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Addie, she was vicious. She was a perfect example of what happens when power comes into the wrong hands.

I had a feeling in the very depth of my heart that she was ready to fight, and I knew that there would be no backing out. This truly would be a fight to the death. In order for one to survive one had to die. The very thought scared me, and a couple weeks ago, I don't think I would have been able to step outside. But now, I know that I am going to fight for a cause.

I had no idea how big Addie's army would be, but I knew I had wolves and vampires on my side, and I knew that we would all be united as one.

All I knew is that we would have fourteen wolves fighting, and nine vampires. Hopefully we wouldn't be outnumbered, because there were twenty five of us, but who knows she could have hundreds of followers. All I know is that not everyone is going to survive, and I have to realize that it will be extremely lucky if all of us do manage to make it alive.

I went to sleep and decided not to think about it. Soon than I thought, or quite frankly hoped for, I heard a horn. I knew that it was a battle horn. I rushed down stairs.

When I reached the bottom, I met up with the rest of my family. The wolves were also at the house, just in case there were to be a battle today.

Carlisle and Jasper came in, they had a look on their face, which showed you upmost confidence, but if you look deeply, you can notice that there is a slight curve in their brow, the slightest furrows on their forehead, and a look of despair in their eyes. To everyone out here they took in complete confidence, but to me I saw a fake confidence. I hoped that I was wrong.

Carlisle raised his voice to get everyone's attention. Once he had gotten the attention that he sought for he began speaking, "Everyone, today is a day of new beginnings. A creature that used to be an old folks tale, a myth, has come out of the darkness. They wish for battle. The Volturri think that they completely wiped them out. Little did they know, was that one had escaped; her name, Adolpha. She has survived all these years, and made more of her kind. She is a Lupire, also more commonly known as a vampwolf, half vampire, half wolf. Today we fight her and her army, although the outcome is unknown, we must fight with all our heart and soul, in order to win. Now, Jasper will guide you through strategies."

I took all of Carlisle words in. This is what I will fight for, and if it must come to it, this is what I would die for, to put an end to all this, and finally live the life that was destined for me, the happily ever after that I deserved.

Jasper stood up, took his hat of his head, and began speaking "As Carlisle had said, we need to fight courageously with all our heart and soul. This is the only way we can win. We have no idea what we will see out there. Now in order to win we need a better strategy than them. Wolves, you will be…"

At that moment, there was a thumping noise at the door. Addie and her army were trying to break in the house.

There was no time to talk strategy anymore, it was time to attack.

We escaped through the rough. From there we saw everything. Out in the field there were about thirty vampwolfs, another five were still in the front of the house, trying to kick down our door. We sent two wolves down to attack them. Surprisingly, the majority of them are newborns. That would make this easier, but it still won't be a walk in a park. Soon everyone was out fighting; I hopped down and landed on the ground. I ran to Jacob.

"Jake." I whispered. I pulled my hand through his hair.


"I love you." I said, and then he pulled me in for a kiss. The feeling of his lips on mine, made me forget about all the troubles going on right now. I forgot everything and kissed him back. It was if I was letting the ties that held my life together fall to the floor. It was a feeling like I was for once finally free. I smiled at him.

We slowly pulled apart from our embraced and I put my head on his chest. "Jake, I love you. I don't care about what happened in the past, what matters is now. I love you, and no matter what happens I'll always love you."

"Thanks, I've always wanted to hear that, and now that I have, I know I can do something."

He got down on one knee. Immediately my eyes started to tear up. I had no idea why I was crying, but I couldn't stop.

"Ness, no matter what happens, I will always love you. I will always take care of you, and you will always be in my heart. Renesmee Carlie Cullen, will you marry me?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes! I will! Jake I will!"

He kissed me again. I still was crying.

Then I heard a laugh behind me. I turned around. "Why isn't that sweet? The couple get to die together." It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that it was Addie.

I growled at her.

"Nessie, no need to be bitchy. Why can't we all be friends here?"

I was about to say something when Jake nudged my arm.

