The Dark Daughters

Chapter 7

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Oh **.

Not good.

"What do you man magic?" The hot one, Jasper, asked.

"Did I say magic?" they nodded.

"I did. But," I started walking around them in a circle. "I could've meant magic tricks." They were unconvinced. "You guys know, like, um… hocus pocus! Abra Coda bra!" they were still unconvinced. "You guys aren't believing a word of this are

you?" they shook their heads.

"Ok, Ok. Is, let's just tell them. Why wait till Thursday?" Everyone looked at her confused.

"It's Wednesday." I said to her with my arms crossed over my chest. But not in a disapproving way. I always loved my sister and everything she did made me proud to call her that.

"It is?" We all nodded at her as if to say 'Duh!' "Oh!"

"She not very good when it comes to the days of the weeks. Especially since we haven't seen her in awhile. We used to do what were doing on Wednesday on Thursday." Jack told them. It's true too. "Iz, lets just tell them."

"Hey, that's up to your girlfriend. Don't look at me!" I put my hands up in the air as I said this.

Everyone turned their attention to Abby. "Ok. But only if you promise not to yell at me for not telling you sooner." I quickly looked into their minds.

What does she have to tell us? – Rosalie

Magic? Hmm… That is so cool! – Emmett

What is she telling us? That they're witches? – Alice

Hmm… I cant read their minds. I wonder why? – Edward

They're not human I just know it! – Jasper

Everyone's mind looks safe from any anger that might have been building. I nodded carefully at Abby who was looking expectedly at me. She sighed in relief. But didn't relax completely.

"We're witches." She said simply.

"Ya now, I was thinking just now that you guys were witches." Emmett said


"No you weren't. You were thinking about what would happen if you drank squirrel blood. And now… cat?" (A/A/N: haha! Remember from the restaurant scene? "Money, sex, money, sex, money… cat." Ok, read on.)

"OMC! HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!" Emmett + saying OMC = weird freak!

"Abby just told you! Were witches!"

"Ya know, I was thinking just now that you guys were witches." Emmett said


"OME! (Oh My Emily) No you weren't! This time you were thinking about you and Abby playing Twister last night. You guys played Twister last night?" Abby nodded smiling.

"OME? What does that mean?"

"Oh my Emily." Abby and I answered sadly together.

"Who's Emily?"

"Our sister. Her boyfriend… her boyfriend was a demon, he lost control and killed her. That's another reason we do the rituals. To try and make her live again. She was too young. She was only 20 years old." Abby answered. We both looked down. We would cry if we could.


"Wow, we must have been standing here talking for longer than we thought. It's time to go already." Caz tried to lighten the mood a little by speeding up time and making the bell ring. We went outside to our cars and my motorcycle, and drove to the forest. The Cullens went home, and we went to the cottage I was staying in. Abby and I found this when we were little. It was abandoned and it's the place where we learned about our powers. Our magic is strongest here. Like this is a power point. We practiced our magic here until we were good enough to go to our parents and show them without them coming to our 'hide out'. After we showed our mom, she told us what we were and told us how to control our magic now that we learned how to use it and found out we had it. We do our rituals on full moons because, no matter where we are, we're very powerful. On Lunar eclipse's we're at our most powerful.

At 5o'clock…

Abby, Caz and Jack went home at 5. I did the stupid homework that my stupid English teacher stupidly assigned to us. I knew I would hate that stupid class.

After I was done, I went outside and walked until I got to a cliff and sat down. I was watching the sunset when I heard a rustling in the trees behind me. I just ignored it.

"Izzy?" I turned around to face the one and only, Jasper Hale.

"Hi Jasper."

"Hey." I patted the space next to me and he came and sat. We watched the sunset until it got dark. We could still see. My violet eyes glow in the dark. Not the green glowing thing, they're still purple, just brighter and florescent. "Your eyes get really bright at night." I looked over at Jasper who was staring deeply into my eyes. I closed them.

"Better?" He laughed and I opened my eyes again to look at him.

"I never said it was a bad thing." He whispered.

I didn't realize we were leaning closer to each other until his lips were on mine.

I need to pull away! I barely know him! I just met him today! Pull away now Isabella! NOW!

There was nothing I could do. I couldn't pull away. It was like an electrical force was keeping our lips together. I didn't mind.

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