou as the two made their way off the school grounds.

"How do you know that guy?!" Yubel demanded.

"What? You jealous?" Johan asked his twin then pulled out his sidekick and began texting. Yubel snorted.

"Not in a million years. And you didn't answer my question, brat."

"We meet at the beach last summer." Answered Johan. "Too bad you were too busy dying in your room."

"Who gives a damn." stated Yubel. Johan then began to ramble on about Judai Yuki as Yubel thought about that Haou kid. He was really good looking. Yubel inwardly rolled his eyes. He would never go out with anyone as bastardly as that. As a matter of fact, he would never ever go out with a single soul. As Johan said something about going out with Judai, Haou snapped out of it.

"You're gonna what? You know dad will never allow it." Yubel said almost laughing out loud. Almost.

"I'm gonna talk to him. Judai's so sweet." Johan mumbled the last part. Yubel noticed the blush cross his face as he continued his text. He snorted.

"People aren't always what they appear, Johan. He might just want to get into your pants like that Amon guy did." Damn, that's what I forgot. Yubel sighed inwardly. I had to go beat that kid up for being in Johan's room this morning.

"Judai's different. He's not like that." stated Johan as the two made their way up the steps to their house which they had just approached.

"You'll see." Yubel said pulling open the door and peering over to the neighbor's yard. Mr. and Mrs. Kuso were just getting out of their car. When they saw Yubel, they both glared and flipped him off in unison. Yubel just chuckled before going into his house.


Dinner that night happened to be silent as the three eat. Yubel was just shoving his food down his throat so he could get back to playing warcraft.(4) Johan, who was usually the one who made the conversations, just sat and slowly picked at his dinner. Their father gave Johan a concerned look.

"Johan, is something wrong?" he asked the blunette.

"Ummm.. Dad? I need to tell you something." Yubel stopped shoving his food down his throat and listened in. He was probably going to ask about Judai.

"Yes?" their father said impatiently.

"Can I go out with Judai Yuki?"


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1) I just really wanted to add that. And I think it's really true in French I hope that least someone laughed at it.

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