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Chapter 6

Yubel sighed while walking back to the locker room. He couldn't wait to get home and play some war craft and get out of the hell hole called school. Why? He glared at the sweaty, tall, sexy brunette next to him who was yelling over his shoulder at a freshman to clean up. Haou had not left his side the whole practice. It was driving him crazy. He snuck into a stall and changed quickly, then tried to made a run for it before Haou saw him. He wasn't fast enough.

"Yubel! Hey, come back!" Yubel snarled under his breath, but went back to the brunette, who was standing with the rest of the team.

"We're going to get something to eat. Wanna come?" he asked the blunette, swinging his arm around Yubel's shoulders. Yubel broke free and stepped a few feet away.

"No thanks… I'm expected home…" he mumbled and left before anyone could question him, or call him back. He decided to walk home without Johan, who was probably with his friends anyway. During his walk, Yubel began to ponder the bet that him and his strange teacher, Mrs. Miyagi, had made. Get a date for prom? Alright, he admitted to himself, that might be a bit hard. He could always ask Asuka, hearing about how she didn't have a definite date and she knows how to not piss him off. His mind drifted to Haou and he blushed. Haou was probably going with that girl Shion. He was obviously only teasing Yubel… it wasn't anything serious. He was just a jerk.

Yubel stomped up his porch steps and saw Mr. and Mrs. Kuso, the neighbors, washing both of their shiny cars. Yubel sent a nasty look their way as they started spraying each other with hoses and laughing like they were on some kind of television show. Whorez.

He then, however, notice the paint shine, untouched by the Kusos and close to his fence. Yubel grinned, and snuck back into his house. Time to have some fun with the whorez!

Johan reached his house and pulled in the driveway, getting out of the car. He had a lot of thinking he had been doing, and talking with Amon just stressed him out. Maybe he shouldn't be listening to someone that stalked him, but maybe he should. Still lost in thought, he was interrupted by the shrieks of the neighbors, who were outside by their cars.

"Honey! That wasn't paint shiner, that was bleach!" Mrs. Kuso screamed at her husband. Johan winced when he saw that there was a long, horizontal line on Mrs. Kuso's car, the red car now having an ugly white slash.

"It said car shiner!" defended Mr. Kuso. Johan, realizing this was probably Yubel's fault, silently crept over to the door of his house and went inside, shutting it quietly. He marched into the kitchen where Yubel was eating a snicker's bar, and glared.

"What? I didn't ditch practice, you saw me there." Yubel defended himself. Johan crossed his arms and continued to glare.

"No! You dolt! I know you put bleach in the neighbor's shiner bottle!" Johan yelled angrily. "Do you really want them to hate us even more?" Yubel laughed evilly. "I don't care. There's whorez anyway." Johan looked shocked.

"They're not 'whorez' as you call it! A man can't be a 'whore' anyway." Glared Johan.

"You pull it off great." Johan froze, and gave him an evil look. "Go away. I don't wanna look at you." Johan mumbled, practically throwing his stuff on the kitchen counter.

"Likewise." smirked Yubel as he left the room.

Johan then proceeded to banging his head against the counter.

The next day went by fast at the house, Johan hurried out to his car claiming he had some errands to do, and Yubel played war craft until Johan called him, yelling at him to get to school on time. The lazy blunette strolled onto the school grounds and raised his eyebrows at the sight. There was hearts decorating the school's hallways, and sparkles everywhere. People were gossiping and giggling, and Yubel just twitched, walking up to a booth outside the office to see what was going on.

"Hello, evil twinnie." Greeted Rei, sitting behind the booth accompanied by Asuka. Yubel sweat dropped, figuring this was all their fault. "Curious? Take a flyer!" she handed him a pink flyer.


Come on down to Room 215 and find your love! Take our survey!

He just stared to the paper for a few seconds before Rei grabbed it back, laying it neatly with the other hundred copies.

"What the hell? Valentine's Day already passed, nimrods." The girls gave him evil looks.

"Who cares? Besides, we didn't really celebrate Valentine's Day as much as we could. Besides, prom's coming up and people need dates!" Asuka explained, giving Yubel as strange look that he didn't quite understand.

