You can do this Whitlock, man up I mentally prepped myself.

I must have been projecting because Jack kept looking at me in annoyance.

What if she said no? I don't know what I'd do if she said no….Then I started panicking, I needed to calm down,

I kept repeating the words in my head over and over again….

"Alice, Just called and said that they will be here in 3 minutes." Edward said coming into the room.

I nodded still nervous as hell,

"Dude! Calm down! I'm sure she's going to be happy and say what you want her to say." Jack said trying to reassure me…it wasn't working very well.

I heard the car pull up outside ,and ran down stairs at vampire speed .I opened the door before Bella had the chance to knock…

I was probably grinning a bit to much at the moment but I didn't care, if she said what I want her to say I would be the happiest man ever.


For some reason Alice has been distracting me all weekend, I hadn't seen Jasper for ages and I just wanted to get home.

"Wooo! Look Bella! This would really suit you! Ohhh and this for Jasper!" Alice shouted from the other side of the room

, a few humans started to stare and give her weird looks.

She held up some smart black jeans, with a button up shirt that was a burgundy color, with black stripes going down, she also had some dress shoes and a dress jacket….I'm guessing this was for Jasper.

"Wow….Uh that's a nice outfit Alice…..but uh…what would we need it for?" I asked in a normal voice, a few people that was looking through the same clothes rack, looked at me weirdly, I'm guessing they thought I was mentally challenge, because it looked like I was talking to myself. And I don't blame them.

Alice just smiled and winked…What the hell?...Then she held up a dress that was stunning. It was purple and from here it looked like silk….Wow that's a nice dress but I don't normally wear dresses…I could make some Alterations…… I thought to myself.

"It's a nice dress Al but what would we need it for? I asked again.

Alice just winked .again. Okayyy this is starting to freak me out a little

After hours and hours of shopping we finally got to the Cullen drive I could knock Jasper threw the door open and was grinning like a fool, I smiled slightly.

Alice suddenly zoomed past with our bags in hand- and mine and Jaspers knew outfits- and rushed into her room, slamming the door behind her, then I heard giggling and a growl…okay gross…..

"Hey" i grinned

"Hi" Jasper replied nervously .I looked at him concerned.

"You okay?" I asked

"Uh yeah…….Uh…let's go to our clearing…I need to tell you something important" He said still nervous.

he grabbed my hand and tugged me into the forest. We ran for half an hour before we got to our clearing, it was the clearing where Victoria and Riley came to see us but we've made some better memories here, so anyway this is where we always came to hunt and talk.

He took my hand and guided me a red blanket in the middle of the clearing.

He sat down and so I followed his lead sitting Indian style.

he bit his lip, and looked down at his hands,

"J? Are you okay? Is something wrong?" She asked,

he smiled slightly,

"No sweetie it's just that I have to ask you something important….and I'm nervous as hell…" he managed to get out.

"Take you time, Jazz" i whispered while grabbing his hand and rubbing circles over the back of his hands

He took a deep breath and said,

"Remember the question you asked me. Why I love you.
I love you because you bring out a side of me that I never know exist
You make me a good person.
When we are not together, you are always in my mind.

I'll never hurt you, I'll love and cherish you for as long as I exist,

Isabella Swan Will you Marry me?" He asked (AN:I got this from the internet so tell me if it's good or not……anyway)

My jaw went slack, he pulled out a small red velvet box from his pocket and opened it….the ring was silver, and had a thin band and a red jewel shaped in a heart shape, I looked into his eyes, he was hopeful and was starting to feel rejected, shit he's still waiting for me to answer!....

I stood on my knees and kissed him, sweetly, but then it got heated, I Pulled away slightly,

"I'm guessing that's a yes then?" He asked unsure

"Yes, a million times Yes!" I nearly shouted and kissed him again…..


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