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When Marth woke up that day, he knew he would suffer.

Oh yeah. Not because of Pit's usual hyper activities and definitely not because of Roy and Link's stupidity together.

Not even because of Ike's constant lack of attention.

Marth knew he would suffer because… it was April. And April meant spring, which meant heat. And heat was definitely not in his cool list. Irony.

For Marth, heat not only was the transfer of energy from one body to another with higher temperature but also meant all those anti-fashion things he hated.

Like hot air. He felt like suffocating inside a giant balloon; or worse: the sweat.

Of course, the act of perspiration (because Marth is a smart kid…man) is a natural thing for every human, and he knew it was for a cooling effect on his skin. But it was still a nuisance. Because when a body was sweaty it would smell. And he hated that.

That's why Marth found himself lying on a hammock with a fan in front of him and a paper fan on his hand, just in case.

He was swinging on the hammock, trying to think cold things… like ice cream, or popsicles, or glaciers, or the movie of Titanic. That was a cold trip. And it was around April, but near the North Pole…almost.

He was already starting to feel chills when someone took away his paper fan, waking him up from his fantasy.

"Hey Marth!" Roy cheered and walked away with Marth's paper fan.

"Roy! Give me that back!" Marth wanted to chase him but he was facing two new troubles: He didn't want to stand up and his back was now sweaty and sticky he was like glued to the hammock.

Oh great.

Marth gave up to the idea of chasing Roy as he struggled to get out of the hammock. He needed to take a shower. For the third time in the day.

Unfortunately for him, the showers were unavailable until night due to plumbing services. Well, at least Mario was doing his job...sort of.

He needed water and he needed it badly. Cursing down the hallway of why the smash mansion had almost everything except for a freaking swimming pool, he entered the kitchen and placed his head inside the freezer.

But his moment of coolness was interrupted once again because the girls came inside and yelled at him about wasting electricity and about global warming.

Oh yeah, damn that global warming. The main cause of Marth's suffering.

After being kicked out of the kitchen, Marth walked slowly to his hammock...only to find out that it wasn't his anymore now that Ganondorf decided to relax there; with his fan. And Marth was way too tired and sweaty to complain about it.

Besides that it would make him more sweaty and sticky and he didn't want that.

The poor prince was about to give it up when someone threw a balloon at his head. And cold water ran down his back.

Marth turned instantly to the person that threw him that and found Roy and Pit with buckets filled with water balloons.

A grin formed on his face.

Maybe he was on the mood to play with them today.