"Anddd, you get to skip class for it!" Rei cut in seeing Yubel's blank look.

"Count me in, then." He said, turning away. Rei and Asuka gave each other high-fives behind his back. When he was out of sight, they both giggled.

"We've got this sooo in the bag." Rei explained to the blond. "All we have to make Yubel and Haou's answers match! It'll be sooo amazing!"

"Definitely. Wait, what about the other people that sign up? We don't even have a system for this whole 'soul mate' idea!" Asuka complained.

"Well, duh. What do you expect from what I made up at 2:30 in the morning?" Rei said not quite sounding like the brightest tool in the tool shed. Asuka sighed.

"We'll ask Johan."

"Ask me what?" The blunette walked up to their table, smiling. "What's with all the decorations?" The two explained their random celebration, and Johan grinned.

"I think we should just match people up with who they really want to be with. We can have that as one of the questions, so no one feels left out."

"Excellent!" Rei giggled. "Oh and can you text Haou and tell him what's going on?"

"Sure thing." Smiled Johan, pulling out his sidekick.

Judai and his friends walked into school, and saw the mess Asuka and Rei created.

"PINK!" screamed Haruka and Fubuki in unison. Fubuki's scream was in delight, and Haruka's was in horror.

"WHY NOT PURPLE?" the blackette screamed at a wall. Students walking by sweat dropped.

"Purple is sooo 30 minutes ago." Fubuki joked.

"I wonder what's up?" Sho asked no one in particular, looking around. Manjoume just twitched from the sight.

"We should rip everything down." The junior mumbled. Judai grinned.

"This has Asuka and Rei written all over it!" he said happily.

"Yeah, it also said: 'Asuka and I are going to decorate the school pink!' On Rei's facebook page." Edo mumbled from behind the brunette. Judai shot him a playful glare.

"You ruined my psychic skills!" the brunette whined.

His phone suddenly made a beeping noise and pulled it out. A few seconds later his was grinning.

"What's up?" Sho asked him.

"This is part of the plan to get Yubel and Haou together!"

"Geez, don't talk so loud. What if Yubel was right here?"

The whole gang turned and saw Haou walking up to him, hands in his pockets. He was wearing all black.

"Sorry…" Judai mumbled. "Do you know what's going on?" Haou explained it to him and the gang.

"That's brilliant!" he said happily.

"Yeah," Haou agreed. "I guess Asuka made it up. She's smarter than Rei."

"HAOU YAGAMI, I AM NOT A NIMROD!" shouted Rei from down the hallway. She marched up with a sighing Asuka in tow. Haou smirked at the tiny sophomore.

"Oh hey Rei. I never said you were-"

"DON'T LIE YUBEL CALLS ME A NIMROD AND NOW YOU?" screamed Rei. Everyone sweat dropped nearby while Haou just stood there speechless.

"Rei-chan, hunny," Asuka began, soothingly. "Yubel also called me a nimrod too."

"Oh, Asuka. For you it's not the same. It's like calling Johan a prostitute." Johan, who was walking over, just stood there, blinking at Rei. "See? No affect what-so-ever because it's not true!" The others snickered at Johan's blank stare.

"Well, Rei, you have to have a little bit more faith in yourself…" Haou mumbled. Rei spun around again to face him.


"…what? I never said-"

"I'LL BE AT LUNCH, WAITING FOR YOUR APOLOGY, YAGAMI!" Rei shouted once again. She stomped away, dramatically. Students in the hallway just watched, then continued what they were doing. Haou just stood there, blinking.

"Did I just get owned by a sophomore?" Asuka laughed while Fubuki began saying 'YOU GO GIRL!' in the background to Rei who was all the way down the hallway.

"In a way you did?" Asuka started.

"Ignore her. She likes causing unnecessary drama, and apparently you were an easy victim." Johan laughed. "She really should join the school play…"

"I'm an easy victim?" Haou gawked. The others snickered.

"Hey, at least she's not scared of you anymore!" Asuka pointed out.

"She was scared of me?" The others just shook their heads. The warning bell rang and they all headed to their respective classrooms.

"Don't worry about Rei, Haou." explained Asuka. "She's probably forgotten about it anyway."