"Oh… well then, let's fight." Addie said.

Jake pushed me back about ten feet. I was mad, because I wanted to help, but I knew that he was just trying to protect me. I stood up, and then everything started to slow down. I saw Addie lunge at Jake, Jake managed to swat her off, but then she did it again, and Jake was at her mercy. Addie smiled at me, before ripping his neck out.

I was even closer to Addie now. Now I was absolutely furious. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to rip Addie's throat and pry her life from her hands.

Addie laughed.

"Now the bitch ain't so strong now, she lost her fiancé. Hell, she probably wants to end up just like him. Well I can grant that."

"Not yet, Addie. I'm not going without a fight."

"Well if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you shall get."

She lunged at me. I easily dodged her, and then I did a counterattack. I grabbed her neck, and bit. I made sure not to suck any of her blood, and ripped her neck off. I looked at the head in my hands. The sure confident smile slowly dragged down into a defeated frown.

I looked around and saw the dismantled bodies of Addie's army. I turned around and saw my family. They hugged me.

"It's over." Jasper said.

"How many died?"

"Only Jake, he attacked the strongest one, I still don't know how you killed her."

Once he said it, I knew he regretted it. He said "Oh, Ness. I'm sorry."

"That's all right." I whispered trying my hardest not to cry. Jake was gone, he was dead. The thought stuck in my brain, and no matter how much I tried I couldn't get it out. Jake is dead. My Jacob is dead. I finally got him, and for what, I just got him taken away again.

"Ness. If you don't wanna talk, you don't have to."

"It's all right!" I tuned away, slightly ashamed for just yelling at Jasper, but I knew that it would be all right and he would forgive. If only I could say that about myself.

I began walking into the sunset. I felt the breeze whistle through my hair, and the earth beneath my feet. I took in a deep breath and then slowly exhaled. I looked into the calm sunset that was an array of different colors, and whispered, "Maybe this is how it's supposed to be."

The End

I know you guys want some more…. Well here you go.


I think that people come into your lives to teach you a lesson. They want to teach you something before they leave, or you leave. They want to prove that they have something for you and your life. It's been a month since the fight, and I still can't seem to grasp that Jake's gone, but maybe that's how things are supposed to be.

Jake was like a best friend, and to lose a best friend, is like to lose your heart. You can't live without it, well I guess you could, if you were some kind of mindless zombie, but then if you are a mindless zombie you're not really you, you're not really anybody. I think that for a while I did lose my heart, and it took a while to find it again.

Jake will always remain in my heart. He always will, even though his time has come to pass, I still feel as though his spirit somehow lingers on in me. Who knows, some day I may find him again, in some kind of reincarnation, if there is such a thing.

I loved Jake, and he loved me. I guess that was my mistake, the thing is, I should have learned that nothing lasts forever, and love never lasts. But the thing is love does. If we lose our grasp on the logic of love not lasting, then everything goes away. The bonds of logic that held us so dear and tight go away, and we can do practically anything, and when you share that with a lover, then you find a word where love does last, forever.

When I ask myself if I ever do get my happily ever, I say that you know what, I did get it. The moment when everyone was fighting, and we kissed, that was it. It was worth the world to me. At the time everything was fixed. We lost holds of the laws of logic, and made our own world, we were practically flying.

Will my heart ever fully mend? Probably not. There will always be scars, but there is always room for my heart to be loved and cared for, for someone to watch over, for someone to kiss in the very dead of night, for myself to hear the very worlds "I love you" again, there is always room.

Now, when I think about Addie, well I don't anymore. She's long gone. She was an enemy from the start, and to focus on her is to focus on death.

Am I happy? That question cannot be answered, but it can be explained. I'm no longer in a world of pain from grieving, but I can't say that I'm happy that I didn't get the ending I want, but does anyone. Does anyone really get the ending they want?

Tonight, I walked out into the sunset, and looked at the changing colors of the sky. I imagined Jake next to me, and slowly breathed. "Maybe this is how things are supposed to be."

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