"OH MY GAWSH WHAT A SEXY BEAST!" Rei squealed, ogling at her phone. Johan and Asuka, both sitting on some desks in the Science room with the blackette, leaned in to see what she was referring to.

"…Why do you have a picture of Haou naked?" Johan blinked, squinting at the picture. Rei cackled loudly, mumbling something about 'half naked'.

"You gave it to her last summer when you two were at the beach." Asuka answered for the insane sophomore, who was going through her pictures.

"Yeah, but why does she still have it?" Johan said puzzled. "And I guess she's not mad at him anymore…" the blond and Johan exchanged looks and shrugged.

"No time to dilly-dally, girls! We have some love to get together!"

"We're not-"

"I'm not a-"

"NO PROTESTING! JUST GOO!" Rei shoved them out of the empty classroom. Johan just blinked at the now closed door.

"Why is she so hyper?" Asuka sighed.

"I think its because she hasn't had any sleep from last night." the blonde answered. "She'll crash later. Anyway, we should get started." she smiled. Johan just nodded, and they put up a sign on the empty classroom. Students began filing in and sat at the desk. Judai and the others walked up to the two and Judai grinned.

"This is sooo gonna work!" he laughed. Johan gave him a small smile, and turned away to organize some papers. Asuka raised her eyebrow at this, but was glomped by Fubuki.


"IT WAS MY IDEA!" growled Rei from across the room. Fubuki held up his hands in mock surrender as the blackette stomped over to him.

"I wasn't saying anything about this!" Fubuki countered. Rei just punched him lightly. Haou walked over to the group and waved to Johan.

"Haou!" Rei giggled, hugging the brunette, Haou just stood still, a little confused, and the others laughed.

"Talk about a love hate relationship." Asuka giggled as Johan chuckled and mumbled something like: 'Haou's her personal teddy bear.'

"Nooo," Rei stuck her tongue out at Johan, hearing him. "He's not my personal teddy, he's Yubel's!"

"What the hell?" Yubel walked up, hearing what Rei had said, and glared at her.

"Oh, hello, Yubel! Fancy seeing you here."




"Anyway," Johan smiled, breaking the strange silence, "Could we hurry this up? I have to go to math class, and we're having a test." Everyone agreed, while Rei mumbled 'nerd' under her breath and the strolled up to the front of the classroom with Asuka and Johan in tow.

"Everyone!" Johan called, getting the students' attention. "We're gonna start now! The test only takes a few minutes, then you can all go back to class." the student body groaned at classes, as Asuka handed out the tests.

Yubel stared blankly at his test.

Who are you in love with right now?

What's your favorite color?

What is better, the monkey or the banana?

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Do you believe in destiny?



Johan, after handing out the papers, decided to grab one and see what Rei wrote as questions. He glanced over them and stood blankly.


"Rei!" he hissed, ushering the sophomore over. Asuka walked over as well, reading over his shoulder. She twitched.

"Yess, my dear?"

"What is this?"

"Paper, my dear."



"You don't like my questions?" she whispered, then began to fake-cry.

"They're stupid!" Asuka sweat dropped.

"Well, they'll be easy to grade!"


At lunch, Asuka, Johan, Rei, Junko, Momoe, and Jim sat at a table near the window, papers were all over the table. Johan had a pink marker in hand and was reading one of the papers.

"Wow. People really did try." Junko grinned, reading some of the papers. "I wish I was there!" she whined, she couldn't go because she had a science test.

"It really wasn't that fun." Johan reassured her. He perked up suddenly. "Aww, these two like each other!" he grinned, holding up two separate papers. Momoe laughed.

"A-HA!" Asuka cheered, pulling a paper out of the pile. "I finally found both Haou's and Yubel's!

"What did they write?" Jim asked as everyone leaned in to see.

"Well, Haou wrote…"

Who are you in love with right now? Yubel

What's your favorite color? Black

What is better, the monkey or the banana? ….

What came first, the chicken or the egg? …who the hell made these up?

Do you believe in destiny? you should ask Edo that.


Rei gaped at the paper while the others laughed. Asuka then pulled out Yubel's paper. Across the whole paper it said in red marker.


Ending it here? Haha… I dunno…

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